Ask Google What A Wife Wants…

Some dark, raw, politically incorrect things in there… but this is apparently what wives are searching Google for more information on with the highest frequency.
Make of it what you will.


  1. Sex Letters says

    Indeed rather dark! Hmmm perhaps I shouldn't be amused at the repressed, but I find the results very amusing!

  2. Anonymous says

    Very amusing indeed. I have also searched :"I want my wife to" though. And the results are no better.

  3. Athol Kay says

    Oh yeah. The "I want my wife to;" results are just appalling lol. Cuckold craze for the loss I guess.

  4. x1134x says

    Checked this today because it blew my mind. “Dominate” is no longer on the top results but the number one now for wanting husbands to do is ” discipline me”. Makes sense why i got so much more sex from young girlfriends who annoyed me with their immaturity, and struggle so much now with a wife 2 years older than me and simply more mature espescially when we were younger. She never gets disciplined by me because she never needs it. This is what attracted me to her: she was a woman not a girl. I’ll be teaching my sons to pursue younger women and put up with the immaturity that shell eventually grow out of. The more they help her grow up the more theyll get laid.

  5. Willowsong says

    There is some sordid truth here but I think a lot is being left out.

    A little different image is portrayed when googling “how to get my husband to”
    -respect me
    -notice me
    -be romantic
    -stop drinking
    -have sex with me

    (“how to get my wife to”:
    -love me again
    -have a boyfriend
    -go into labor
    -not divorce me
    -be more romantic

    gotta smile at the third one)

    Interestingly, be romantic is on both

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