Beautiful Princess Rejects Suitor Because She Is Shallow

For some strange reason Princess Leia was totally not into Jabba the Hutt. She had the skimpy bikini thing on for him, he clearly had money, power and bondage equipment, and usually this sort of thing works for a girl. Gosh usually she falls for these sort of guys.The thing where she kissed her brother in Episode IV was simply uncomfortable in retrospect, this was just confusing.
Jabba also has this totally Alpha opening line as well; “soon you will come to appreciate me”. I dare you to try that one on your wife later tonight, trust me, it’s a closer. It’s so powerful it’s illegal in three States and Canada. Just look her in the eye, drop your voice an octave and unload it on her. Rumble a “soon you will come to appreciate me”,and somewhere deep in the female brain the anterior ravishment cortex is going to fire and it’s all on from there. You know it’s working when she dissolves into a fit of giggles. That’s normal, just plough the set and don’t stop for air. If you can keep a straight face, afterwards when you get out of bed and walk to the shower offer a “you have pleased me”.
But I digress… I just have the nagging sensation that the reason Leia didn’t feel attraction for him was that he was the size of a small truck and smelled like the wrong end of a Bantha. (Ok I’m done with Star Wars metaphors for the post, I promise)
So what about you? Maybe Jabba is an extreme metaphor, but the thought holds. You can have a large number of Alpha Male traits – money, power, fancy boats, staff, but being physically in shape is also a major plus as well. Women aren’t as body orientated as men are in terms of what is attractive, but they certainly do look.
What if one of the reasons you don’t have tremendous sex with your wife is that your physical fitness is so low that it’s actively repelling her from you. Oh sure, she can love you no matter what, but that isn’t the same as having a tingle between her legs every time she looks over at you is it.
If you’re over weight , I figure you already know it. And like everybody else, you know there’s really only one basic solution – eat less and exercise more. The only time diet and exercise involves rocket science is on the space shuttle missions.
What you will find is that even moderate exercise has it’s benefits. Specially weight training will benefit. Even losing 10 pounds will result in a surge of good feeling for you and you will feel sexier as well. And like I say – good sex is just a consequence of being sexy. You whining that she never initiates sex is silly if you are clearly not physically attractive. Why would she ask to have sex with you if she finds you unsexy? Queue up the “I love you, but I’m not in love with you” speech…
I am by no means some sort of ultra-hunk. I’m a regular guy. But I very much find that my wife responds better to me when I am in the best physical shape I can be. Also usually about 2-3 weeks after I start exercising, she starts as well. So it’s a fun together thing as well. If you’re a natural Sex Rank 7, and fell to a 5 because you employeed Homer Simpson as your personal trainer, and your wife stayed a 7, well you’ve left the front door open a bit wide wouldn’t you think.
If you’ve let yourself go to pot, you sure as hell don’t get all upset and issue demands and ultimatums for more sex right now. That may go very badly for you. What you do is plan ahead and lose the weight.
Personally I find a great starting point for weight loss and strength. You don’t have to turn into the Hulk. Now get to it..

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