Sexy Move For Her: Making NASCAR Interesting

I have an email from Jessica W.

I know you’re writing for men, but some of us ladies read as well, and I’m wondering if I can ask a question. My boyfriend watches a lot of sports on TV and I don’t really mind, because it’s not really something stupid like going out partying at strip clubs or drugs or anything like that. He’s home and I love him. Just I cannot stand to watch NASCAR races. It’s the same stuff everytime. Cars go round and round. Round and round and round and round. The races take so long and I’m starting to feel a bit ignored. I’ve tried talking to him about it, and he agrees with me, but then it comes on again and he zones out again. What can I do to make him pay attention to me?”

Hi Jessica, great to have your question. I’m sure it’s a common concern to many wives and girlfriends. Most major sporting events have half time, so quickee sex during half time is usually traditional and always appropriate, but NASCAR is slightly different and what is socially appropriate is a far more complex ritual. The rules are summarized below;

Lead changes are a drink.

Any time the announcer says the words “loose” you remove an article of clothing.

Any time the announcer says the words “tight” you finger yourself for a minute. Through your clothes if you still have them on.

Any crashes or wrecks you offer your ass for a spanking. One playful slap per car involved is just fine.

Make sure snacks are available at all times. That is not part of the foreplay process, but it is still very important.

Any time the announcer says words to the effect of “we all know the Big One is coming”, moan loudly and rub your boobs.

First ask him who his favorite car is. Every time his car goes into the pits go down on him for as long as the car is on pit road. Playful sucking rather than that thing you do (wink), we don’t want him popping early and having a DNF result.

As soon as the race is over, tell him he has until they spray the champagne in the winners circle to finish inside you, after that you’re getting up and leaving. Doggy style is good. Once they start spraying champagne attempt to crawl away from him… he should be either done, or struggling to hold you in place. Make it a playful tussle! Sexy and fun.

Oh and you make your tips during the commericals. Just say I’ll rub your cock for a dollar. No money no play. Don’t flinch on this issue, make him learn for next week. Make sure he knows he’s not allowed to cum until the race is over though. Tell him if he does that you’ll post on Facebook that he premature ejaculates and you’re lonely. Have the computer open to your Facebook page for best effect.

So Jessica, If all that doesn’t work to get your boyfriends attention, he’s probably just a Jeff Gordon fan.


  1. What a great idea! I'm going to pass that along to the old lady.

  2. Michael Maier says:

    Ouch on the last line. Funny, but ouch.

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