Sexy Move: The Pass In The Shower

This one is easy. Assuming you’re not rushing off to work, and have a little time to spend, this move is always good fun and can set the tone for the day together.

Let her get in the shower first and have her shower as normal. Then time your approach to when she would be just about ready to get out. If you’re not sure, go a little earlier rather than later. If she’s already out of the shower, you’re basically screwed as you can’t really ask her to get back into the shower without looking like you failed the timing.

The approach is pretty simple. You get into the shower with her. This is a fairly obnoxious / strong / alpha move in that you are clearly invading her personal space, but you’re her husband so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue breaking her down.

Have a line ready to disarm her if she seems a little shocked at the invasion. Almost the sillier it is the better. You’re trying to convey playful fun, rather than a dangerous scuffle in the shower seeking penetration. Big goofy grin, light tone. Suggestions;

“Pardon me I didn’t know this shower was occupied”

“The hotel sent me up to you, but I’ll need some ID”

“You seem familiar, have we met”

“Shhhhh, don’t tell my wife I’m in here with you”

“Shower Boy” (say it in the same tone as “Room Service”)

“Reporting for duty”

Then just tell her you’re going to wash her back. Have a nice facial scrub of some sort, and use it to wash her back. You can get these from any supermarket for a few bucks, and she probably already has something like this in the shower anyway. Nice big squeeze of it. Take your time. Make it a sensual experience. Everyone loves having their back scrubbed, it feels great. Just scrub her back down.
Once done she’ll need to turn around and rinse off. Then you unload…
“Wow nice rack, are those real?” Remember your naughty boy grin and playful tone. The words don’t actually matter all that much really. You can probably recite the Pledge of Allegiance and make headway if you keep the grin going and the right tone.
Then say it’s your turn, which comes to the delicate passing maneuver where you swap ends of the shower. You don’t have to full on grope, but do obviously enjoy any and all incidental contact as you brush past each other. Oh yeah.
Then she scrubs you down. You rinse off and it’s time to end the routine. If she’s obviously wanting sex right here and now, well go ahead. But otherwise she’s probably going to be wondering if you’re going to try something on her. Kiss for a bit then just gently order her out so you can have your shower. That just might mess with her head a little… in a good way.
Finish your shower, and continue on with your day. After a morning start like this, you can probably run rampant with flirting with her and physical touch all day. Remember – light, playful, fun, and a little I’m being a naughty boy thrown in as well. She’ll be primed for bedtime. You’re welcome.


  1. I concur with your suggestion that you take this opportunity in an easy, matter of fact and "come what may" way.

    Here's my take on "Showering Together."



  2. Anonymous says:

    But who's going to watch the 9 month old baby while we're in there?

  3. Athol Kay says:

    The Teletubbies will :-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    put the baby in the crib, or in the car seat and turn him or her around so they aren't facing you. Don't use a transparent shower curtain. bring the baby monitor with you. (one way). if you don't figure it out now you'll be dead when you've got two elementary school age kids running around. now is the time to learn stealth.

  5. "if you don't figure it out now you'll be dead when you've got two elementary school age kids running around. now is the time to learn stealth."

    Awesome advice!

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