The Basics Part 5: What Is Sexy Is…

Here’s evolutionary psychology in a nutshell… What is sexy is anything that is good for making or raising babies.
This is the most fundamental rule to understand sex with. Everything that is sexually attractive can eventually be boiled down to this one thought.
Fit healthy bodies are sexy – because they pass on good genes to the baby.
Beauty is sexy – because beauty is an indicator of health.
Youth is sexy – because younger people make healthier babies.
Rich is sexy – because all that money is money that can be spent on raising baby.
A house is sexy – because baby will have somewhere safe to live.
Smart is sexy – because baby will be smarter and better taught.
Good with kids is sexy – because an active father is good for raising baby.
Foreigners are sexy – because cross breeding passes on better immune systems to baby.
Bigger boobs are sexy – because the women with them are more fertile and have a better chance of having a baby.
A woman with a 0.7 waist to hip ratio is sexy – because it is a key indicator of the likelihood of a full term pregnancy and delivery of a baby.
Tall is sexy – because it shows good health and nourishment and will mean baby is likely to be healthier and fed.
Listening is sexy – because it means you can communicate and form social bonds which means you’ll probably stick around to raise baby.
Fidelity is sexy – because it means you won’t spend your time and money on other women and not this woman’s baby.
Lots of semen is sexy – because that stuff just rocks for making babies.
Strong is sexy – because sometimes you need to move something heavy to improve life for baby.
Courage is sexy – because sometimes baby has to be defended from predators.
Preselection is sexy – because if other women are interested in a man, it’s probably because he’s really sexy.
I’ll say it again… What is sexy is anything that is good for making or raising babies.
Lets face it. Babies are like Kyptonite to women. You just know that the guy playing with the baby in the video below got totally laid that night.
 In fact just playing this video within earshot of your wife will probably increase your chances of getting laid tonight. But maybe cover these words with your hand, or scroll the page just right so she can’t see them… at first. 
If she comes over and watches, don’t forget to reach out and touch her. Play it just before bedtime and make a move to close the deal. You’re welcome.

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