A Few Random Splatters #2

I’m very much enjoying writing the blog, but I also still hang out at Talk About Marriage. Here’s a few random splatters of what I’ve said over there recently. No particular plan, just letting fly… ;-)
Lingerie Dilemma
You are implying that I said there was a direct causal relationship, when I have always been clear that it was simply an influence in the possiblity of such behavior. That being said, in general yes – deny your partner enough of the sort of sex they are interested in, and yes the likelihood of them straying increases. I believe that is just common sense. I realize that my viewpoint and insistence of being sexually satisfied makes me an asshole. But I am a very happily sexed asshole with a very happily sexed wife.
What To Do?
50% of a successful pick up is reading a woman’s IOIs (Indicators of Interest) and just physically escalating the physical touch at that point, and…┬ádoh! Wrong place for this.
Pregnant Fiance= No Bachelor Party?
Who the hell gets married while you’re in the middle of counseling?!?!? THAT’S A RED FLAG PEOPLE.
Fathering your kid is one issue, marrying a screetchtard is another.
Go play a round of golf. Think about things.
And lets face it… most men’s groups at church are actually feminized to hell. They sit, and talk about feelings, and hug, and emote. All it needs is cucumber sandwiches and nicely dressed dolls and you have the complete set. They are no place for a man.
Vibrators and desensitization
Everyone tells you that things that cause sexual pleasure are bad for you. Vibrators are fine. Just be careful not to chip a tooth…
I caught my husband looking at porn twice while I was pregnant
1. He loves you.
2. He watches porn quite a lot
3. You are being silly.
If you want a man that doesn’t watch porn, you going to have to go on a very long search. You probably won’t find most non-porn guys all that emotionally balanced or attractive. Or into women.
Why don’t you go visit him and find out the truth?
Only if you think you can take him in a physical fight.
Not saying it’s going to go down that way, but two males talking about a female they both are competing for sexually can regress to some of the more basic biological ass whooping programming.
Hey… just ask me a question. I’ll have a crack at it.

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