Are You Posioning Your Wife Against You With Bad Semen?

Men are often worried about the size of their penis. It’s obviously a prominent part of the anatomy and eye catching in majesty. Yet it’s rather like getting excited over the length of the barrel of a gun. Ooooh so big. Yet the penis is simply a delivery system for the more important thing – semen.
The purpose of men in a strict biological sense is to be walking semen factories. Each day a healthy male will make millions of sperm. This is why teenage boys lean on everything and can hardly stand. Making 100 million sperm before breakfast is work. Women coast on juggling a single – maybe two – eggs a month which just seems lazy by comparison.
So the goal is to ejaculate as much as possible into a fertile female and make a baby. Interestingly you cannot fool your own body. Your Body Agenda knows the difference between masturbation and sexual intercourse; Wikipedia
“Sperm samples obtained via sexual intercourse contain 70-120% more sperm, with sperm having a slightly higher motility and slightly more normal morphology, compared with sperm samples obtained via masturbation. Sexual intercourse also generates an 25-45% increase in ejaculate volume, mainly by increased prostate secretion.”
Likewise when a woman has sex, it’s not just for physical pleasure or emotional intimacy, it’s also her Body Agenda seeking good quality semen. If she gets good quality semen she is going to like going back to that supplier. Give her bad or low quality semen and she won’t like that supplier nearly as much. She won’t on a rational level be able to determine much about the semen, but her Body Agenda will be able to know and she will just discover an increase or decrease in sexual feeling towards the man with good or bad semen. This is why women can get literally addicted to a lover easily. The lover is going to be extremely excited and dump a huge supply of sperm into her. Her Body Agenda will just lap that up and increase her attraction for him. This is why really don’t advise playing with the Hotwife Lifestyle, that can be a fast one way trip that ends up with her leaving you either in body or in spirit. Yeah I know she’s not cheating if you’re there watching trying not to shake the camcorder too much, but it’s also not cheating if she divorces you and moves in with him either. It just sucks like a Dyson.
“Safe sex seems to be quite different from great sex, as researchers discovered that women who do not use condoms when they have sex are less vulnerable to depression and less likely to attempt suicide compared to women who practice sex with condoms and women that are sexually inactive…
The research made on 293 college women also discovered that those females who did not use condoms were the most prone to initiate sex and to actively look for new partners when their relationship ended. “These women are more vulnerable to the rebound effect, which suggests that there is a chemical dependency,” said Gallup.
Semen is known to contain several hormones like testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone and prostaglandins, which can pass through the vagina’s walls into the bloodstream and elevate mood.”
Or reading between the lines…grumpy chicks really do just need to get laid.
Semen quantity is also important. This is just so basic I don’t think I even need to dredge up a scientific link, lets just go to porn viewing enjoyment. When you see a movie and you get to the cumshot, and the guy basically does a little dribble and some half-hearted pulses don’t you feel (even as a guy) disappointed? And don’t you far more enjoy watching bigger streams of the white stuff arcing out? So imagine how a woman’s Body Agenda reacts to that happening inside her vagina… yeah baby. Let’s just say that Firemen are sexy and be done with it.
I have a few more posts on this topic coming up, but physical exercise and good diet are going to be the essence of everything to come. Garbage in, garbage out.
The very serious point is that in a marriage you better be damn sure what you’re pumping into your wife is good quality semen. If it’s good stuff you’re going to be pumping her full of happiness and increased sex drive. If it’s bad, you’re going to be literally poisoning your wife against you.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I haven't read the article, but based on the news write up Dr. Gallup appears to have confused correlation with causation. So while the first half of your post is pretty solid, the second half should be taken with a grain of salt until further studies are done.

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