Forget Date Night. Run Game Night.

About to have one right now. The kids are cleared out to grandma’s.
We love sushi and that always works. There’s a fine line between the exotic and the erotic. Plus I figure if a woman is prepared to put raw fish in her mouth… well… alright.
So sushi, but going to a new place we haven’t tried before, not the same old place. Variety is good. Personally I don’t care, but most women love to eat out at new places. It gets them excited.
I’m a casual guy mostly, but I’ll be dressing up a bit. Peacocking a little, but mostly just dressing a little nicer.
After that, it’s home for drinks, conversation and cuddling with a movie. By which I mean I’ll be doing some instigation, isolation and escalation. Slow and dirty is her expectation. Slow and dirty is my requirement.
If she can walk before noon tomorrow I’ll consider that a failure of sorts.


  1. LOL @ if she can walk by tomorrow, hehehe ;]

    Let the games begin we say!

    Alabaster Legs and Loverboy :]

  2. Part of our problem is that we've never set aside time for just us – like a date night. I recently got her to agree to have regular date nights, so I'd love to hear more about gaming her. WTF am I supposed to do, run the cube on her? ESP routine? Sniper negs?

    But seriously, dinner, dancing, entertainment, etc. are fun no-brainers. However, I'm interested in ideas to (re)connect to an emotionally distant wife. I know that flirting and good conversation are the vehicles to get there, but is there more that I could be doing? Looking for fun things to do at home, things that raise her interest level, conversation topics that are universally fun, etc.

    That being said, I'll offer a DHV routine for others that worked for me once in the past. My wife and I used to love going out to our favorite oyster bar and always wondered if we could do this ourselves at home, but we knew nothing about where to get them or how to shuck them. So I told my wife to keep Saturday night open because I had a surprise for her. I called around to some fish markets and I scored 2 dozen Malpeques, bought an oyster knife, lemons, cocktail sauce, and a bag of crushed ice. Then I went on YouTube and watched videos on how to shuck them. Once you figure out the best place to insert the knife, it's not that hard. The wife was very impressed, the oysters were delicious, and did I mention that they are an aphrodisiac? They also go well with junmai ginjo sake.

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