Marriage Game Is So Much Easier Than Dating And PUA

Wife Saying Something: “My hips are sore from yesterday and the day before.”
Husband Giving Wrong Answer: “Oh wow, I’m sorry, are you ok, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Lets not have sex for like 3-4 days to let you recover”.
What Wife Means: “Damn you fucked me so good.”
Husband Giving Right Answer: “You’re welcome.”
Bonus Hidden Message: “If you do me like that again tonight I’m going to have to take the pussy offline for a few days. Be warned”.
Husband One Hour Later Catching Her From Behind At The Sink While She Is Helpless With Her Hands Full Of Fish Tank Cleaning Stuff: “If you want to come tonight we can figure that out as you like, but I want you in the red babydoll and you to slow suck me to the brink and then climb on me and let me finish the last few seconds inside you”.
Wife Grinds Back Into Husband For A Second Then Half Heartedly Struggles For Freedom: “Mmmm ok… this is really dirty”.
Husband: “I know it is baby”. Grins…  “Also the fish tank needs cleaning too”


  1. Nice. I'm trying to get my wife to be more like that.

    Here's how I ran some bad boy game on her recently:

    Kids got some candy at a birthday party that day. After dinner we let them have some for dessert. I'm opening a pack of M&Ms for my 3 yo while my wife is talking to the 5 yo. I tell the 3 yo, 'go give these green ones to mama' She says, 'mama, dad said to give these to you'. She looks at me with that 'oh you are bad' look and I give her my devilish grin. Later than night I initiate, and surprise! she's good to go.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    Oh yeah, playing with the kids is always nice leverage :-)

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