Mixed Marital Artist

I’ve noticed something really interesting about the number of people following me in the feed readers. There’s always going to be some natural ebb and flow to the numbers joining and leaving and I’m not overly worried about it as on balance readership is going up, and up at a very pleasing rate.
However I can’t help noticing that when I do more Alpha Male orientated posts I gain readers fast, and when I do a more Beta Male orientated post I lose them. Now from a pure numbers perspective as a blogger, I’m meant to just go “ohhh!” like I figured out that I’m screwing up and drop the Beta Male posts completely and focus on the Alpha Male posts and giggle as readership increases.
Sorry not happening.
Listen if you want to read that sort of thing, just pick a random Alpha / PUA / Game blog and head over there. There’s a bunch in the right side bar. I’m very serious when I say there is a lot to learn from that bunch, but never lose sight of the fact that the majority of them think that pumping and dumping is sexual victory. But as far as I can tell they are all in pure evolutionary psychology terms… sexual failures.
Is the entire Alpha Male Trait thing important? Damn straight it is.
Is the entire Beta Male Trait thing important? Damn straight it is.
My hunch is that I get a few readers coming in that are just used to reading Alpha Male orientated material and they like it and they join the feed. Then they run into a Beta Male orientated post and they just don’t like the taste of it and they quit.
That’s right, I said quit. They quit learning, quit trying, quit growing and just lick their wounds and wonder why they can’t hold a woman in a relationship, why she aborted his baby, why she runs away crying when he cheats, and he’s back at square one having to game the same old routines to rustle up another fuck. It gets old. Eventually you do too.
Pure Alpha’s are weak.
It’s like the pure Alpha is a kickboxer… awesome striking power, big muscles, wicked roundhouse kicks, combination punches, solid knockout punch and fearsome. But any MMA guy worth their salt will just take them to the mat, wrap them up and make them tap out. After half an hour of not being allowed to stand up and strike, and just being taken down and raped on the ground, 9 times out of 10 the kickboxer is going to decide they just don’t like the taste of it and quit.
That’s right, I said quit. They quit learning, quit trying, quit growing and just lick their wounds.
The pure Beta’s at least know they are weak. That’s why they are like Judo, they already know they are going to the ground, so that’s why learn it. Trouble is against any MMA guy worth their salt, getting to the takedowns is always problematic and the bastard just hits so damn hard. After half an hour of getting their head knocked back hard, 9 times out of 10 Mr. Judo is going to decide he just doesn’t like the taste of it and quit.
That’s right, I said quit. They quit learning, quit trying, quit growing and just lick their wounds.
See the MMA… that’s Mixed Marital Artist… knows you have to master everything. Women have a monthly cycle, around ovulation they really dig the Alpha stuff. For most of the rest of the month they love the Beta stuff. The MMA knows to adjust their game to adapt to the situation. If you can’t adapt to even one woman’s monthly cycle you’re simply lost at managing a sex life.
So stick around if you please. I will take you further than you will know and you will be a better man for what I can teach you.
And just to make my point that Beta skills are vitally important, tomorrow I’m going to teach you how to cook the most fabulous bread pudding. On this you can trust me on three things.
1. It is outstandingly easy to make.
2. Women fawn over me when I make it.
3. You will like the taste of it.


  1. Atholk, the idea in fighting simply is to take your opponent into a phase of combat in which they have no experience, but in which you have great experience. Stand up is not better than grappling, or even down. It really is quite different than anything I've faced in 18 years of marriage.

    It's sort of like rock, paper, scissors in that each has it's inherent strengths and weaknesses verse the others. Having a wide assortment of tools in your arsenal allows you to launch and resist attack with greater ease, nothing more. I guess that's where you are going with, when you call for men to possess both Alpha and Beta traits.

    Unlike marriage, in fighting often times you are unaware of what your foes weaknesses are, so you are forced to make assumptions based upon their initial reactions. If you are well trained you can quickly determine if your opponent is as well, but most of the time all you know for certain are your own strengths

    As a serious student of the arts, I understand the fundamentals of fighting well. Trust me when I say it is much, much, much simpler than the machinations going around in most women's heads. Fighting is logical. Women well are err, tend to be something else.

    There is a phrase "ju yoku sei go", which translates roughly as "softness controls hardness". For the sake of your post, it could be argued that this means women largely control men at least if their drive is lower. In my relationship she certainly did, as she was a 1-2 times per week wife at best.

    However, in fighting, the idea is that strategy trumps pure strength, and the thought is that you resist strength with "technique" not additional strength. I guess this could readily apply to marriage as well.

    Furthermore, if you are weaker than your opponent, you become stronger by using your strength at an area where they are weaker such as a joint or their neck. This part doesn't readily apply to marriage, not unless you want a restraining order.

    Hmmm, enough Kung Fu theater talk Sir. Anyway, I appreciate your blog Atholk, as it is definitely providing me with much needed "technique". Too bad I'm in the process of tapping out of my current marriage. However,I'll continue to train hard Coach and with luck I'll do much better in my next fight/relationship. Thanks again. LIL

  2. Somehow I knew you would comment LIL :-)

    Actually a neck hold can get a quite interesting response from a woman. Just put your hand on the back of her neck during sex. Doesn't have to be, in fact shouldn't be very hard pressure. Just place it there.

    I will disagree somewhat in the idea that women aren't logical. Their behavior can be confusing – and quite purposely so – confusing to the woman herself. That's all the Body Agenda of concealed ovulation at work. However there are definite patterns at work and the behavior can become preditable.

  3. Hi Athol. Just discovered your blog here. Thanks for sharing!

    To your observation on alpha vs. beta themes and the ebb and flow of readership… I suspect that between the fault of being too assertive vs. the sin of being too suplicating in an LTR (and by LTR I mean an one of a decent length, say, of a year+) the more common mistake is the sin of being too suplicating. For most guys, betaization (as Franco calls it) is the overwhelming force unless you remain cognizant and exert yourself against it.

    Holding aside for a moment that showing some beta behaviors doesn't necessarily make one entirely supplicating. These are separate concepts. But the two are definitely on the same side of the aggressive-passive continuum. They show some correlation. And more guys are looking to break-out of a betaization/suplication frame than are seeking to enhance it. Hence, the readership swizzle.

  4. Hi Mnl. You might like…


    I really see Alpha and Beta Traits as two completely separate groups of skills. It's not an either/or option. You can have both, or fail both skill sets.

    It's possible for example to "do housework" (beta) but also to "marshall the family into assistance and task completion with the housework" (alpha)

    I understand what Franco means by Betaization, but I would frame it as "Lacking in Alpha Traits" (or as you put it suplication) as opposed to "Enforced Beta Status". Of course if you take away Alpha Traits, all that's left is Beta so it is correct in that sense.

    There is a frustration with the terms available to be sure and I'm just going to have to live with that until everyone agrees with me ;-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    "Listen if you want to read that sort of thing, just pick a random Alpha / PUA / Game blog and head over there."

    Would you please define PUA and Game in your Definitions page? They do show up repeatedly here. I can google and find Pick Up Artist. I'm not sure Google can tell me which shade of Game you mean. Can you explain in the definitions how these terms relate to this blog? Might make sense not assuming all your readers speak that jargon if your heading in a different direction.

    Are you specifically targeting PUA / Game blog readers, sort of a crossover thing?

    Or is PUA / Game lore something I should really bone up on (so to speak) before tackling your stuff?

  6. The guy with a gun beats all three. Where does he figure in the sex rank?

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