Ovulation Game: Learn Her Cycle and Close On Tuesdays

Lest anyone forget – sex is first and foremost about making babies. I don’t mean to sound like a one eyed family values crazy here, I’m just telling you what the whole thing has been designed for. As I’ve said before, what is sexy is anything that is good for making or raising babies.
As guys we’re pretty on top of what our role is in the making babies department. We make sperm and semen and basically attempt to get as much as possible of the baby batter into the vagina of a female. The female side of the equation is a little more complex. There’s two complete medical specialties devoted to the female plumbing and what happens inside there, while the male plumbing just gets lumped in with urology.
Most men see women as being somewhat random and confusing. They might be all shiny and happy about climbing into bed, or grumping mood swings, or calm and willing to please but not obviously turned on, or they can be menstruating and shut down the store completely. It’s not random though, it’s a predictable monthly cycle.
The first day of their menses marks the first day of the cycle. Menses can last 3-7 days. Most women aren’t feeling all that sexy during menstruation and honestly who can blame them. My advice is to use this time productively and get some of the items on the to do list completed. Make sure you have items like hand jobs and coming all over her breasts on the list though. Notice how much better you feel about yourself when you get things done. It’s energizing.
Ovulation can happen at any point from day 7 through 15 or 16. Typically it hits on day 13, 14, 15. Pretty much from the time her menses stops, her sex drive is going to be active, but around ovulation itself she is going to feel a surge in sexual interest. This is when she is most likely to; experience orgasms, want multiple orgasms, be the wettest, cheat on you and generally seek raw dog Alpha Male pounding. My strong suggestion is that you supply it. This is the grab a handful of hair time and just tell her what to do.
This is when she is most likely to suddenly decide she wants to “go to a club, just to dance”… this is why so much of the Alpha Male orientated game works on women for PUA. It doesn’t really work on women in general, but it does work on ovulating women in specific.
After ovulation sexual interest tends to drop. Around day 21 of her cycle the infamous mood swings and drama from PMS can start up. The uncomfortable and bloated feelings generally continue until menstruation starts. Pulling her hair and bossing her about will likely prove counter productive. Leg shaving behavior decreases this week. These are great times to pro-actively up your Beta Male skill game, these are good nights to offer to cook, do that extra errand, need a backrub? It’s a fine line to walk, but do cater to her because she isn’t feeling the greatest, but don’t cater to temper tantrums – those need to be addressed, or they will get worse and worse over the years. Men aren’t allowed to use “hormones” as a defense for bad behavior and neither should women. Sorry your honor, the testosterone made me do it.
Also PMS is another reason to add to Assanova’s on why you shouldn’t wait 3-4 days to call a girl back. If you really click in the club when she’s just coming off her ovulation sexual activation, waiting too long is moving further away from that sexually excited feeling and heading closer and closer to PMS. Maybe this is why she didn’t seem very excited to get your call. You’re just playing hard to get anything.
Generally all the sexual attempts for the smart husband during the month should be all purpose mutual satisfaction, but around ovulation it is very important to make her feel desired. This is when the just why don’t you rip my clothes off and take me gene kicks in.
My wife is on birth control pills, so her cycle is very stable. I take some colored highlighters and mark on my day planner her menses, ovulation and PMS for months in advance. Just a gentle swipe of the pen to mark the days. Day 1-3 (Tue-Thur) menses (pink), Day 13-17 (Mon-Fri) Ovulation (yellow), Day 20-22 (Mon-Wed) PMS (blue). (That’s PMS emotional symptoms. Physical symptoms of bloating et al continue until menses) As it is with this system, I generally know my wife’s cycle better than she does. If anyone asks about the highlighter marks, I just say none of your business.
Now… for the single guys.
If you can discover when your target is having either her PMS spike or her menstrual flow, she has also by default told you when her ovulation is, just do the math. Ovulation basically comes exactly two weeks after her menses starts. If you can also determine if she is on birth control pills her menses will most likely start on a Tuesday as almost all birth control packs sync and start the pills on a Sunday and force the menses to a Tuesday start. So therefore ovulation will also start on a Tuesday (+/- 1 day, but Tuesday is a good bet) And if this a special girl you’re looking to breakdown, I’d set a date for the fclose attempt on a Tuesday that she is ovulating. This is the day to go for a serious Friendzone breakout as well.
Also a Tuesday date emotionally says “I’m interested and want to spend some of my regular time with you”. Which is… true.
*Edit*  Note that if she is on birth control control pills, she cannot actually ovulate. That’s what the pills are designed to stop. The birth control pills will tend to flatten out the peaks and valleys in sexual interest somewhat, or possibly even diminish sexual interest across the cycle as a whole. It’s still useful to know the part of the cycle where she has greater interest, but it’s not as dramatic as for a woman not on birth control pills. They certainly still experience PMS lol. Overall though, maybe not quite as useful as I had thought. Welcome to the Interwebs, all your mistakes are now public. 


  1. Anonymous says

    Most women ovulate 10 days before their period starts. You can't count from the beginning of the cycle unless it's very regular and you know it well. And we're actually most fertile (and most sexually responsive) in the few days BEFORE we ovulate– because sperm can survive for up to a week inside a woman. On a 28 day cycle, the math (and responsive dates) might be the same, but if her cycle is shorter or longer your math is wrong.

  2. Anonymous says

    Okay, this might help answer my question… ever since finding your blog, I've been obsessed with my own ovulation. Not for making babies, of course, but to reclaim my own sexuality. But, I'm 40. WTH?? I'm just figuring this out within 10 years of menopause?? Is there no hope once the Big M hits?? I'm in a bit of a panic, thinking I have to squeeze in all my sexy years now. And mourning the loss of all those years I missed.

    But, you have that note at the end that being on the pill prevents ovulation specifically, but doesn't completely kill your wife's sex drive. So, I'd love to know if my days really are numbered. Yep, I picked up on the fact that you're in the medical field… any chance you have someone in your circle who might have some answers?

  3. Athol Kay says

    Sex doesn't end at menopause Anon. You may have some hormonal changes, but that varies from woman to woman. Pay attention to those changes when they come and seek medical advice as needed.

    Breathe! Also have sex – use it or lose it. Just don't freak out about it.

  4. Anonymous says


    What do i do between day 16th and 19th ( before the pms mood swings start)

    She is on day 17 today and acting indifferent, last week we had sex every single day bang on the fertile time days

  5. Anonymous says

    You are straight on in your post regarding ovulation except for one thing, your wife's birth control pills. Birth control pills put a damper on the entire thing. They trick the woman's body into thinking it is pregnant, and therefore will not release an egg – therefore the body does not go into ovulation.

    If you don't believe me, there is a ton of material about studies online. Findings state that women not on the pill are attracted to more masculine men when they ovulate, however when in non-ovulation mode they prefer safer men who will take care of them. What's fascinating is women in the studies on the pill did not change their preference ever, because they don't ovulate.

    So the point I'm trying to make is although your wife's periods are regular – she does not ovulate. Unfortunately you still have to deal with the moodiness without the benefit of the intense hornyness.

    The divorce rate is much higher too for couples who meet while the female is on the pill because women tend to choose more beta like men on the pill. Then years later when she get's off the pill, she starts noticing the alpha's see missed all those years. This is fact backed up by studies as well.

    So you had me until you brought up your wife's pills… :-)

  6. Anonymous says

    I've tried tracking this while I've run the MAP. Her periods last 10-12 days (and she refuses to see a doctor about it), and even the closest observation shows NO increase in drive at any time. Then again, ten times nothing still isn't very much…

  7. Used-to-be-hot Mommy says

    I found this site after searching “is it normal to only want sex when ovulating,” and as I go deeper and deeper into the various pages/posts, I am both disgusted and slightly amused. Part of me is thinking, “maybe your wives aren’t interested because you are shallow, sex-obsessed children?” The other part sees that yes, there are valid points – it isn’t all physical, it involves egos and feelings – I get it.

    Here’s the thing: my daughter just turned 5; I extended breastfed her until only a few months ago (I’m definitely NOT a “granola” type – this is my first time as a mom and somehow it just worked that way, I didn’t set out to breastfeed that long!) I only ever have interest in sex – either with my husband or solo – when I ovulate. Most of the time it doesn’t enter my thoughts. Sometimes this worries me, but I have a theory. . . .

    After having her, I had ZERO interest in sex. It wasn’t just the hormones, lack if sleep, breastfeeding and trying to figure out what *looks* as though all women should naturally know – how to care for a child. It was also the fact that the female body is FOREVER changed once you give birth. The vagina changes, tummies are no longer tight and we are programmed to give everything to this helpless, new person.

    So, no matter how much I work on losing the “baby” weight, or returning my “sex rank,” – I am not the same woman, physically, mentally, emotionally etc. When one becomes a mom, things change, how could they not? I used to be really into horror – not so much now. Things that I never gave a second thought are now seen as potential “dangers” or threats (I can’t think of a good example now, but now I need to be on alert, not just for her safety, but not leaving her motherless). In essence, my brain has been re-wired.

    Trust me, I’ve tried to feel sexy, to amp up my ‘game’ – for what? For empty, pity-sex? I truly believe that sex dwindles after childbirth for a reason – our main focus is (and should be) on raising sweet, wonderful human beings and not on ensuring our husbands get their rocks off!

    What if a husband is somehow rendered impotent? Is a woman entitled to leave? Or if one spouse is injured?

    I’d like to think there’s more to your marriages than just sex! I know that this is just a phase – my job is Mommy now. So what if we only have sex every two weeks? There’s nothing to say things won’t go back to pre-Mommyhood either.

    When in doubt, there’s always porn! ;-)

  8. Trent says

    Nice job on this! I will be teaching it to my son one day. Nietzsche said that women were a riddle and the answer to the riddle is ‘pregnancy’. I didn’t know exactly what he meant until now. :D

  9. Cruising By says

    Hmmm, well NOT ALL YOUR INFO is correct (not surprising in that you are a guy without a womb). Knowing how all this stuff works is difficult at times to understand even for us women who have one.

    The cycle of BCPs is set BY THE WOMAN and her cycle. You start taking pills the first time 5 days after the period starts… So that could be a different day of the week for any woman. And the BCP cycle carries on from there ( so a BIG NO on every woman’s period begins on a Tuesday… *rolls eyes* … And makes me chuckle and wonder how many women you’ve actually known in your life time)

    What is true… Is women have the ability to manipulate the ” withdrawal bleeding” (it isn’t technically a period) when she is on the pill. She can have a bleed… Or choose to SKIP IT altogether (handy for vacations, getting married, etc). The latter by just continuing on the regular pills vs taking the placebos that are in the monthly packs… In the same way she can take the placebos sooner or later if she wants to move her regular start day.

    Many woman uses this knowledge to her advantage. And certainly Monday or Tuesday are popular “start days” for one’s bleed as it means they typically happen during the work week (women on the pill having lighter “periods” of 2 to 4 days on average vs women not on the pill who have periods in the 5 to 8 / 10 day range that can be set on a regular cycle not of 28 days but could be anywhere from a 18 days to a 45 day one… Or H#LL not on a regular schedule at all… Totally unpredictable. Which is another reason that women go on the pill… We tire quickly of how that crap effects our lives!)

    Having a short bleed, that is predictable, happens during the work week… And means we have Weekends without it is definitely attractive and part of how modern medicine and the pill has given women a lot more freedom & choice in how we live our lives. Thank goodness.

  10. Bob says

    Helpful. This info has been like given a map when you are lost on the highway. Upping the alpha during ovulation and uping the beta during sharkweek has really helped my relationship. Now the wife is pregnant. Any similar “road maps” for this time period?

  11. chuck says

    “Trust me, I’ve tried to feel sexy, to amp up my ‘game’ – for what? For empty, pity-sex? I truly believe that sex dwindles after childbirth for a reason – our main focus is (and should be) on raising sweet, wonderful human beings and not on ensuring our husbands get their rocks off!”

    Maybe your husband then doesn’t need to ensure that the trash gets taken out. Everyone has needs, ignoring your husband’s needs in my opinion means he shouldn’t have to worry about yours. Oh sorry, did you want to get taken out to a nice dinner?

    To me your post seems very selfish.

  12. Pauline says

    The Tuesday date… The pills starting on Sunday…
    You’re wrong. The first day the the woman takes the pill after perioid is due to the time she begun the pill on the first time.
    The very first pill needs to be taken on the first day of the perioid. That day can be which ever weekday, and so the beginning day of a womans higher sexual desire can be on which ever weekday.
    Your woman has it on Tuesdays, but someone else has it on Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat or Sun.

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