The Rude Boy Answer To “Which One Is Ovulating”

Ok here we go on the answer to yesterday’s question of “which one is ovulating?” Here’s the picture again just in case you missed it. Clicking on it pops it out and will be very important of one of my observations.
The key point to understand is that ovulation lasts only a few days, usually not more than two, and is the highest point of sexual interest for a woman. Even quite low sex drive women can perk up and mew for sexual attention during ovulation. It’s when a woman is most likely to cheat on a partner, they are more likely to orgasm and in plain simple terms when they like sex the roughest.
However unlike most primates a human female has a concealed ovulation. By which we mean her ass doesn’t turn bright red and leech the aroma of lust into the air. Human females are biologically programmed from The Time Before Writing to purposely confuse the male as to when they are fertile. Therefore the male has to stick around the female all the time in order to successfully impregnate her. And while he’s hanging around, he may as well do The Time Before Writing equivalent of mowing the lawn and fixing the sink. Otherwise the male would just bang the female two days a month and then go drinking with his buddies the other 26 days of the month. Or just work on his cave paintings (which the female thinks will never sell.)
Also the female is usually just as tricked as the male by ovulation being concealed. They don’t wake up in the morning thinking “oh wow, I’m ovulating, I’m going to need the CFM heels and a brazilian wax”, they just wake up and think “ooooh I want to wear the red dress today, I feel great”. This is why women struggling to have a baby wander around taking their temperature half the month waiting for the sudden increase in body heat signaling it’s time to make the donuts.
So anyway… here we go.
The easy answer is the one in the white dress on the far right. It’s almost comical. Here’s the list of things I came up with showing probable ovulation.
1. More exposed skin.
2. No shoes – if a date shells her shoes in your house, she’s interested.
3. The open legged stance, everyone else has crossed legs “defending the pussy”, she’s open legged “open for business”.
4. Sunglasses dangling. Women tend to play with things to draw attention to themselves when sexually interested.
5. Hair pulled back or up. This shows more of the neck area which is a sensual and submissive display as the neck is a sensitive area.
6. Head tilt is more downward. Again, this is a submissive display.
7. If you pop the picture out and look carefully… she appears to be purposely displaying a left hand without a wedding / engagement ring. It’s too subtle for 98% of men, but this is a scream for attention that “I’M AVAILABLE”.
8. Also most of the others have a defensive arm placement across their breasts or lap. No entry sorry.
9. There’s not much to see, but relative to the others she is showing cleavage.
10. She has no panties on. I can’t tell you how I know this because a gentleman never kisses and tells. Just trust me. They smell wonderful.
So anyway, she’s all pretty much a caricature of “I am woman, gimme more”. Lets pretend she doesn’t exist in the picture anymore. If we ditch the lady in white, the far more real world version of “I’m ovulating” is the one in the middle. Most women do not blatantly change their dress code from “demure angel” 26 days a month to “slutzilla” for 2 days a month. They generally stick to their basic appearance, but they just up the effort slightly.
The one in the middle just has a slightly more open body language the way she is sitting. She looks playfully instigating as opposed to defensive and haughty. Her dress is still a pretty dress, but it’s more feminine and eye catching. There’s more exposed skin and neck line, just not a whole ton more. It’s subtle but there. If questioned “so are you ovulating?”, she can just look offended and say, “I just wanted to wear this dress silly”. And she’s all defended from being called a slut.
But you Mr Rude Boy. You know the song she’s singing and you know how to lead this dance. Two nights only. Go.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you how to use a calendar and your wifes birth control pills to figure out her ovulation down to within about a day. Honestly this stuff is LMAO easy to do. Or for single guys how to turn a small bottle of Advil into the stealth information to crack out of the friendzone.

Stray At Home Mom

Ah the Stay At Home Mother. Rosy cheeked children in clean clothes. Happy husband greeted at the door with a fresh application of lipstick and the smell of dinner. I admit it, I want that, sounds wonderful. But just like a Disney vacation it’s for most of us just a pleasant fantasy experience rather than something you can actually afford.
Back in the 1950s it was possible for a regular guy to hold a job that could support a family alone, and there was enough physical labor in the home to require a “full time employee” doing the stuff in the house. As women entered the workforce in greater and greater numbers, it actually flooded the labor market with an oversupply of labor and devalued the average workers paycheck. Loosely speaking the same sort of job in 1950 that would have supported a family, supports about half a family today. So back in the 1960s and 1970s and even 1980s, a woman entering the workforce was all about “choice for women”, but by 2010 there is no real choice for women anymore as if they don’t get a freaking job and work it the same way a man has to, the family will go…
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The Test

Imagine you’re a humble 6 married to a 7 and the sex life is mediocre at best. Then you stumble onto Married Man Sex Life and discover the basic principles I cover and put them into action.
You work out, are nicer at home, earn a little more money, dress better, play with the kids and so on. When you go from a 6 to a 7 everything is great and the sex life gets better. So you keep plowing ahead and continue to develop yourself further. When you hit Sex Rank 8, the sex at home starts getting really good. You wife loves the new you and can’t help but respond to you.
Then comes the test. Failing this test will probably undo everything you’ve done to improve things with your wife in one easy move.
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A Few Random Splatters #2

I’m very much enjoying writing the blog, but I also still hang out at Talk About Marriage. Here’s a few random splatters of what I’ve said over there recently. No particular plan, just letting fly… ;-)
Lingerie Dilemma
You are implying that I said there was a direct causal relationship, when I have always been clear that it was simply an influence in the possiblity of such behavior. That being said, in general yes – deny your partner enough of the sort of sex they are interested in, and yes the likelihood of them straying increases. I believe that is just common sense. I realize that my viewpoint and insistence of being sexually satisfied makes me an asshole. But I am a very happily sexed asshole with a very happily sexed wife.
What To Do?
50% of a successful pick up is reading a woman’s IOIs (Indicators of Interest) and just physically escalating the physical touch at that point, and… doh! Wrong place for this.
Pregnant Fiance= No Bachelor Party?
Who the hell gets married while you’re in the middle of counseling?!?!? THAT’S A RED FLAG PEOPLE.
Fathering your kid is one issue, marrying a screetchtard is another.
Go play a round of golf. Think about things.
And lets face it… most men’s groups at church are actually feminized to hell. They sit, and talk about feelings, and hug, and emote. All it needs is cucumber sandwiches and nicely dressed dolls and you have the complete set. They are no place for a man.
Vibrators and desensitization
Everyone tells you that things that cause sexual pleasure are bad for you. Vibrators are fine. Just be careful not to chip a tooth…
I caught my husband looking at porn twice while I was pregnant
1. He loves you.
2. He watches porn quite a lot
3. You are being silly.
If you want a man that doesn’t watch porn, you going to have to go on a very long search. You probably won’t find most non-porn guys all that emotionally balanced or attractive. Or into women.
Why don’t you go visit him and find out the truth?
Only if you think you can take him in a physical fight.
Not saying it’s going to go down that way, but two males talking about a female they both are competing for sexually can regress to some of the more basic biological ass whooping programming.
Hey… just ask me a question. I’ll have a crack at it.