The Bridezilla Antidote: Those Bitches Are Just Hungry

One of the most basic attraction triggers hard wired into us from The Time Before Writing is bringing a member of the opposite sex food. Women have long known this and the old line is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s really no different for women, that’s what the whole taking them out to dinner thing is about. Yeah taking them out to dinner is really just the modern version of bringing the tribe a dead gazelle and handing out meat. Throg good hunter. We mate now. (You know some cavegirls were thinking to themselves “shit… which part of a gazelle equals a handjob?”)
Now imagine what actually knowing how to cook food does to your Sex Rank… you can provide food… not only will you not starve if left alone, but women very much respond to men capable of cooking. I’m not saying you get married and turn into Iron Chef, but pulling some of the cooking duties in the home is a huge plus. It’s a life skill, and any display of skill is a display of higher value.
Now to actually push mere cooking into “Food Game”, you’re going to need some absolutely “OMFG WHO MADE THIS?!” reaction inducing recipes.
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Mixed Marital Artist

I’ve noticed something really interesting about the number of people following me in the feed readers. There’s always going to be some natural ebb and flow to the numbers joining and leaving and I’m not overly worried about it as on balance readership is going up, and up at a very pleasing rate.
However I can’t help noticing that when I do more Alpha Male orientated posts I gain readers fast, and when I do a more Beta Male orientated post I lose them. Now from a pure numbers perspective as a blogger, I’m meant to just go “ohhh!” like I figured out that I’m screwing up and drop the Beta Male posts completely and focus on the Alpha Male posts and giggle as readership increases.
Sorry not happening.
Listen if you want to read that sort of thing, just pick a random Alpha / PUA / Game blog and head over there. There’s a bunch in the right side bar. I’m very serious when I say there is a lot to learn from that bunch, but never lose sight of the fact that the majority of them think that pumping and dumping is sexual victory. But as far as I can tell they are all in pure evolutionary psychology terms… sexual failures.
Is the entire Alpha Male Trait thing important? Damn straight it is.
Is the entire Beta Male Trait thing important? Damn straight it is.
My hunch is that I get a few readers coming in that are just used to reading Alpha Male orientated material and they like it and they join the feed. Then they run into a Beta Male orientated post and they just don’t like the taste of it and they quit.
That’s right, I said quit. They quit learning, quit trying, quit growing and just lick their wounds and wonder why they can’t hold a woman in a relationship, why she aborted his baby, why she runs away crying when he cheats, and he’s back at square one having to game the same old routines to rustle up another fuck. It gets old. Eventually you do too.
Pure Alpha’s are weak.
It’s like the pure Alpha is a kickboxer… awesome striking power, big muscles, wicked roundhouse kicks, combination punches, solid knockout punch and fearsome. But any MMA guy worth their salt will just take them to the mat, wrap them up and make them tap out. After half an hour of not being allowed to stand up and strike, and just being taken down and raped on the ground, 9 times out of 10 the kickboxer is going to decide they just don’t like the taste of it and quit.
That’s right, I said quit. They quit learning, quit trying, quit growing and just lick their wounds.
The pure Beta’s at least know they are weak. That’s why they are like Judo, they already know they are going to the ground, so that’s why learn it. Trouble is against any MMA guy worth their salt, getting to the takedowns is always problematic and the bastard just hits so damn hard. After half an hour of getting their head knocked back hard, 9 times out of 10 Mr. Judo is going to decide he just doesn’t like the taste of it and quit.
That’s right, I said quit. They quit learning, quit trying, quit growing and just lick their wounds.
See the MMA… that’s Mixed Marital Artist… knows you have to master everything. Women have a monthly cycle, around ovulation they really dig the Alpha stuff. For most of the rest of the month they love the Beta stuff. The MMA knows to adjust their game to adapt to the situation. If you can’t adapt to even one woman’s monthly cycle you’re simply lost at managing a sex life.
So stick around if you please. I will take you further than you will know and you will be a better man for what I can teach you.
And just to make my point that Beta skills are vitally important, tomorrow I’m going to teach you how to cook the most fabulous bread pudding. On this you can trust me on three things.
1. It is outstandingly easy to make.
2. Women fawn over me when I make it.
3. You will like the taste of it.

Dershowitz and Feinstein and the Legally Binding Threesome

As I said in my very first post, I’ve never been particularly excited about marriage. I’ve certainly been very excited about my wife, most notably in the tearing her underwear off and holding her down department. Marriage was just kind of a hoop to jump through on the way to the bedroom. Like the church was a location bounce for a compliance test. I just plowed ahead and completed all the tasks required. Propose check. Ring check. Wedding check. Booty on tap check. Alright.
It wasn’t until much later that I discovered I liked being married, and realized I liked the idea of marriage. Last year was the long difficult 14th year of marriage where I did an enormous amount of reading and thinking about marriage. Deciding and discovering I was in fact pro-marriage (if only for myself) was a surprise to me. However one of the greatest shocks to me last year was the discovery that someone else had been sneaking into our bed for the entire time we have been married.
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Forget Date Night. Run Game Night.

About to have one right now. The kids are cleared out to grandma’s.
We love sushi and that always works. There’s a fine line between the exotic and the erotic. Plus I figure if a woman is prepared to put raw fish in her mouth… well… alright.
So sushi, but going to a new place we haven’t tried before, not the same old place. Variety is good. Personally I don’t care, but most women love to eat out at new places. It gets them excited.
I’m a casual guy mostly, but I’ll be dressing up a bit. Peacocking a little, but mostly just dressing a little nicer.
After that, it’s home for drinks, conversation and cuddling with a movie. By which I mean I’ll be doing some instigation, isolation and escalation. Slow and dirty is her expectation. Slow and dirty is my requirement.
If she can walk before noon tomorrow I’ll consider that a failure of sorts.