Marriage Game Is So Much Easier Than Dating And PUA

Wife Saying Something: “My hips are sore from yesterday and the day before.”
Husband Giving Wrong Answer: “Oh wow, I’m sorry, are you ok, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Lets not have sex for like 3-4 days to let you recover”.
What Wife Means: “Damn you fucked me so good.”
Husband Giving Right Answer: “You’re welcome.”
Bonus Hidden Message: “If you do me like that again tonight I’m going to have to take the pussy offline for a few days. Be warned”.
Husband One Hour Later Catching Her From Behind At The Sink While She Is Helpless With Her Hands Full Of Fish Tank Cleaning Stuff: “If you want to come tonight we can figure that out as you like, but I want you in the red babydoll and you to slow suck me to the brink and then climb on me and let me finish the last few seconds inside you”.
Wife Grinds Back Into Husband For A Second Then Half Heartedly Struggles For Freedom: “Mmmm ok… this is really dirty”.
Husband: “I know it is baby”. Grins…  “Also the fish tank needs cleaning too”

Dont Just Stand There Bust A Move

I didn’t want the last post to turn into a marathon reading event, but I found some fun stuff out there. Lets kick it old school…
This here’s a tale for all the fellas
Try to do what those ladies tell us
Get shot down cause you’re over zealous
Play hard to get an females get jealous
Ok smartie, go to a party
Girls are stancin the crowd is showin body
A chick walks by you wish you could sex her
But you’re standin on the wall like you was Poindexter
Next days function, high class luncheon
Food is served and you’re stone cold munchin’
Music comes on, people start to dance
But then you ate so much you nearly split your pants
A girl starts walkin, guys start gawkin’
Sits down next to you and starts talkin’
Says she wanna dance cus she likes the groove
So come on fatso and just bust a move
You’re on a mission and you’re wishin’
someone could cure you’re lonely condition
You’re lookin for love in all the wrong places
Not fine girls just ugly faces
From frustration first inclination
Is to become a monk and leave the situation
But every dark tunnel has a lighter hope
So don’t hang yourself with a celibate rope
New movie’s showin… so you’re goin
Could care less about the five you’re blowin
Theatre gets dark just to start the show
When you spot a fine woman sittin in the front row
She’s dressed in yellow, she says “Hello,
Come sit next to me you fine fellow”
You run over there without a second to loose
And what comes next, hey bust a move
If you want it baby you’ve got it (repeat)
Just bust a move
In the city ladies look pretty
Guys tell jokes so they can seem witty
Tell a funny joke just to get some play
Then you try to make a move and she says “no way”
Girls a fakin’ … goodness sakin’
They want a man who brings home the bacon
Got no money and you got no car
Then you got no woman and there you are
Some girls are sophistic… materialistic
Looking for a man makes them opportunistic
They’re lyin on the beach perpetratin a tan
So that a brother with money can be their man
So on the beach you’re strollin’… real high-rollin’
Everything you have is your’s and not stolen
A girl runs up with somethin to prove
So don’t just stand there, bust a move
(break down)
Your best friend Harry has a brother Larry
In five days from now he’s gonna marry
He’s hopin you can make it there if you can
‘Cause in the ceremony you’ll be the best man
You say “neato”… check your libido
And roll to the church in your new tuxedo
The bride walks down just to start the wedding
And there’s one more girl you won’t be getting
So you start thinkin, then you start blinkin
A bride maid looks and thinks that you’re winkin
She thinks you’re kinda cute so she winks back
And now you’re feelin really fine cus the girl is stacked
Reception’s jumpin, bass is pumpin
Look at the girl and your heart starts thumpin
Says she wants to dance to a different groove
Now you know what to do g, bust a move
And here’s a flash mob of 99% women and 1 gay guy singing and dancing to that song. Sure the point of the mob is to raise breast cancer awareness, but it’s hard for my one track mind to overlook the fact they they all chose this song encouraging men to hit on women as their theme music. What they may deny by day, I’ll point out all night. :-)
I’m not saying I wanna hook up with any of them or anything
Well maybe the one in the grey shirt and black pants that starts at the first table. Mmmmm pony tail…

The Friendzone, Approach Anxiety and Spanking Like You Mean It

Upon occassion guys are just so clueless about a woman being interested in them. I’m not really a dating blog, but I couldn’t help laughing over this one of a guy trapped in the Friendzone.
“Hi! I have a problem regarding the friend zone. I have this girl who I am really falling in love with… we’ve known eachother for about a year, and have had the same best friends whom we hang out with alot for the last 6 months. She and I have many little things only we joke about, flirting etc.. And especially the last month. But I cannot figure out if she is interested, or just being a friend. And because we are so close, and have the same friends, it would be embarassing to ask her out or something if se wouldn’t go.  
We never do anything alone though, It is just with our friends. The last time we were out, we danced kinda sexy, and if this had been any other girl, we would have been making out a long time ago.. But since I’m falling in love with her, I dont dare to go for the kiss, in case I blow it. I even slept in her bed that night. (there were 5 other friends sleeping in the living room next door though). nothing happened.
Should I ask her out, try to get her alone? How? And for dinner, for drink? What?”
LMAO. Dude… everybody knows that you’re totally into this girl. You know. Your friends know. She knows. It’s no secret to anyone. She’s just waiting for you to make your move. Your friends all cleared out and slept in the living room and left you and her alone in the bed together and nothing happened?!?!?!??!
You are deep, deep, deep into the Friendzone, so you have to break out of that realm with some strong moves towards being more of a player alpha dog. The good news is that she is into you, and is waiting for you to make your move, so just go ahead and do it.
Just decide on a place to have a date, call her up and tell her when and where the date will be. But tell her she should only come if shes willing to make out on the date. Then tell her that she has a choice for the first date as to whether or not she wears her good underwear or her bad underwear, but that any future dates would require the good underwear. Which would mean that is clearly in everyone’s best interest that the make out session be quite in depth to see if the chemistry you think she has for you is really there. Then get off the phone.
As a married guy I do find it interesting that approach anxiety never fully goes away. To be sure things calm down and relax a great deal in marriage, but I find trying to add something new and different that is pushing the limits further than you are used to results in some degree of anxiety. It’s one thing to read about say something like spanking, rough sex, hair pulling etc and intellectually think “ok I’ll try that, she’ll probably like that”, but to actually follow through on that and really do it is a leap of faith. She may react negatively to it.
In the end though, even if she badly wants you to do something forceful to her, she’s probably just going to lie there next to you and wait for you to make a move. It’s kinda rare that a woman actually asks for her man to sexually dominate her, they just want it to happen to them. You have to make that move and knock that wall down.
As an example though, obviously with something like spanking you don’t start off by unleashing a beating to her ass with full force hitting. That shit gets you jailed. Start with her on top and little play taps during sex. Gauge her reaction and adjust. If you lightly tap her ass with your hand and she shuts her eyes and goes “ohhh…”, that means she likes it. Maybe push it a little harder a little at a time. In terms of spanking we’ve found the sound and the concept is more arousing than the pain. I don’t think we go beyond a 3 out of 10 in terms of force ever, and there’s never a mark left. I don’t like hurting her, she doesn’t like being hurt, but I can cup my hand just right and it sure sounds like it should hurt. (Which is something we have to clear the kids out of the house for!) 
Talk about it after the fact. We’ve found that when we try something new in bed, only about one out of three actually “works” for us. We’ve had some really bad experiences together lol. But the ones that work for us, well that’s some of the most fun we have together. Just try stuff.
So go ahead. Make a move. If you’re scared about making these moves there are things available that can help you overcome your shyness and social anxiety. Talk to your doctor and ask if Tequila is right for you.

Destabilizing Your Relationship For Fun And Pussy

One of my favorite blogs is “Life Without a Net”. Hambydammit has a wider scope than mine, but he still covers sex and attraction every so often and is always insightful. The full post is here, but I found this section on Sex Rank a great example;

“One of the unfortunate realities is that change happens in relationships. I remember a couple I used to know. Bob was an underachieving handyman and Joy was an obese receptionist. (Yes, I’ve changed the names.) For whatever reason, Joy got a surge of determination and spent the better part of two years in the gym. She read everything she could find on nutrition, changed her eating habits, and worked out. And worked out. And worked out. After dropping a hundred and fifty pounds, Joy was a very attractive woman, and she knew it. During the same time, Bob had done nothing to improve his value. Within six months, Bob and Joy divorced, and Joy started dating an investment banker.


When Bob and Joy got married, they believed they had comparable value. Bob didn’t like working too hard, and knew (either consciously or unconsciously) that he probably wasn’t going to land a hottie. Likewise, Joy was aware that she was obese and wasn’t going to land a top tier man. They each “settled” for the other based on their perception of their own “buying power.” When Joy got a serious boost to her value, she quickly realized that she could upgrade, and so she did. (Poor Bob… I remember him telling me how lucky he was that he was married to a hottie. Social and emotional intelligence are very important, and he just didn’t have either.)”

This is all a perfect example of how divergent Sex Rank (aka “your number out of ten”) can destabilize a relationship. From my point of view, what I’m actually advocating on this blog is finding ways to improve your own Sex Rank by self improvement and getting better at both the Alpha and Beta skill set, and purposely destabilizing your relationship with your wife by trumping her Sex Rank. Women can of course easily add an extra point or two to their own Sex Rank by simply being more excited in bed, having sex more often and generally riding your disco stick on command. Having a high sexual interest and drive is sexy in and of itself, it’s just assumed for men, but thought to be variable for women. The same wife that’s a 6 when she puts out twice a month is a 7 at twice a week, and an 8 at “whenever and however you want me”. Giggty giggty alright.

Of course if her Sex Rank starts to trump yours, well you got nothing.  Women really can turn on you and screw you for everything that isn’t nailed down and walk out on you. In the quote above that was clearly Joy’s plan for the two years it took to play out her exit strategy.

Of course if your Sex Rank goes up with your effort, and hers stays the same and she doesn’t turn into Miss Sugarpussy on you… well you’re going to be getting a lot better attention from other women. Over the long term, men who basically apply themselves to any sort of career and personal development, become sexier than the women do. A 20 year old man is over shadowed by the raw appeal of a 20 year old woman. At 30 it’s more balanced. A 40 year old man generally has far more appeal than a 40 year old woman. All things being equal a single 40 year old man can date and marry with ease, a 40 year old woman is well past her expiration date. As this smart woman found out, and she explains how she is stupid….  (she says some magic Sex Rank numbers around the 1:20-1:40 mark)    Hat Tip: Whispered Between Women


Now I’m sure there is an element of evil in my advice to boost your Sex Rank higher than your wife to purposely destabilize the relationship. But it’s reality at work. If you’re a 6 and go to 7, and she’s still a 6, all she has to do is turn up the sex on her end and she turns into a 7.

Of course she can decline to do that, but obviously thats going to put a strain on her relationship. I think I don’t need to belabor the point that a 35 year old moderately attractive woman who doesn’t put out all that much, married to a sexy 35 year old man, is running some serious risks of losing him. Whether that’s divorce or cheating who knows, we might all wring our hands and call him bad names, but no one would be surprised if it happened.

Women love their men to be sexier than them, and they respond with extreme sexual interest to those men. As I said earlier;

“Women on the other hand, have a huge investment in bearing and raising children. She gets only a few good shots at getting this done, so she is wired to be far more choosey about partners. A common misconception is that women are wired to be “good girls” and interested in only monogamy. However what they are actually most interested in, is hypergamy, or as better known, “marrying up”. Women want the best partners they can have.”
So yes, there is an implied threat that if you become hotter you might leave your wife or cheat on her. Personally I think that adding more than a couple of points to your inate Sex Rank is extremely hard – if you’re a natural 6 getting to 7 is some effort, getting to 8 is quite hard, 9 is just out of reach without someone else footing the bill or being on a reality TV show to make you hot and 10 isn’t even on the cards at all.
Far more likely though if you get hotter than her, is it’s just going to make her hypergamous instinct kick in, and she’ll find herself deeply in love with you and extremely interested in making sure you don’t leave the house weighed down by extra semen…
you’re welcome.

Be Both Alpha And Beta: The Journey Is The Reward

Salut said…
“Another great article. Some outstanding advice I can’t wait to implement.
Interested in your take on the reaction of a wife when the husband begins implement alpha behaviors. I’m seeing a lot of resistance/confusion in the wife lately as I try to minimize the beta behaviors.
Keep up the great work. Love the blog.”
Athol: Great question. I think we might be disagreeing on the use of language here a little, so I’ll restate my philosophy on Alpha and Beta quickly. I generally disagree with the entire Alpha = good, Beta = bad mindset. You really need to have both Alpha Traits and Beta Traits in a marriage to really hit the sweet spot of happiness and sex. The blog is still new, but believe me I’m going to sound like a broken record on this point as the years play out.
If you’re a decent Beta, the solution is to add Alpha traits, not reduce Beta Traits and add Alpha. It’s not a zero-sum game where you can be either Alpha or Beta, but not both. You can and must be both. You still hold a job down, play with the kids, listen to how your wife spent her day, do housework etc. That’s all vital comfort building goodness. She likes and needs that to feel comfortable, like you’re invested in the relationship and family. These things are not “turn ons”, but lacking them makes them “turn offs”.
That being said, I think you’re basically saying that you’re becoming a little more forceful and bold with your wife. Which is good and all going to plan. That’s the stuff that’s going to “turn her on”.
Here’s the thing though – you’re probably imperfect at Alpha displays, so you’re probably sending somewhat mixed signals to her, so she both likes it and gets confused by it, and if you don’t quite pull it off she can resist it. The solution is quite simple though – just keep working on it until you master it enough that you can switch on an Alpha display without putting in much effort to do so. Then you’ll send a strong enough signal that she will respond better to it.
It’s actually quite a long journey to really change yourself in this way. There’s a lot of two steps forward one step back that happens. Much of Alpha stems from physicality, and that can take 1-2 years to really pay off fully. So it’s a process. Just be comfortable with your discomfort and keep plowing ahead.
Also you changing is changing the status quo, and that means she will have to change a little too. There’s a natural resistance to anyone changing – even if it’s a positive change and one they ultimately quite enjoy.
As an example – in terms of physical exercise for my wife and I, usually I go on a health kick first, and start feeling better and sexier. Usually about three weeks later, she starts exercising more too. Up until then she “resists” exercise. However I don’t even ask my wife to work out. I just start exercising and wait three weeks lol. And if I stop, she stops.
Also if we come back to the idea of sex rank, if say you both married as 7s, and along the way you dropped to a 6 and then you’ve learned some Alpha stuff and have progressed, maybe you’re moving past 7 and heading towards 8. And if you’re heading towards 8 and she is still a 7, that’s actually a little scary for her. It’s one thing to be the more desirable member of a couple, another to feel like you need to step it up a bit. There’s a natural temptation to want to drag the spouse back down to your level, though that can just as easily turn into trying harder on her part and getting her to an 8 as well. (Which is exactly why my wife starts exercising after I start.)
As I’ve said often, the Beta stuff comes easy to me. The Alpha stuff has come later in the game. What I’m writing about now has taken the better part of the last five years of my fifteen year marriage to develop. I’ve only really started verbalizing it in the last year. It’s a process, just work through it.
What can be of benefit to the process is drawing her attention to her response when you pull off a good Alpha move that she liked. She may become more forgiving of your near misses if she understands your intent better.
In the end it turns into a balancing act as you have a strong hand of Alpha and Beta cards to play, and just play your hand through depending on the situation. I can cook dinner, throw a slumber party for tweens, change a diaper, feed and burp a baby, match an outfit for a elementary school girl and work the L-Spot like a dream. But I can also shut the slumber party off at midnight with a deep rumble, cut allowances out for months until compliance with chores was appropriate, order my wife to stop doing stuff and rest or whatever and have on a few occasions initiated sex simply by pointing in the direction of the bedroom…
It’s all about having options.

Be A Strapping Version Of You: The Smell Of Power

If you do nothing else to improve your sex life with your wife, and I mean if you do nothing else, you should work out. Some sort of physical exercise is just foundational to most all the Alpha Male Traits. It’s awfully difficult to radiate that sexy confidence of beastly power when you’re hooked up to an oxygen tank to keep you from passing out.
Well… unless of course you have like 3-4 huge thugs in your employ that would happily rip the arms off intruders and be more emotionally disturbed by the fact that the Chinese takeout was now somewhat cold. If you have those guys working for you in your underground lair, you can probably pull off the oxygen tank and a wheelchair to boot and still be quite alpha in your presentation.
But you – and me – are regular guys. The brawn we supply is all the brawn she’ll ever get. And if she can’t get it from you, where can she get it from? If the only thing Brawny she gets to hold in her hands is a roll of paper towels, that’s a problem. Oh sure, I know, not your sweet angel, she can’t possibly think like that…
…ever looked at the covers of romance novels? These are not World of Warcraft player bodies they have plastered across the covers. I believe the word we are looking for is “strapping”. There are strapping men on the covers of romance novels, usually doing some sort of HNT (Half Naked Tuesday? Half Naked Thursday? Have No Top?) impression displaying their brawn and looking serious and manly and not making particular eye contact but just gazing yonder.
Apparently chicks buy these novels all the time. Those strapping guys aren’t there by accident. (Notice how I keep saying the word “strapping”, I’m building SEO in the hope that some submissive BDSM chicks are going to Google “strapping” and get sucked into the blog lol.)
…work out. You don’t have to turn yourself into a Chippendale Dancer, just be a physically put together version of you. I know I’m not going to turn into an Olympic athlete, and neither are you. Just work out regularly.
Listen… she married you. She’s already into you. She’s already sexually responsive to you. She’s probably just drawn to you by sense of smell because your genes and her genes match up well. Far more likely than not, she’s already set up on a biological level that she has no rational control over to be in love with you and attracted to you. The same way you are into her. Exercise and general fitness and health just make that entire aspect of your relationship click. The deck is already stacked in your favor with her physically. You might be quite average physically, but you probably aren’t average to her perception of you. “There’s just something about him”.
But you can completely blow that natural advantage by being in bad shape. Half the time she’s ticked about something minor it’s just symptom of lack of sexual interest in you. If you’re a strapping (giggty) version of you, you really think the way you stacked the dishwasher is going to be quite the same drama as it would be if you were a pasty weakling version of you? No way in hell, not if her gina tingle gets a vote.
So get rid of some of the bad pounds, and put on some of the good ones. Stand taller, live longer, come harder. Don’t love being on the bottom, because you don’t have the upper body strength to be on top.
For what’s it’s worth, this is one of my weaker areas as a guy. As I’ve said before I naturally lean to Beta, and I’m picking up steam on my Alpha Traits. But I know I’m right about this and am working on it. You know I’m right too. Please tell your story in the comments.

Jedi Mind Pricks

So yesterday I made my case for not asking your wife for sex, but for coming up with a plan for the bedtime activities and simply stating it as your intention. As I said yesterday, this is designed to switch things from her trying to decide for an unknown sexual romp, and into deciding against a known sexual romp.
Let me expand that a little – we are all creatures of habit, and overwhelmed with choices in our daily life. 9 times out of 10 when faced with a decision, most people will just go along with the flow and do what everyone else is doing, or revert back to a pre-planned “default choice” so they don’t have to think. Most people when they go into a McDonalds or Starbucks etc order the same exact thing every time. They don’t think for more than a tenth of a second, just front up to the counter and order the default choice. Heck some places your default choice is so well known, the counter staff don’t even let you have a choice, they just see you come through the door and they start making your default choice for you. Here’s your medium low-fat cappuccino with a dusting of cinnamon and a swizzle stick ma’am… just the way you like it.
So when you’re asking her for sex, she’s deciding whether or not to say “yes”, the default choice is more of a “no”. When you’re telling her what the intended sex is going to be, she’s deciding whether or not to say “no”, the default choice is more of a “yes”. Most times she’ll just go along with the default choice.
Work this angle long enough and you can make having some sort of sex every night the default choice. What, you think we’re better than Pavlov’s dogs? Ding ding time for food = drool… night night time for bed = gina tingle… Damn straight it’s a Jedi Mind Trick.
So… assuming you made a clear statement of intent… “tonight I want to go down on you first, then kiss my way up your body and slow fuck you until you beg me to come” … and she declines your offer. What next?
You sweeten the deal.
You dispense with her initial “no” and simply restate the initial offer and add something more to it. “Ok… well how about before I go down on you, kiss up your body and slow fuck you, I put you on your hands and knees and spank you for a little while?” It’s really important to keep this both light and playful in tone, with a naughty boy devilish smile as you do this, and hold eye contact. Absolutely do not mumble and look down on the word “spanking”.
If she is not used to such negotiations from you this should really get her attention. She should become emotionally engaged by this. Usually this will be some version of enjoyment/delight, or annoyance/anger. Both work just fine for the moment. You’re getting a rise out of her.
If she agrees to the sex, she agrees, just close the deal and do exactly what you got her to agree to. Don’t skimp on what sweetened the deal. If she says “no” a second time, sweeten the deal again.
“I’m willing to do some hair pulling and French kissing as well. Plus all the oral, kissing up your body, slow fucking and spanking like we agreed before”. And again – you absolutely have to stay playful and fun in tone and look when you do this. You have to make it clear that you’re enjoying playing the role of salesman here. Also not offer anything additional that isn’t sexual. Don’t offer to do house hold chores, work overtime, drop off the kids to school etc, that will kill it instantly. You are not offering anything for sex, you’re offering sex more sex and even more sex. The implication you are creating is that she in fact very much wants to be laid, but is just holding out for more pleasure.
If she still is saying “no”, but is in any way showing you a positive response – smiling, hair flipping, laughing, giggling, touching you, giving you lots of eye contact, touching herself across any part of her body – that means she is enjoying the interaction and wants you to continue and overwhelm her sales resistance into making a purchase. Just keep the routine up and play the game with her. (If she is not showing positive interest by this point, just bail out of the routine, and cheerfully, and yes I said cheerfully, wish her a good night, and do the go to sleep thing. You aren’t trying to make her hate you. Importantly be as unaffected by the “no” as possible. No drama. It’s okay to try an overcome a no with play, but she should be allowed to decline sex without you being negative or turning into a stalker.)
So anyway… overcome the sales resistance…
“So what part of the big package I’ve offered is the problem? I see I’ve suggested slow sensual sex, would you like something a little rougher?”
“What can I do to get you into a fabulous orgasm tonight?”
“Would you like to test-drive an orgasm?”
“When I spank you, would you rather be kneeling, or across my lap?”
“I don’t usually do this, but *name* I like you… I can do handcuffs, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. It’s kinda against the rules.”
Just keep laying it on until she folds. Talk talk talk, play play play. Don’t forget to touch her and hold/kiss her if you can as well during this routine. Once she folds, you got her.
If she’s is still verbally holding out after all that and she’s still giving you a positive body language response, you can make one final “desperate offer”. And again, I cannot emphasize enough that you have to keep this as light and fun as possible. You pull exactly 17 (seventeen) cents from your pocket, gaze at the money in your hand with fake sadness for a second, then hold it out to her to take and say…
“can I just put the tip of my dick in?”
If you do it right she should erupt with laughter, but agree. Importantly, 17 cents is in no way enough to “buy sex” so it’s not really an insult (whereas $50 might very well be – be advised) and that once the tip of your dick is inside her, you both know that the rest of your cock is going to follow and you are in fact a 100% full of shit liar just trying to get into her pants. But she might really like that once in a while.
If you go to the “tip of my dick” gambit, do mess about with just the tip in for a bit, then just groan and fill her up. That will make her feel so desired by you which is a turn on. Also they will always call you on it after you go balls deep. “I thought you said you were only going to put the tip in”. Correct response…
“I lied”.

Variety Is The Spice Of Wife

Never have sex in the same position more than twice in a row. This is a rule.
It’s boring.
Which means in time she will think you are boring. And while there is not a three doggystyles and you’re out rule, you’re digging yourself a hole. Because if she considers you boring, she’ll consider whoring. Oh I know she won’t leap to that all at once. Years might roll by and she’ll be just as faithful as can be, but women are sexy creatures and if you serve up the same wilted salad she’ll probably take an interest in another chefs celery sticks. If only for a little variety. Heck the goldfish probably has more toys in his bowl than most wives see in their bedroom. Mating in captivity. Sad Pandas.
Here’s the deal. Stop asking her for sex. “Are we having sex tonight” “Do you want sex tonight?” “Are you in the mood for something?”  These are yes/no questions. If she says “no”, you got nothing. Again. Lay there  hard as a rock and not touching her. Die quietly.
If she says “yes”, she’s either mentally agreeing to the same old stuff which is boring, or is having a refreak experience about the time some High School chump asked her for a date and she asked him “a date where?” and he just had nothing better than “I don’t know, just a date” as a follow up. Which is to say a date to nowhere.
What you should do, is go to bed with a plan. Set you’re own mental agenda for how sex is going to play out tonight. Hey doesn’t have to be anything over the top. Maybe tonight is missionary. Tomorrow is doggy. The next night is her on top. After that she’s on top again, but when she wants you to come, she has to pull herself off you and lie on her back and you climb on and blow it rough and fast.
A man without a plan is not a man.
So instead of asking for sex, just announce your plan to her. “Tonight I want to go down on you first, then kiss my way up your body and slow fuck you until you ask me to come.” See how much stronger, how Alpha that is compared to “are we doing it? (oh please say yes, please, please, please…. awwwwwwwww)
Heck announce your plan before you go to bed. Say it as you nuzzle her from behind in the bathroom as she brushes her teeth before bed. Lay a deep kiss on her in the hallway in passing between dinner and the kids homework and whisper it in her ear. Text her that at lunchtime. As you lie together slick and cuddling in the afterglow, casually mention your plans for the next night. If you do that last one, make sure it’s with a playful cheeky smile.
Hey maybe she has a plan of her own. No problem, roll with it. Maybe she’s so turned on she just breaks your plan halfway through and heads towards orgasm #2. Dude roll with that. The point of you having a plan is to trigger her sex drive.
If she says “no”, she says “no”. But at least she’s got a clear idea of just how good “yes” is going to be.
Actually if she says “no”…. heh.   Read tomorrow.

Work The L-Spot: She Will Beg You For More

You’re probably wondering where the L-Spot is. Some of you probably deny that it really exists and think that I just made it up. However I can assure you that it is real, it does exist, and if you can stimulate it correctly, your woman will look at you like she has never looked at you before. Once you start tapping the L-Spot just right, she will beg you to keep doing it. Forever. She will probably NOT tell her friends about you doing this. Those bitches can’t be trusted to not try and go behind her back knowing that you have this skill. It’s just that powerful.
I do have a small warning about the L-Spot though. Once you start working this area, you can’t later on decide that you’re going to stop working it. Once she gets L-Spot action, she is always going to remember that she was getting it, and now she isn’t, and that’s going to drive a wedge between you. The L-Spot is as I’ve said before, a smooth move on the woman. You can’t stop start stop start on this. You want to drive her crazy for you, not at you. It’s all or nothing, so be advised.
The L-Spot is so reliable; you can probably just spring it on her without warning, and watch her face light up with surprise and delight. It is somewhat stimulating though, so I really recommend making the bedroom area as low key and low-stimulation as possible. You don’t want to have her get over-stimulated and suddenly shut down on you halfway through.
To make the bedroom low-stimulation, it’s really just a case of a quick decluttering and making sure everything is clean. Strip the bedding off the bed and wash it, and do the same for any and all of your clothes that are lying around as well. If you’ve got an en suite bathroom, then you can wash the bath towels and mats as well. If you have white towels (which go with everything by the way), you can add a little bleach to the wash and that will whiten them a little more plus kill all the germs in the washing machine. I’d suggest for her stuff, that you just find her hamper and toss anything unwashed in there, many women get nervous about precise washing techniques and it’s probably best to not mess with that. Then just remake the bed, fold the clothes, hang the towels up.
Congratulations you just did the laundry… aka the L-Spot.
Ah come on don’t be mad, I do this sort of trick to my readers all the time. Stick with me though, I’ll explain why this is a vital sexy move. Do not knock this until you try it.
Now if you’ve actually not been helping out with the laundry ever, try and get this whole routine down while she is out of the house if you can. Just get it done and play it cool. Don’t follow her like a freaking toddler that just pooped in the right place all by themselves. Just be cool. It’s no big deal.
Ok maybe hover a little bit. Watching her face is half the fun LOL. I can guarantee you will get a positive reaction from her for this.
The point of this move is that this is a Beta Male trait and is one of many “Nest Management” tasks you can do. This isn’t going to make her pulse jack up, her nipples hard and her panties wet, but it is going to build comfort and relax and reduce her stress. You’re going to perform Alpha Trait moves to “turn her on”, this is to make sure you aren’t “turning her off”. If she thinks she is being abandoned by you to do all the “Nest Management”, her body will ensure that no more babies arrive to add to her workload. The way the body ensures this happens, is by cutting her sex drive off. No sex drive = no sex = no more babies = workload stays tolerable. It’s vital to understand that this is a hardwired response in her, she will not have a logical control over this, she will simply just look at you one day and realize that while she loves you, she is not in love with you.
Now if you’re a newlywed, maybe her doing your laundry made her feel giddy and silly… for about the first three weeks. After that… WTFINHFM. By the time the kids are here, the laundry starts to pile up in a battle that doesn’t end until they can fend for themselves. I don’t care how the domestic chores get divided up in your house, but I can assure you, if she is doing your laundry, she is feeling like she is being your mother. And your mother never wore lingerie for you, licked up every last drop of you, or arched her back while pulling you deep into her… At least I really hope your mother didn’t do that. My bad to anyone having a refreak experience.
Doing the laundry is just a basic life skill. It’s not really a male/female skill. Just grab a pile of laundry, shove it in the washer, push a button, transfer it to the dryer, push another button, fold the clothes. Bada Bing Bada Boom. You just worked the L-Spot. Don’t be a tool, you know she’s gonna love it.
So have a think about this… what do you want from your wife? Hot sex or folded clothes? Can you influence what you get from her?