Playful Flirting vs Being A Complete Dumbass That Wrecks Everything

My last few posts have been fairly forceful on the idea of purposely advancing your Sex Rank with the intent to trump your wife’s Sex Rank, and force her to become more sexually interested in you. As I’ve said before, women can be extremely fluid in their Sex Rank, simply turning up the sexual response can net a woman and extra 1-2 points at will. The same woman that is a 6 with sex once or twice a month, becomes a 7 when she ups it to once or twice a week and becomes an 8 at whenever hubby wants it.
There is an element of darkness in this approach in that you are forcing the issue this way, and obviously if you become more sexy, and openly sexy, other women are going to take notice. And there is nothing faster or better to prime the pump of a wife’s gina tingle than another woman showing interest in her husband. They very well may verbalize unhappiness at the competition, but multiple women interested in the same man taps into the Preselection Effect and will spark attraction or even arousal in the wife.
If nothing else… knowing other women are flirting with her husband, or that he is having some sort of well received flirting with them will completely hold her attention. Yes it’s a dark tactic. It’s a very pure Alpha Trait approach. However there’s a very sure way to turn some playful flirts that trigger preselection attraction into a huge drop in your sex rank…
…follow through on other women’s interest and get caught cheating on her.
And you will very likely get caught because when the blood “runs downhill”, there’s not much blood left upstairs and you’ll eventually get sloppy and stupid. You can chant “it wasn’t me” all you like. The keylogger and cell phone tap will just tell the truth and you’re gonna be lolwtfpwnd.
See it’s one thing to see other women express interest in him, that triggers some positive Alpha Male attraction. However sexual fidelity is a Beta Male Trait, and when you cheat on your wife you completely fail on the Beta Male front. While the Beta Male Traits do not build attraction, it is the key to building comfort in the relationship and without it, she becomes highly uncomfortable and your Sex Rank in her eyes will drop markedly… maybe 3-4 points. And dropping that far will more than likely get you punted from the relationship, or still in the relationship and with her feeling she is tolerating your presence. I.e. don’t expect much sex… if any.
On a biological level, you having sex with another woman signals that you may not only abandon her, but also abandon any babies you make with her. So her Body Agenda takes over and nerfs her sexual interest in you to avoid this happening. She’s not likely able to think about this logically, this will happen as a biological response.So if you were both 8s and she catches you cheating, you’re an instant 4 or 5 to her. It’s like you gained 50 pounds and lost your job. Ugh…  as if!
Sure couples fight their way out of affairs all the time. Well, some do and some don’t. But I suspect that most of the time cheating will result in a permanent hit to your Sex Rank in the eyes of your partner when you do this.
If you can’t control yourself from escalating flirting into hurting, maybe hold off on the flirting. Just sayin’.


  1. And so when she gets pissed and bitches at you for flirting with other women in front of her, is that just another shit test? And the fact that she is angry is evidence of the tingles? Any advice on how to pass the test? Any possible re-frames?

  2. If she's getting pissed, you should be reigning it in.

    You may be making some ground on the Alpha front, but you're losing far more ground on the Beta front for a net loss of Sex Rank.

    A shit test is something like "can you do this thing that I can obviously do myself", not her getting angry when you are overdoing it.

    It's also important to flirt with your wife a lot as well. Not flirting with your wife and flirting with other women is the road to divorce court.

    The whole preselection thing really needs to be extremely subtle.

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