1. Lexi says

    Either far right (in white) or middle. But probably far right. More open/less snotty facial expression, clothing exposes more skin.

  2. AAR Rachel says

    Far right. Her thighs are nearly apart already, and she is not issuing a challenge like the middle girl. The way she is holding her sunglasses is almost languid, as if the act has already taken place.

  3. Anonymous says

    Second from the left. Logic behind it? Given the time period of the outfits and the advertising I took it to be late fifties, early sixties. Still targeting the majority of the countries middle class, women were still uptight about sex. So I went with the second from the left since she has a look of trying to present herself as being prim and proper but also have a slightly worried look that someone might see through her facade and know she is ovulating.
    now how is that for over thinking!!
    the one on the far right was to easy of an answer for me to jump on.


  4. Anonymous says

    All of them. They have been sitting there for a long time. and women tend to synchronize their periods under maintained associations.

  5. Flahute says

    Since they are all the same woman, it's either all or none!

    For the receptive body language reasons already given, the far right, and because she is not wearing any shoes. She looks like she's one step away from the bedroom. If you want to rev a man's engine, that look will do it.

  6. Athol Kay says

    To the last Anonymous with the springerlink… learn the difference between human female and chimpanzee female mating preferences…

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