Sexy Move: Locking In Her Kiss

I have no intent to turn this blog into a whining about my day missive, but today was 13 hours prepping for State inspection tomorrow. So kinda burned and just want to hang out with my wife and catch up. The Ovulation Game promised yesterday will have to wait another 24 hours.
That being said… here’s an easy sexy move.
When you kiss, if she has jeans with front pockets, simply slide a finger or two into the front pockets and gently pull her into you as you kiss. It kind of locks her into you and is controlling and dominant, but with a minimum of force. Plus you metaphorically have your hands in her pants. Oh yeah.
When the kiss breaks… pull her back to you and kiss a few seconds more. Keep it playful in a “I’m not done with you” mood.
If she’s recently lost a little weight, you can mix this up a tad and just slide your hand down the back of her pants (which will be fitting a little looser) and under the panties and cup her ass. Then you compliment her… eyes.
Another possible move is telling her to put her arms around your neck or even placing them there. It’s telling her what to do (giggity) and makes her breasts lift up and rub against your chest better. Personally I like that feeling.


  1. Maybe you can help me. My husband and I got married one month ago. We had been together for 7 years and always had a pretty active sex life. He wanted sex all the time and so did I. It was great. He still says to this day that he thinks I am a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. However, about a month before we got married I noticed we were only having sex once a week and only at my inititation. On our honeymoon he didnt make any moves, so I initiated sex every day. Then one night he couldnt get it up, and I was totally horrified. That had never happened before. He said it was due to having drunk too much alcohol that day. My feelings were very hurt. Since we've been home he has initiated sex once a week. I decided not to initiate it for a while just to see how much he would want to do it on his own. Unfortunately, I feel totally sexually rejected. it would be different if we were in our 50's but we are only 33! Also, the other day I saw he has been looking at porn on the computer. That enraged me because he was looking at it on the days he showed zero interest in me. I am totally angry, disappointed, hurt, devastated, you name it. I confronted him on the porn and he said that was the only time he looked at it, just because he was off work and bored. I dont believe him! I dont know what to do. He often drinks close to 6 pack of beer a night and I am wondering if that is killing his libido. I am so confused. I am an attractive woman in decent shape. I have a complex now that I'm not a porn star so he doesnt want me…. even though he says that he is attracted to me. He just keeps repeating that he doesnt know why his libido has tanked but that if I keep bringing it up I am going to make him impotent. Help!!!!

  2. Two have three issues here – the drinking the porn and your self-internalization of his problem.

    Alcohol is a depressant and that can certainly damage his sexual desire. If he's downing 6 packs "often", he sounds like he has a drinking problem. That's an issue in and of itself.

    The porn… honestly 99% of men look at porn, and that in and of itself isn't really an issue. I get that it seems highly offensive because he's not reacting sexually to you, yet he's interested in the porn. Really though, the porn isn't anything about you.

    Third you are thinking his sexual dysfunction is caused by your physical appearance / personality. It's not, he's probably just damaged from alcohol. He needs to get to a doctor as a first step to rule out medical issues. Then counseling is probably the next step.

  3. Yeah that's the same conclusion I have come to… You're totally right… Problem is he downplays the role of alcohol… Anyway thanks for the advice. Btw, You are totally spot on about the L-spot.

  4. Thanks about the L-Spot.

    It's up to you what you decide to tolerate in a your relationship.

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