Work The L-Spot: She Will Beg You For More

You’re probably wondering where the L-Spot is. Some of you probably deny that it really exists and think that I just made it up. However I can assure you that it is real, it does exist, and if you can stimulate it correctly, your woman will look at you like she has never looked at you before. Once you start tapping the L-Spot just right, she will beg you to keep doing it. Forever. She will probably NOT tell her friends about you doing this. Those bitches can’t be trusted to not try and go behind her back knowing that you have this skill. It’s just that powerful.
I do have a small warning about the L-Spot though. Once you start working this area, you can’t later on decide that you’re going to stop working it. Once she gets L-Spot action, she is always going to remember that she was getting it, and now she isn’t, and that’s going to drive a wedge between you. The L-Spot is as I’ve said before, a smooth move on the woman. You can’t stop start stop start on this. You want to drive her crazy for you, not at you. It’s all or nothing, so be advised.
The L-Spot is so reliable; you can probably just spring it on her without warning, and watch her face light up with surprise and delight. It is somewhat stimulating though, so I really recommend making the bedroom area as low key and low-stimulation as possible. You don’t want to have her get over-stimulated and suddenly shut down on you halfway through.
To make the bedroom low-stimulation, it’s really just a case of a quick decluttering and making sure everything is clean. Strip the bedding off the bed and wash it, and do the same for any and all of your clothes that are lying around as well. If you’ve got an en suite bathroom, then you can wash the bath towels and mats as well. If you have white towels (which go with everything by the way), you can add a little bleach to the wash and that will whiten them a little more plus kill all the germs in the washing machine. I’d suggest for her stuff, that you just find her hamper and toss anything unwashed in there, many women get nervous about precise washing techniques and it’s probably best to not mess with that. Then just remake the bed, fold the clothes, hang the towels up.
Congratulations you just did the laundry… aka the L-Spot.
Ah come on don’t be mad, I do this sort of trick to my readers all the time. Stick with me though, I’ll explain why this is a vital sexy move. Do not knock this until you try it.
Now if you’ve actually not been helping out with the laundry ever, try and get this whole routine down while she is out of the house if you can. Just get it done and play it cool. Don’t follow her like a freaking toddler that just pooped in the right place all by themselves. Just be cool. It’s no big deal.
Ok maybe hover a little bit. Watching her face is half the fun LOL. I can guarantee you will get a positive reaction from her for this.
The point of this move is that this is a Beta Male trait and is one of many “Nest Management” tasks you can do. This isn’t going to make her pulse jack up, her nipples hard and her panties wet, but it is going to build comfort and relax and reduce her stress. You’re going to perform Alpha Trait moves to “turn her on”, this is to make sure you aren’t “turning her off”. If she thinks she is being abandoned by you to do all the “Nest Management”, her body will ensure that no more babies arrive to add to her workload. The way the body ensures this happens, is by cutting her sex drive off. No sex drive = no sex = no more babies = workload stays tolerable. It’s vital to understand that this is a hardwired response in her, she will not have a logical control over this, she will simply just look at you one day and realize that while she loves you, she is not in love with you.
Now if you’re a newlywed, maybe her doing your laundry made her feel giddy and silly… for about the first three weeks. After that… WTFINHFM. By the time the kids are here, the laundry starts to pile up in a battle that doesn’t end until they can fend for themselves. I don’t care how the domestic chores get divided up in your house, but I can assure you, if she is doing your laundry, she is feeling like she is being your mother. And your mother never wore lingerie for you, licked up every last drop of you, or arched her back while pulling you deep into her… At least I really hope your mother didn’t do that. My bad to anyone having a refreak experience.
Doing the laundry is just a basic life skill. It’s not really a male/female skill. Just grab a pile of laundry, shove it in the washer, push a button, transfer it to the dryer, push another button, fold the clothes. Bada Bing Bada Boom. You just worked the L-Spot. Don’t be a tool, you know she’s gonna love it.
So have a think about this… what do you want from your wife? Hot sex or folded clothes? Can you influence what you get from her?


  1. hambydammit says:

    Athol, one of the things I love and hate about your blog is that you call me out on most of my shit. Damn you, man.

    But, for the record, I pulled the L-Spot maneuver on a previously reluctant date… just last night as it turns out… and…

    Wow. So anyway, the L-Spot works on single women, too. Women feel comfortable when they aren't worried about things jumping out of piles of laundry and eating their toes. And the big difference I noticed was that when I put the Alpha moves on, there was hardly any resistance. When things have been messy, it's like I have to do one or two alpha moves just to break even. After the L-Spot maneuver, I was starting with a much more willing participant. Much, much easier, and better all around.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    I'm finally glad someone commented on this post. I lost half the readership following my feed when I published it lol.

    Seriously though… clean house, live like a grown up. How can that possibly do anything but accelerate things in the right direction?

    Grats on getting laid :-)

  3. LovemyWife says:

    Hi Athol, I've read a bunch of the blog and love it.

    My wife and I have two kids, the oldest is four and the youngest is a 18 months. It seems like there's never enough time in the day. I try to hit the L-Spot as best I can. I do most of the laundry in our house. My wife pitches but its mainly my thing. I do fall behind and the laundry tends to pile up. I also try to keep up with home repairs, showing off my manly tool bearing Alpha skills. But lets face it, time is limited when the kids are small and need constant supervision. I often find myself with a limited window of time and have to prioritize the chore list. My usual answer is to donn my cape and in superman fashion find a way to get it all done (leaving myself exhausted in the process). But like many busy people I have to chose what gets done and what will have to wait until tomorrow. When faced with this choice I've recently decided to favor the Alpha, tool-bearing chore under the rationale that my wife will feel more supported if I do something she can't do for herself than if I empty the sink of dishes, which she loves but she can do on her own.

    So have I got this one right? When forced to chose do you Alpha or Beta? Which one trumps when it comes to chores?

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Given the choice between doing something she can't, and something she can, I would do the thing she can't.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I'm was a very self-sufficent guy before marriage. A cleaner person then my wife (dishes, laundry, house) and actually feel she doesn't clean as well as me. However, over the years (13) she has pulled me down to the point I don't care anymore because she'll just continue to do half-ass jobs anyway. Further, I use to do my own laundry and my son's until a year or so ago. She would get upset cause I'd unload her laundry into the dryer which apparently is a fucking no-no in the world of women. She banished me from laundry and took it over. Now we have two kids and she is constantly complaining about doing the laundry and it is never-ending (washing is easy, folding is a pain, and for her putting away the folded clothes is like eating a brick of shit). Still, she won't let me do my own anymore and she won't let me do the kids' anymore. All this and we have had sex 4 times in two years. Yea!! I love my bitc…, er, wife.

  6. Athol Kay says:

    Have her do her laundry, you do yours.

    Also if you're at 4 times of sex in two years I'd suggest marriage counseling should be floated.

  7. Graeme - Relationship Blogger says:

    Great article Athol, very humorous and thought-provoking in its own way.

    I was really wondering how I hadn't heard of this almighty L-spot yet, incredibly excited ;)


  8. NotYourBangMaid says:

    As a woman, I have to agree with this completely and applaud Athol for trying to educate his fellow men. I washed my boyfriend's laundry until I realized just how angry and frustrated it made me. I'm not his mother, I'm not his maid, and he's a perfectly capable of doing it himself. So I just stopped.

    Mind you, this doesn't mean that he actually washes his laundry now. Ever since I stopped there has been a giant pile of his dirty laundry on the bedroom floor. He will run a single load if he has completely run out of clothes, and even then he usually leaves it in the dryer until I take it out to do my own laundry. Actually bothering to fold/put it away? That's a pipe dream. I'm not happy with the current arrangement, but at least now my blood pressure doesn't go through the roof every time I need clean clothes.

    Listen to Athol's sage advice fellas – The L-spot is real. Helping out with housework is a excellent way to get your lady fired up in the bedroom. If she has to ask/nag, it's too late.

  9. "If she has to ask/nag, it's too late"


    My husband just posted this on facebook. Now, will he try it when he comes home?? Only time will tell!

  10. Well if he does then you know you have to reward him immediately to reinforce his positive behavior right?

    I'm serious!

  11. Anonymous says:

    God, I love this post. It does work for single men/women. I was dating two guys for a short period of time. One cleaned the house and was always doing laundry. The other….I was afraid to use the bathroom. I am finished breeding but the rank bathroom guy didn't win! I am far from a clean freak but I like things clean and tidy. When I did become intimate with laundry man he always made sure we had clean sheets and towels. It scored big points in the bedroom. I love the smell of clean sheets and towels. Guys, the L-Spot does work. Men….women don't get off washing your dirty, stinky socks and underwear! We don't mind doing it as a combined load but don't make us have to find the stinky things! Clean toilet and shower are right up there too!

  12. Love this post and this blog! I'm a happily married woman to an amazing man. I would describe him as the perfect Gamma Man. He's indisputably Alpha (when he talks,people listen), but he has that alluringly cuddly Beta side.

    We were both badly abused by our first spouses. Neither of us are used to being taken care of, so it's a real treasure AND turn-on for one of us to find the other doing the small but totally meaningful stuff. He hits my L-spot as much as I make him moan. And let me tell you, I enjoy washing his stinky laundry, cuz I can look forward to him noticing my efforts(ie, being turned on)and his pitching in on the hanging or folding, which is an aphrodeziac to me. That 42 year old IS the sexiest man alive. I love surrendering to him and I drain him dry and wear him out to the point that his little guy begs for days off.

  13. Anonymous says:

    For an extreme version, try washing the (cloth) diapers.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, Athol, this is one more thing she's shackled to me. Ah, but at least I'll be free of the shrew (and yes, she IS one…) soon enough. Sadly, being domestic's a razor's walk to being a doormat in many cases these days- you need to moderate your telling guys this with that reality.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant… because after all, the Captain didn't earn his wings by just ordering people around. He had to have some skills to get there. And remember the D-spot: Picking up your own dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. After all, a woman wants to feel like a sex-goddess, not like a drudge.

  16. Anonymous says:

    About a year ago another man moved in on my wife and nailed the L-Spot. This was hard for me, especially because years ago I was real good on the L-Spot, or so I thought (and we're still married and together, so this gets interesting.) But despite my best efforts she didn't like me doing it — the wash, that is. Soon the dryer was full and clothes in the washer were getting musty because other work had to be done. Then one day I spattered bleach. That ended it. No more L-Spot for me. Banished.

    So how did this other man move in and provide glee and pure delight in my wife's L-Spot? Simple: He developed a genuine desire for it, rooted in curiosity and a can-do attitude, celebrating the accomplishment every dang time: Empty the dryer, then load wets into the dryer, and then dirties into the washer. Get the machines going and help fold the clean. He was actually crushed when the laundry was caught up!

    And there was no way I could stop this man: He's my (at the time) two-and-a-half year old son. 30 months old, doing the wash (with a little bit of help). So I just stick to doing dishes and washing down the kitchen counters, cabinets, etc. every night. It doesn't do a dang thing for my sex life, but I do have the satisfaction of knowing she's happier.

    Now I just gotta get this three year old to stop nagging me about my clothes strewn around the bathroom. Crimony.

    - Jc

    PS: Guys, do not figure out or learn how to fold clothes; let your woman teach you how she wants it done.
    PPS: And don't forget to pump iron: Do your own shirts and pants.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Doesn't anyone find it weird that simple "daily upkeep/chores" are applauded as a way of getting sex? "Housekeeping"…taking care of the place you live in, shouldn't require a reward… it should be a given for any adult, male or female.

    Although, I can see how, if you've been a schmuck who hasn't been being very adult about your living space, that this would be a bonus to your spouse and gain you some favors. I just think ya'll are missing the whole "schmuck" part and wanting to be rewarded for normal adult behavior.

  18. Anonymous says:

    So what about the husband that is more of a neat freak than the wife. I'm the wife and it takes it's toll that nothing is ever perfect enough. We have 2 preschool-aged kids and I also work full-time. I will check other posts to see what I find…

  19. Athol Kay says:

    Depends how bad the neat freak aspect of his personality is. We talking OCD or Martha Stewart?

  20. Is it really about the laundry getting done or you personally working the "nest". I mean, my time is really valuable and is better spent on other things while I could hire someone to do the laundry cheaper. But, if it's actually about me doing it that gets her going, I'll do it lol…

  21. Anon – run an experiment and see what works best.

  22. I ran the expirement… I hope it turns out better for the above Anon.

    I do the laundry, sex once every 10-20 days.
    I don't do the laundry, sex once every 10-20 days.

    I also normally clean the 2.5 bathrooms (98% of the time), the kitchen (90% of the time), do the dishes (90% of the time), vacuum once a week (95% of the time), keep the kid's room cleaned up (90% of the time), take the dog for exercise (100% of the time – even though she promised to do it every single day), outside stuff like lawncare and snow stuff I handle (100% of the time) for a short list of the things I currently do, along with working a full-time job.

    She works a full-time job as well. Her "home job" is the laundry, she washes and dries, sometimes folds and very rarely puts it away (90% of the time). She makes the kids lunches (90% of the time).

    Anyways… me doing more or less sees no change in the amount of sex we have.

  23. And in concern for being too beta, I have reduced the amount of times I do some of the above stuff in the last few weeks… don't clean the bathrooms as frequently, moved the vacuuming out to every 10-14 days, let he kid's room get a bit messier. And those things remain undone. She does not start doing them or picking up the slack. So we start to live in a messy house, which is annoying.

    Regardless, the sex frequency does not change.

  24. I'm not entirely sure, but would the alpha behavior be to set something up so the kids are cleaning their room and helping out with dishes…

  25. Ethan Blue says:

    And your mother never wore lingerie for you, licked up every last drop of you, or arched her back while pulling you deep into her… At least I really hope your mother didn’t do that. My bad to anyone having a refreak experience.

    Thanks for the imagery….

  26. It is a general misconception that women enjoy housework. We do not.

    My general take on it is: if you do not wish to clean up after yourself, then hire a maid. I know how to change the oil in my car and rotate its tires, but I don't like to, so I pay to take it to the garage. I don't ASSUME that my boyfriend will delight in spending his Saturday morning doing maintenance on a vehicle that I am responsible for.

  27. Anonymous says:

    If you are having a hard time wrapping your head around the L-spot, this is how I run it.

    I take FULL responsibility for the laundry now. That means, when I think it needs to be done, I do it. I also fold it however I want to. I fold them while I watch sports and drink beer. I take as long as I want. I put the folded clothes in each person's room to put away as they see fit.

    If anyone complains about how it's washed, how it's folded, etc., I put their clothes aside and let them do it themselves. Nobody complains about it now. It is A$$hole Laundry Game.

    What this does is it takes the onus off of everyone else. The family always has clean clothes. Sometimes, they help out. Laundry is a trivial task.

    "Like a huge truck on the interstate, you just create a huge hole in the air that makes following you easy."


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