Before and After, Why Is That?


The change is often commented on across many blogs, but why is that so common? And try not to just say “Betaization”, the question is why does that happen… what is the cause of it?


  1. I'm really late to this post, but since you asked a question and nobody has answered yet, I figured I'd take a stab.

    Men are adapted for bursts of extremely high stress followed by periods of very low stress. Hunting or fighting, followed by relaxation. Women are more adapted to a constant level of moderate stress – raising kids, for instance. I notice in my own life that a very mild increase in the amount of stress my wife is under will cause her to go bananas. On the other hand, five minutes of listening to the kids scream and misbehave causes me to shoot steam out of my ears, break furniture, and yell "ENOUGH!" so loud that plates rattle in the cupboards.

    In a traditional home, the woman runs the home and does it in a way she's comfortable with – constant background stress. This drives the average man insane. In olden times, he escaped to the pub or the club or just ordered his wife to get the damn chaos under control. Today, he's supposed to stay at home and endure it, with no authority to reprimand anyone – least of all his wife – if the environment in his home isn't comfortable.

    He can't endure it. He's not allowed to physically escape it. His body is adapted to respond forcefully to stress, but he can't resolve this domestic stress, can neither defeat it nor run away from it. His endocrine system burns out trying to keep up with the constant stress.

    Betatude is what the burned out husk turns to as a way to endure.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    I had comment issues with this post and they were lost.

    Otherwise, interesting insight. I'll think more on this.

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  4. I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

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