Good Stuff In, Good Stuff Squirting Out

As I keep repeating, physical exercise is key to an awful lot of male sexuality. Along with that is diet, both to support the exercise and keep you growing and uninjured, but also to support the manufacture of sperm and semen.
I’m sure you’ve all seen a bazillion ads for “MegaSurge3000″ or whatever the names are of the latest cum creation product. They all promise to grow your dick four inches and make you shoot cum like a horse getting a prostate massage. (That’s really frakking impressive if you ever get the chance btw, I mean holy crap, just wow… omg wow)  I can’t promise any of that beyond getting generally a bit better ejaculations and regular health, but I can say what I’m going to show you below is what I really use, and it does in fact make me feel better and more virile. Plus it’s all pretty easy stuff to have and cost effective.
First up…
get the hell off soda. Soda is basically Liquid Satan. You know this, I know you know this, I’m not going to frakking harp on about it, because I know you know this. Food coloring, High Fructose Corn Syrup = diabetes on a layaway plan. The problem is replacing it and not just folding and going back to soda. Likewise alcohol needs to be in moderation. I got no issue with a few drinks a week, but obviously you can’t down a few drinks a day and not get hurt by it eventually.
My solution is simple. Crushed ice, and juice cut 50/50 with seltzer water. It’s fizzy like soda, it’s still sweet enough, and overall decent juice is vastly better than soda. Seltzer is also very cheap and it makes the juice go a lot further. Try it.
I’m nearly 40 so the joints creak a bit these days. I find a joint complex that has Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM the best. I have Flexamin in the photo because it was on sale and Jen had a coupon and that makes her very happy. Without taking it I tend to hurt the knees in particular and then I have to stop exercising which blows.
Multivitamin. Look for one that says “Men”. Importantly don’t take them on an empty stomach, most people get nausea that way.
Omega-3 Oil Supplment. Without Omega-3 supplmentation I get depressed, especially in winter. Plus it helps for joints and heart. It’s like $6 for 3 months worth. Mostly I take it for the way it just kicks my depression away and leaves me much happier. Takes about 3-4 months for the full effects to sink in. It’s very real to me. I’ve been on it and off it a few times – mostly because I feel really good and then I forget to take it and four months later I’m moody and discover a half used bottle of Fish Oil and the light goes off again. Oh yeah… I need this. I’m just on it for good now.
I use a Whey Protein supplement mixed with Milk. (Why drinking milk from another species is okay but asking for a suck from a member of your own species is kinky is kinda confusing to me, but I’ve learned not to ask women on the bus anymore) You don’t need to find something with a muscle bound hulk on the front of it unless you want to pay 30% more for the priviledge. I use exactly that Whey Protein in the photo, it’s $9.99 from Stop and Shop and lasts me about 10 days a can. It’s breakfast and a quick post workout snack. My only advice is look around for something similar and make sure you get a decent list of amino acids on the back label. That’s what is going to make muscle growth and repair more effective. Don’t buy a SOY based supplement unless you are a female. It’s a very long post indeed, just google soy or trust me on this one… soy is not for boys.
We buy the milk that is on sale. But we do stick to a couple brands that have no growth hormones feed to the cows.
Now the protein supplementation plus multivitamin and generally keeping your fluids up basically means your body is getting all the building blocks it needs to produce sperm and semen. Without having any hold ups in the chain of supply to make the glorious white stuff, well you figure it out.
Also in terms of flavor, much has been written about pineapple juice making semen taste better. Caffeine and nicotine will make it taste much worse because after all those are posions. And we don’t really want to posion our wife against us do we.
So how well does all this stuff work? Well in the words of my one satisfied customer…
“Dude! O. M. G. Dude! WTF!”
You’re welcome baby. You’re welcome.


  1. Wicked Shawn says:

    Just, for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT EAT ASPARAGUS!!!!!!! Trust me on this one.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    LOL I've heard that too Shawn :-)

  3. You had me at "Dude! O.M.G. Dude! WTF!"

  4. Athol Kay says:

    LOL it's a true story too. Kinda breaks my PG-13 standard to finally explain that story, but you know the punchline…

  5. synthesis says:
  6. Athol Kay says:

    Very interesting Synthesis. Will have to look into that one more.

  7. I've been using the Fish Oil you have pictured here after trying in vain to find one that didn't have any soy in it. Care to share any tips on that?

    Or do you think the amount of soy (tocopherols, etc) in a daily regimen of Fish Oil is negligible for men?

  8. Athol Kay says:

    I don't see harm in a small amount of soy for men. I just wouldn't buy and use a soy based supplement.

  9. Pol Mordreth says:


    Remember that there is a lot of soy in the modern american diet, usually as fillers and such. Because of this soy-based supplements aren't good for most american women either. Too much phytoestrogens messing up the normal body chemistry.



  10. Anonymous says:

    I am reading your archives… anyways, I had never heard that Fish Oil helps fight depression or that it helped you in your case. I seem to have something going on in the winter as well, just really down, way TOO much beta! I normally enjoy going to lift weight or go for a run but in the winter it kills me to make it to the gym once a week. I can go several weeks w/o a workout, which means the pounds pack on especially around the holidays and all of the food. Anyways, thanks for that tip – I'll crack open my half used bottle of fish oil… and all of your other tips too.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Agree with all above. I'd add:

    Zinc at about 2-3 times the recommended daily amounts (remember these are established minimums). Caveat – don't do more than that, fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K and metallic minerals can be overconsumed.

    I'd argue that some of us, due to diet and genes, don't need any additional protein. I gain muscle mass just looking at a glass of milk, a percentage of any excess protein in your diet is turned into fat.

    Specific amino acids can also give benefits. During periods of intense work out schedules I've found extra glutamine keeps me from geting sick.

    Arginine keeps the blood flowing to your crotch.

  12. Barkeater says:

    Most everybody is magnesium deficient. RDA is 420mg per day for adult men, but most people get around 300 mg a day even from a decent diet. Crap in the diet wastes mag. Serum blood tests for Mg are worse than useless – in good studies it hardly correlates with anything. Some oral supplements are badly absorbed (Mg oxide for instance). And, oral supplementation takes a while to build up. That said, supplementation in some form is needed, and wonderful for chasing depression symptoms. Mg oil in the nether regions (topical) or anywhere else I find is excellent, and strongly calming. If you have a porn addiction, or any other addiction, or general distraction, try magnesium; it centers the brain. Low mag also implicated in diabetes, heart disease, heart failure, migraines, obesety, dozens of other afflictions. Like your fish oil-omega 3, Mg is clearly a serious widespread deficiency that plays a significant role in health and disease.

  13. Just posted a pingback to this:

    Athol’s advice to take the fish oil was literally a life-changer for me.

  14. Professor Dr. Max says:

    Anita and Kutchie Pelaez’s Key Lime Pies do the trick for me every-time. And you know what *No SOY*.


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