10 Tips: How To Increase Testosterone Naturally And Have Better Sex

Part of the terrifying Betaization Syndrome is caused by a reduction in testosterone, so fairly logically a method of combating it is to take steps to increase your testosterone level. Here’s a few easy and simple methods to do that.
Eat Better – Having a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables has a positive affect on testosterone production. Plus the proteins in eggs and whey allow the adrenal glands to keep testosterone levels even.
Decrease Body Fat – Fat contains an enzyme that actually converts testosterone to estrogen. Obviously men do need some amount of estrogen, but getting obese is going to cause a shift in the balance of power from testosterone to estrogen. Perhaps you’d like a purse to go with your spare tire.
Eat Meat – Don’t go vegetarian, that’s really for chicks. Meat helps increase testosterone levels. Also nuts can increase it as well. Have some peanut butter. Though there is also evidence that going to a high-protein low carb diet will actually hurt testosterone production. Balanced diet, hear me? Balanced diet.
Lift Weights – You knew we were coming here, and here we are. Do exercise and lift weights. Don’t work yourself into complete exhaustion and over train, just keep up a steady level of exercise and your testosterone levels will increase, though weight training is particularly good for testosterone levels.
Limit Alcohol Intake – While your body is working over time to get the alcohol out of your system, it isn’t working to create testosterone. Overall this is a basic good health idea anyway. And again I’m just saying limit intake, you didn’t hear me say you had to join AA or the Salvation Army here. Three drinks basically shuts production off completely until the alcohol is cleared.
Sleep Better – Well duh. Everything goes better with sleep.
Get Sexually Turned On – Get hard my friends. Being turned on and physically erect leads to increases in overall testosterone levels. No reason why a little porn can’t be helpful. (I generally advise cumming inside your wife as much as possible though, it actually delivers testosterone to her that gets absorbed through the vaginal walls and makes her sex drive increase!)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Seriously try this. It’s costs like $6 for a three month supply from any supermarket. What do you have to lose?
Engage in Competition – do something competitive once in a while. You increase testosterone from this, especially if you win!
Dominate Someone - Just like winning a competitive game can increase your testosterone, taking a leadership position in social situations can increase testosterone levels. Give a playful spanking to your First Officer…
So there you go, have at it and don’t give up on the fact that it’s a process. As I’ve said before much of Alpha Male Traits stem from basic good physical health, so do not underestimate the benefits of feeling in your best physical shape.
Tomorrow I’ll see what can be done about Oxytocin…


  1. Phoenixism says:

    "Limit Alcohol Intake"
    It's too bad this is one item which is often a precursor to situations where you need testosterone :(

  2. Athol Kay says:

    I don't see a problem with social drinking on date night et al, but if you drink all week…

    Besides that, too much drinking = you are a bad lay anyway. :-)

  3. Any guy age 35+ ought to have both his "free" and "total" testosterone levels checked as part of his regular blood work. Strange but true: T levels appear to be gradually dropping in males over time. Your grandfather likely had more testosterone than you do when he was your age.

    So, if you're a male and your T levels are low, that may explain why you're getting sand kicked in your face and why you have that strange urge to read the Twilight series books over and over.

    But seriously… keep an eye on the levels and symptoms. If Athol's suggestions don't cut it for you, there's always the clinical route.

  4. Hey Athol,
    I've been reading lots of your blog with amusment and relief ("So it's not just me!"), thanks so much for writing it!

    I totally agree with you about most things – however, coming from the Health and Wellness Industry there's one thing I strongly disagree with: your take on Omega3 fatty acids.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm all PRO Omega3, but forget the cheap capsules.

    They're just not soluable enough to have the Omega3 actually absorbed in your body.

    Take a good look around and try to get Omega3 that comes as a liquid, already micellised so the body can absorb it the best way possible.
    That's not going to be as cheap, but it's worth every cent.

    If you can't find anything that you think might be suitable, contact me, I can help out.

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