I Got My Birthday Wish

I’ve had a couple of questions on what I got for my birthday. I got a beautiful new laundry basket, some new shirts and a decent pile of Amazon dollars.
Shirts are… well they are shirts, sort of a default gift but I don’t mind and I like them.
The Amazon money I asked for because I have a pile of books to buy used and it’s just easier than asking your parents to buy fifteen different books on sperm warfare. I’m also buying a webcam with it as I’m keen to Skype with my family back home once in a while and the video calls are wonderful.
The laundry basket is a different matter though. Last year I asked for a toaster. You may see a pattern here. I’m falling into a pattern of asking for a fairly mundane item, but obsessively demanding that I get it. As a result I tend to get a more expensive item for something that I actually really need, and as such tend to get to enjoy it for an extended amount of time.
The toaster from last birthday is really good. I love making toast in it. It’s a really good toaster.
I’m a little bit more of a clothes horse these days, but that means I was changing clothes more, and I have exercise gear and PJs for lazing around after nightly exercise so I was ending up with clothes laying around on the floor of my side of the bed. So I needed a laundry hamper. The one I got is really nice. I like it.
Also I think many┬áDads are hard to shop for for birthdays. This way my family knew exactly what I wanted and could go shopping. Plus to me it’s a funny gift. They’ll be talking about it for a little bit. Jennifer at the office, even the girls at school probably. It’s a way of playing with them.
Lets face it, anything is better than getting a tie for a gift, even if they are big colorful arrows pointing to your cock region.
Anyway, I get to go shopping for books, which I love. I’m home all week next week with the kids off school, and will have some extra time to start laying out the framework of my book a little more. The big date night thing is next week.
40 isn’t too bad so far.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on your birthday!
    What works for us is to put ideas, flyers, ads, internet printouts, in a folder throughout the year. When a holiday or whatever come up, the person looks through the folder for idea(s). The person always gets what they want, just not sure what the exact present(s) will be.

  2. rosiewiklund says:

    Glad to hear you're having a happy birthday. Sounds like you got some great loot. For my 24th birthday I demanded a snuggie. My wish came true. Asking for, demanding even, simple gifts is a great way to take the stress off your loved ones and just enjoy the day. They arn't spazzing about finding 'the perfect thing' and I'm not dying with anticipation.

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Hi Rosie, nice to see you again. Gaps between posts at your place, hope all is well.

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