Oh Nice, Now My Wife Is Gaming Me Back…

By and large writing this¬†blog is a great DHV (Display of Higher Value), so generally speaking it all works in my favor of upping my Sex Rank in Jennifer’s eyes. I’ve done a lot of writing, there’s a positive response from others including other female readers rocking out my¬†Preselection as well. All in all it’s a good boost for me.
Now I can write just fine, but my proof reading skills suck. For those following the story closely, you know that Jennifer does the final proof reading before I publish my posts. Now I’ve been reading widely for decades on sexuality, but now that she’s reading my stuff she’s been coming across the key concepts more seriously. And she’s naturally smart, so she’s learning… and adapting.
Today I got my first proper taste of my own medicine handed back to me…
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  1. anoukange says:

    Too funny, I am familiar with this shit test intro., I had pulled it in my long term many a time. :)

  2. Athol Kay says:

    Well I'm glad someone liked this post!

    As it was, it really wasn't much of a test. The front door lock had jammed and needed to be replaced. I did another lock as well. So $26 and a little work and we're done.

    "I want a new deck" is more of a proper test.

  3. Wicked Shawn says:

    No, true test is,"How would you feel about painting the bedroom for me? I was thinking about going with something in the rose color family" LOL (ick, by the way, right up there with floral wallpapers)

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Eeek that would be a test lol.

  5. This wasn't a shit test. This definitely *was* gaming you though! My experience is that men love doing manly things for a woman. Is it my fault that some manly things are ones I don't particularly want to do?

    *tries to pull off cute and inept…fails miserably, but somehow looks adorable in the process anyway*

  6. Athol Kay says:

    Agree Aldonza.

  7. MazeGamer says:

    Ah yes, I have a close friend who feels that his wife plays games with him. She tries not to be too into him or too turned on. A few days ago he said something like, "I thought the games were over when I got married." Boy was he wrong. But I do think that eventually the games will lessen.

  8. But when the games stop it means she isn't interested in him. So…

  9. First time comment here Athol. Love your work, love your posts, ordering your book.

    This post just made my freakin day.

    I hate Home Depot too. lol.

    This new girl i’m currently with. I can smell the shit test coming a mile away when she pronounces my first name in it’s full elongated form and not the one everyone normally calls me by.

    And the flapping of those eyelashes…. yeah, there’s probably a hurricane forming over on the other side of the planet right now.

  10. Angeline says:

    That whole exact fluttering, sweep one toe back and forth, hands clasped is one of the biggest jokes my guy and I have. I first did it when we were first dating to be silly when I had inexplicably annihilated him in a pool game – I was kind of startled and actually, truly a little unsure what his reaction would be to losing. He doubled over laughing at the same time he was saying “omg that is so ridiculously hot and adorable”. AND, he was thrilled that I’d done so well as to win the game. I never, ever do that if if it’s something serious, but will on occasion pull it out to make him laugh.

    That it was about going to Home Depot is so funny :)

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