Don’t Destroy Your Sex Rank By Stupid Educational Choices

One of the more obvious things that make men sexy is having a coherent career. Whatever it is in particular isn’t all that vital, as long as the man can show some kind of general story arc of making more money and generally gaining more power in his work environment.
Money isn’t everything, but below a certain level of income, it sure feels like it’s everything. When all is said and done, more money is generally better than less money. All things being equal the guy with a $100,000 income is going to go home with the pretty girl, and the guy making $25,000 gets to go home with her designated ugly fat friend aka “The DUFF”.
This is an incredibly harsh way of looking at the world, but tell me it ain’t the way it all…
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Sour Grapes vs Practice Makes Perfect

There’s a line of thinking that married sex has a natural tendency to get worse and worse over time, until it gets so bad that actually not having sex is in fact a blessed relief of sorts.
Can this happen? Well sure, things can always get worse, especially if one or both of you have limited interest in keeping things fun together. But I can’t help but notice that a lot of the cheerleaders for this point of view are in fact not married, don’t want to be married, actively despise the married and generally have shrinkage at the idea of being married. There’s some sour grapes at work here I think.
Is being married work? No, not really. It’s teamwork and far more days than not it’s the teamwork turning out one of those 2 + 2 = 5 experiences. Jennifer and I are just alive and living a life together. If we were apart we’d still be doing basically the same stuff we’re doing now anyway. The kids take some effort, but they’re an investment for the future as well as something enjoyable now.
One hot summer’s day a Fox was strolling through an orchard till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which had been trained over a lofty branch. “Just the thing to quench my thirst,” quoth he. Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and a jump, and just missed the bunch. Turning round again with a One, Two, Three, he jumped up, but with no greater success. Again and again he tried after the tempting morsel, but at last had to give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying: “I am sure they are sour.”
But yes it is the same person we’re having sex with every time. While I get that there is a natural excitement and interest in having a new partner, having a steady partner can’t be so easily discounted as “tastes like chicken”.
The old phrase is “practice makes perfect”. The truth is that with a good steady partner you can slowly but steadily improve your performance with each other and the sex can get better and better. You get to learn each others breathing, how each other looks just before they orgasm, what you have to do just in that moment that can push it into rapture and what can kill it dead in a second. It becomes a well oiled dance together rather than trying to find out what works on the fly. You and your team mate already know how hard is as “rough as it can be” without it turning into injury, you already know when someone just wants the slow tender stuff.
Sometimes it’s just silly and we laugh and play through the foreplay. Sometimes it’s just skip the foreplay and crank one out so we can both get some sleep. It’s companionable, then playful, then rough, then exotic, then heart stopping good.
To be honest though, not everything we try works for us. I tend to be the one coming up with bright ideas for us to try, but for us only about 30% seem to payoff. We laugh about the 70% that are failures and just enjoy the 30% that are good. We’ve probably had sex together around 4300 to 4500 times in our 15 and a half years of marriage. I’m sure that we’re a high frequency couple, but I can assure you it’s far better now that it ever was before. The sex gets better and better. Yours can too.
So anyway, I’m sure some nay sayers are going to think that repeating the same thing over and over again is going to be very very boring and unfun. Maybe. All I’ll say is that practice makes perfect and the entry to the upper tiers of skill comes from relentless dedication to gaining that skill. Then when you have the skill, it all becomes very easy and is more fun than you can really imagine.

(Of course I could be wrong about this. Obviously Joe Montana just played the same position day in day out and did nothing but throw footballs over and over in practice. It’s not really possible that he’s any good at football or has any fun when he does try and play it.)

Sexy Moves: The Neopolitan

Everyone has a favorite sexual position, mine is not so much a single position but a three step combination I’ve taken to calling The Neapolitan after the triple favored strawberry vanilla chocolate ice cream. As an aside we tend to get Jennifer off as often as she likes (typically once but that’s her choice) before going into this routine. If she wants another one along the way she can, but she doesn’t usually. I find the three different stimulations makes my orgasm excellent at the end. It also sets up a very intense finish that would probably injure her if we attempted that all the way through. Giving her the control to call readiness for that makes it less likely to really do some kind of damage, but still get the full thrill ride ending.
Strawberry is a blowjob. See I knew you’d like it. The difference is that there’s no particular effort to get me towards an orgasm. It’s just enjoyable sucking for as long as she likes, doing it how ever she likes. This lack of goal seeking actually seems to make things nicer quite often (sometimes I have to tap out lol) and gives her complete control to enjoy what is happening. Which generally turns her on. When she’s ready we go to Vanilla and she kisses her way up my body and climbs on.
Vanilla is woman on top aka Cowgirl. I can last forever in this position unless I’m purposely forcing the issue toward orgasm for me. So once again we’re in a position of not really forcing the issue towards completion. This is relaxed and intimate. There’s kissing, some mild spanks, breast fondling and sucking. Like I say, I can do this all night no problem and she likes it, but eventually she wants it to come to the big finish and when she wants it she climbs off and lies on her back.
Chocolate is the Missionary position which is her favorite. Up until this point she has pretty much been in control of the pace… but no more. I don’t care about anything beyond how good it feels for me in this stage and she’s basically pinned helplessly under me while I finish hard, fast and rough. She’s usually not so much sore from it the next day, but shall we say… still aware of it.
If she complains of pain or discomfort in the immediate aftermath, I tell her “you’re welcome”. She seems to like that answer lol.

I Got My Birthday Wish

I’ve had a couple of questions on what I got for my birthday. I got a beautiful new laundry basket, some new shirts and a decent pile of Amazon dollars.
Shirts are… well they are shirts, sort of a default gift but I don’t mind and I like them.
The Amazon money I asked for because I have a pile of books to buy used and it’s just easier than asking your parents to buy fifteen different books on sperm warfare. I’m also buying a webcam with it as I’m keen to Skype with my family back home once in a while and the video calls are wonderful.
The laundry basket is a different matter though. Last year I asked for a toaster. You may see a pattern here. I’m falling into a pattern of asking for a fairly mundane item, but obsessively demanding that I get it. As a result I tend to get a more expensive item for something that I actually really need, and as such tend to get to enjoy it for an extended amount of time.
The toaster from last birthday is really good. I love making toast in it. It’s a really good toaster.
I’m a little bit more of a clothes horse these days, but that means I was changing clothes more, and I have exercise gear and PJs for lazing around after nightly exercise so I was ending up with clothes laying around on the floor of my side of the bed. So I needed a laundry hamper. The one I got is really nice. I like it.
Also I think many Dads are hard to shop for for birthdays. This way my family knew exactly what I wanted and could go shopping. Plus to me it’s a funny gift. They’ll be talking about it for a little bit. Jennifer at the office, even the girls at school probably. It’s a way of playing with them.
Lets face it, anything is better than getting a tie for a gift, even if they are big colorful arrows pointing to your cock region.
Anyway, I get to go shopping for books, which I love. I’m home all week next week with the kids off school, and will have some extra time to start laying out the framework of my book a little more. The big date night thing is next week.
40 isn’t too bad so far.