Sexy Move: Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Cream

A while back I played with the idea of turning into a massage therapist and attended an open house at a massage school. I didn’t actually apply, but I did shop in the little school store and basically stumbled upon the most fantastic lotion for handjobs massages.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Word. Will check this out. I've been thinking of purchasing an actual masseuse table for the benefit of doing it right. Keep up the great work on this blog. I've become a very recent but big fan of your work.

  2. rosiewiklund says:

    Cackle. Funny post.

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Glad you liked it Rosie.

  4. Atholk,as an added plus it also has arnica in it; which should limit some of the bruising and pain if you like your marital massage "rough".

    We actually keep some of this stuff in the clinics. I like to use it to minimize post-operative scars, especially with arthrotomies.

    It's also handy when my feet get torn up from the mats or heavy bags. It's a great skin conditioner. BioTone and liquid skin are two of my best Pharm-friends.


  5. Athol Kay says:

    There we go everyone – doctors orders. Got to use it now. :-)

  6. Hmmm…no red wings at the MMSL house? Perhaps you should get your wife to invest in a diaphragm. Very handy for those times.

  7. Hi New reader here
    I've just invested in some of this my wife handed it to me as she leaved the house 'been treating yourself' she said I said no it's for us she gets a bit hostile saying is it a sex toy or book I say you'll have to wait and see. lol

    Anyway I plan to stick around and learn from your blog,
    My wife is LSE and seems to shit test/ be moody with me most days .I put it down to growing up without any male role models and maybe a few other things.

    Bye for now

  8. Athol Kay says:

    Perhaps massage her as a first run with it. Some women get nervous about mysterious packages that may or may not have a 14 inch dildo inside them.

    Just sayin'

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