Sexy Move: Breakfast Sans Game

Tonight I just feel awfully tired and worn out. Had a very early start today and a long day followed, tomorrow is a later start and won’t finish until extremely late. I’m not sick but the pollen count is just extreme in Connecticut right now and Sudafed and Claritin make my brain feel fuzzy.
Jennifer and I both work for the same company and have done so for almost our entire marriage. We do work in different departments though and only see each other at work maybe once a week in passing. We both have flexible schedules so that’s a major help with childcare issues. Tomorrow the plan is she’ll get a couple hours of work done and I’ll drop daughter number two off at school, then Jennifer and I will meet each other for breakfast at Friendly’s. After that my long day starts and she’ll have 5-6 hours to run on hers. It’s about as much as we’ll truly see of each other tomorrow until I get home about 9-930pm.
It’s funny that even living together and working for the same place, we have to find the time for each other some days. Work has even been so overwhelming for both of us that for the last year we’re even had to skip on breakfast together for months on end. We do Date Night about once even two months, but breakfast is really what our regular thing has been. Except we haven’t done it very much in like… forever.
Her department finally got the big State contract signed, this was about a six month process that took over a year. My department was meant to be five nurses, but we’ve been running with four forever, then it was three, then for a sick week in March it was just me and my DNS (Darth Nursing Supervisor – though mine is very nice). Today we’re at four, number five returns in two weeks, and six is coming soon. It’s a weird sense of relief and almost confusion of what I’ll actually be doing with full staffing finally.
In a few months daughter number two will finally be a middle schooler – which means the bus comes to the corner at 7:35am and picks her and her sister up and drops them off again at 3:00pm. Which means the endless frenzy to pick up and drop off is coming to a close soon enough. We’ll be able to have breakfast together any day of the week, pretty much whenever we want. It makes me happy, makes us happy.
Don’t get me wrong, I really like the sex. In the tough times that’s always been our lifeboat of togetherness. But I do also like to just sit and talk with her sans game. I just like her. Plus I like bacon.


  1. The guys who've hooked me most solidly were the ones who were able to just "give it a rest" once in awhile and just connect as people instead of always circling one another like sexual sparring partners.

  2. In addition to bacon, a splash of Bailey's in the coffee is a righteous move, too.

    Good stuff, AK.

  3. Susan Walsh says:

    A few random remarks:

    1. I really look forward to catching up with my husband and trading all the funny little stories from the day. For many years, a lot of that sharing just didn't get done. Now that our kids are in college, we have many more memorable small sharing moments. Added up, this feels like a luxury and very special.

    2. You have two daughters of middle school age! Yikes, I'll be doing my best to get the pendulum to swing back on the casual sex front. They are fortunate to have a father who truly knows what's up.

    3. I love the Oneitis tag here.

  4. Redheaded RidingHood says:

    Thanks for letting us see the other side.

  5. Athol Kay says:

    @ Aldonza – I'm so well behaved on the blog… imagine me in real life! I'm trying to make being horny into a second career :-)

    @ Jake P – I can't drink before work lol. :-)

    @ Susan – thanks

    @ Red – Life really is pretty good, but it is a real life as well.

  6. Steve Witham says:

    How does sans game connect to the rest of the post? Since when do you have to apologize for just talking and not having sex on the table at Friendly's? Maybe you were so tired when you wrote this you forgot to draw the connection? Is it like, Game is one of those constant duties and once in a great while it's nice to drop your guard?

  7. Athol Kay says:

    In a real sense yes Game is a constant duty in that a relationship needs to be constantly worked on or you run the risk of relationship break down.

    But I'm also aware that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I do enjoy my relationship as much as I work on it.

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