Sexy Move: Date Night – How It Actually Played Out

So yesterday I gave away the game plan for date night, time to recap how we did. Bearing in mind that Jennifer is my proof reader, I’ve also given away my plans to her, so I was naturally assuming that things would be not going to plan a little as well.
So yesterday I said…
“…as we drive [the kids] to Grandmas I will most likely touch her on the thigh about three times. She’ll put her hand on top of mine letting me know she likes it.”
After about a minute driving I very obviously reach out and pat her thigh and gently squeeze it. She looks down, looks at me, bursts into hysterical laughter and then puts her hand on top of mine. It’s supposed to be a kino comfort building move that just subtly works it’s magic, but obviously I’ve tipped my hand here. Now it’s a purposely goofy “hey baby I’m gaming you, I’m a PUA LOL” move, it only works if she wants to be gamed… and she does, so it works. She’s laughing, my hand is on her thigh, her hand is on top of my hand. Don’t forget that after a certain threshold women actively enjoy being seduced, they can be in on the game. They aren’t stupid.
Later on in the 30 minute drive I repeat the move, but in the standard variant. It’s just a touch and a squeeze and she pats her hand on mine. I dunno, it’s just something we do together. Hi there, I like you, I’m happy to be driving somewhere with you. She’s right there and I like her, I gotta touch her.
Kids dropped off at Grandma’s, then off to the mall. We get the movie tickets then eat at the Olive Garden. Neither one of us have ever been to one, it was actually pretty decent, so no complaints. I tend not to be an adventurous eater, I could probably just order cheeseburgers everywhere and be perfectly happy, but Jennifer likes food variety and new places, so it works on that front. We share an appetizer and then swap some food off each others plates and generally yap about work, the blog, life in general. It was a fun conversation.
After dinner we have an hour and a bit to walk the mall before the movie. As we go up or down the escalators we always kiss and cuddle a little. I’m six foot tall and Jennifer is five foot tall, so escalators are always exciting to us as we get a fifteen second make out moment with our height differential adjusted. Again it’s just something we do together.
So we walk the mall together, remembering that I’ve said…
“There will probably some hand holding walking through the mall. At some random point I will likely either physically pull her into a store to look at something – I mean simply say “oh look at that” and walk into the store still holding hands making her follow. The other subtle move is the lower back guide along push to go into a store. The tactic depends on whether or not you are closer to the entry of the store or she is. It should be as natural as possible – it’s just something that’s happening.”
We’re walking and looking in stores and holding hands at times and generally just popping in and out of stores window shopping. I’ve still not really done “the big move” and as we come up to Victoria’s Secret, well I obviously am going to turn my head and look into the store… I’m caught looking and she doesn’t get the hand yank move. Next thing I know she puts her hand in the small of my back and literally shoves me into Victoria Secret.
So we snoop and look. Jennifer is a picky shopper so she’s trolling for sales. At the underwear display one of the five “ass mannequins” in the center of the display catches my eye. “I wanna see you wearing this one” I say pointing to the ass mannequin with no panties on. I get a mock groaning “dude” plus a fake eye roll of disgust coupled with a smile. “It’s a good look for you though…”
So we walk a little more and then head up to the movie. We’re in kinda early and have the movie theatre to ourselves. I’m tempted to make a very naughty suggestion or make inappropriate attempts to get hands inside her shirt, but this would probably backfire, so I behave. Within about one minute a few more people wander in, so this was a good decision lol.
The movie “Date Night” was overall good, a little silly in places, but generally good. Jennifer liked it too, so it’s all good. After that we leave and start heading in the general direction of home.
The original plan was a location bounce to get sushi because she likes it (I do too, but she looooves it), but we’re actually both still a little full from the Olive Garden. So we decide on coffee and dessert at the Ninety-Nine (bar and grill chain) but make a last minute detour to Wrapsody which is a little more grown up. Jennifer had never been there (I’ve been once for a work thing) so again this gets me points for “variety and interesting”. Jen gets spiked coffee, we shared cheesecake and I have regular coffee and Tawny Port. Her coffee is a Raspberry White Chocolate thing and is amazing. I love port but haven’t had it for years as it was giving me headaches, but this one goes down smooth and stays happy.
As an aside. I think we all have a variety and interest gene that needs satisfaction, it’s probably just a dopamine based thing. I suspect single men aggressively doing the pick up thing are in part trying to meet both sexual needs and variety needs by sleeping with multiple women while hanging out at the same few places. We’re married so we sleep with each other and go out and do a variety of new things together. Also we mix up the sex positions a lot. Variety is the spice of wife.
So after that we head home and basically have a long slow session on the couch together watching something called Bodies In Unison (NSFW adult link, unpaid) from the Playgirl DVD line. It’s basically vanilla porn, boy-girl, oral/vaginal, no crazy ass to mouth scenes, no stupid cock gagging blowjobs, the guys looked pretty good and standard porn terrible dialogue/acting, music mixed a little loud. I can go a little harder core and like it, but not much further than that. Call me odd but I like vaginal sex and women – so I guess I’m actually deviant these days. I got my silk boxers on, Jennifer in silk top and filmy thin panties and we cuddle and fondle under the blanket.
Slowly but surely it turns into the Discovery Channel…


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  2. Don’t forget that after a certain threshold women actively enjoy being seduced, they can be in on the game. They aren't stupid.


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