Sexy Move: Date Night – Play By Play

The basics of all pick up is three words: Instigate, isolate, escalate.

We’re prepping to drop the girls off at Grandma’s house for an overnight and then have a proper Date Night. The entire point of getting rid of the kids is to create an isolation play. We’re alone together properly – it’s one thing to have sex in bed after the kids are asleep, but you can’t exactly rampage naked through the house squealing and rutting. So anyway, as we drive to grandmas I will most likely touch her on the thigh about three times. She’ll put her hand on top of mine letting me know she likes it.

The plan is drop the kids off then head to the Mall and actually watch the movie “Date Night” together. It’s a 6:55pm show time, so probably a snack and drink before the movie. There’s a couple of places inside the mall that can do that no problem. (Edit: we have coupons for the Olive Garden, this excites her so I roll with it.) Hopefully the movie will be good, a little sexy and funny. We like movies but getting to them together has been hard while the kids are little. There will probably some hand holding walking through the mall. At some random point I will likely either physically pull her into a store to look at something – I mean simply say “oh look at that” and walk into the store still holding hands making her follow. The other subtle move is the lower back guide along push to go into a store. The tactic depends on whether or not you are closer to the entry of the store or she is. It should be as natural as possible – it’s just something that’s happening.

After that is a location bounce to get sushi (her favorite) and possibly another drink. Sushi always makes her happy. It’s a fine line between the exotic and the erotic for most women. FYI single guys – if she’ll put raw fish in her mouth, she’ll be okay with having other “uncooked meat” in her mouth. The location bounce is usually to further isolate, and a small sushi restaurant is going to be more intimate than a shopping mall. Lots of opportunity to touch on the way in and out of the restaurant. Across the table from each other it’s easy enough to compliance test her by reaching across the table palm up and having her take it.

Then the next move is another location bounce in the direction of home. Obviously the point of date night is a long session of sex, but I’ve been underlining that this will happen (instigating) by picking out a “couples oriented” DVD for the evening. Jennifer already knows about this as she saw (and approved the choice) it ordered it on Sunday. When it arrived on Tuesday I saw the mailman come and purposely left it in the mailbox so she had to handle it and take in the house. It pretty much forced her to walk up to me and say “this is the pussy plutonium ions we need for the bomb we’re making on Friday right?”  Yes dear, it is. Okay so she phrased the question differently, but that’s what she meant. Giggity giggity all right.

Currently she’s out hunting up something less comfortable to wear. I have no clue what it is exactly, but I did praise and positively acknowledge what she was doing. Whatever it is will be fine. The point is the effort and intent and she’s trying to please me, so I’m saying to her I’m pleased. When a woman that enjoys being at all submissive to you does something nice for you and you say thank you it’s makes her gina tingle a little.

After that the night just turns into a long slow session of making out in the living room, fondling and squeezing as many orgasms out of Jennifer as she can manage without damaging her basic life support functions. She watches adult movies pretty much only on date night so they actually quite get to her. Also the whole thing is all my idea apparently so that bypasses the remaining anti-slut defense aka ASD and the possiblity of having a “I-can’t-sleep-little-darling” wandering into the living room in the middle of porn and red hot mommy shuts  down completely. I do watch more than she does, but hardly overdose on them. When she can’t handle anymore, it’s my turn. The usual thing with me on top riding her, a little taste of the whip and a firm finish with just a touch of the spurs at the end.

I am of course very overconfident with Jennifer.


  1. Thanks for the narrative. I know many of the same moves work on my wife and my of the same moves would completely close up my wife. That goes to show that every woman is different and husbands need to know what works and what doesn't.

    I have heard a metaphor comparing seducing a woman to playing golf, in that every time you play a particular hole the game will go slightly differently, even if you use the same general approach. Sometimes you're on the fairway and it's easy to get on the green in two strokes. Other times, you end up in the rough and really have to work your way down the course. It is, of course, easier to play in good weather. Sometimes the wind is blowing so badly you wonder what you're even doing on the course in the first place and maybe you'd be better off back in the club house having a few drinks.

    There's a metaphor I took way too far.

  2. Meg at Demanding Joy says:

    Yay for date night! I especially like the move when he puts his hand on the small of my back in public. Well played.

  3. Wicked Shawn says:

    My favorite is your summation that a woman who will eat sushi will most likely…..

    Your frame of reference for this is?

    LMAO.. I like the overall approach of this date. It shows some forethought and mutual satisfaction. Everyone wins. Which is what LTR's are supposed to be about. Well done sir!

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Well you like sushi right Shawn :-)

  5. When a woman that enjoys being at all submissive to you does something nice for you and you say thank you it's makes her gina tingle a little.

    Tell her that she's a "good girl". Trust me on this one.

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