Smoking = Pond Scum Semen

It’s a popular idea that men are on a biological level not much more than a life support system for a penis. But it’s not the gun that kills you, it’s the bullet. The penis is just a hose for The Glorious Stuff to shoot out from.
Before a woman opens her legs for a man her Body Agenda is hard at work determining whether or not she should do that. You might get in once, but having crappy semen is really going to cut down on repeat visits. And trust me, if you’re pumping pond scum into her vagina her Body Agenda will know and shut down against you. You can kill your sex life dead by posioning her against you.
The easy way to know if something is good for a man’s basic health is to simply have a peek at whether or not it is going to be good for his sex drive and semen/sperm production. One very obvious “duh” is smoking. You know you need to quit smoking, but maybe this will help add a little fire to the decision to quit. From Babyhopes.
Smoking impairs sperm count, sperm motility, reduces sperm lifespan, and may cause genetic changes that affect the offspring. Additionally, a 1999 study found that men who smoke have lower sex drives and less frequent sex.
And don’t even get me started on smoking weed. From About.
Men who smoke marijuana frequently have significantly less seminal fluid, a lower total sperm count and their sperm behave abnormally, all of which may affect fertility adversely, a new study in reproductive physiology at the University at Buffalo has shown.
She’s having sex with you in no small part to get a helping of The Glorious Stuff. Make sure it’s actually glorious.


  1. Wicked Shawn says:


  2. Keoni Galt says:

    Athol, while I may buy the smoking cigarettes can trouble a man's fertility, the whole weed thing is a bunch of bunk.

    With all due respect, I've been a pothead for more than half my life…not so much anymore, but I literally went a decade or more of almost daily smoking.

    I also had to get tested last year to find out why my wife and I were having trouble getting pregnant…and her presumption was that years of pot smoking was the reason for sure. The fertility specialist told me I had the highest sperm count he's ever seen in over 16 years of practice. (The problem was her, and it has since been corrected…).

    If pot lowered your sperm count, I would be the freaking poster child.

  3. Athol Kay says:

    The damage may not be permanent if you have pegged back on the pot. Even so, I'm not seeing much else thann "weed = bad for semen" on the internet.

  4. Keoni Galt says:

    Trust me when I tell you, much of the research designed to show the dangers/evils of marijuana is fundamentally flawed and/or subjectively biased to begin with. It's like the global warming scam. There are a lot of different interests out there who have a lot of incentives to keep pot illegal and people afraid of it.

  5. Phoenixism says:

    Men who smoke marijuana frequently have significantly less seminal fluid, a lower total sperm count and their sperm behave abnormally,

    Dude your cum is stoned.

  6. Wicked Shawn says:

    Note to Keoni: Most of those who are in on that "Global Warming Scam" *insert eye roll* are pro legalization of marijuana, but hey, good to know your formerly stoned every day mind is so on top of things. Also super excited that you are putting forth lots of effort to procreate. What? Just sayin. ;)

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