This Post Canceled Due To Tickle Fight War, I May Have To Use THE CLAW, THE CLAW!!!!

No time to really write an indepth post today, tickle fight war was declared after an indoor game of catch with a soccer ball turned somewhat aggressive with the kids.
Remembering that whatever is good for making and raising babies is sexy… I’ll claim that playing with the kids is Married Game.
Work has been berzerk for about the last… um two years. We passed all the freaking State inspections in all FOUR of my job sites in the last five weeks.The last one perfectly for medical issues. I’m toast with all the end of the month stuff as well.
Tomorrow is my freebie day off with pay for good deeds… I’m collecting sushi and meeting Jennifer for lunch and going to cook something fancy for dinner. Which will still leave a lot of time to drum up the post on Betaization of the Husbandly Male.
As you can imagine, my take is going to be a little different than most. Stay tuned.


  1. Athol Kay says:

    Argh… phone ringing already at 830am… there's no day off.

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