Women As Enemy Vs Prize And The Doublethink Of Game

I’ve mentioned in passing either that seeing women as the Enemy / Prize is the new variant on seeing them as Madonna / Whore. I’m also seeing another conflict in the Game community.
On one hand we are told that Game is the killer app that renders women defenseless to the PUA and he controls the relationship. I’ve even seen instances of men age 50+ been told to “just learn some game” and they would have 20 year olds fawning over them.
On the other hand we are told that marriage renders men defenseless to women and she controls the relationship. Or even just a simple cohabitation will still Betaize a man and he’ll turn into her puppet. Getting into a relationship = trap for men.
This is doublethink. Is Game all powerful or not? Sure I get that divorce law and the courts can be quite shitty for men, but if Game is all that it’s claimed to be why the fear of divorce?
Sure I get it, women are evil fembots, and game is like the remote control for the fembot. Right? No?
Last time I checked only some spider species have the female actually devour the male during mating. Sometimes I think some PUA types are only posting after waking up in the middle of the night because of the nightmare about the vaginas with teeth…


  1. haleyshalo says:

    Athol, in my relatively brief time of reading Game blogs, I've noticed the Enemy/Prize dichotomy as well as the intra-community conflict regarding the beta-izing powers of marriage. I think these issues largely stem from the personal experiences of the man and what he primarily sees Game as a tool for. A lot of the younger bloggers who self-identify as twentysomethings seem almost exclusively interested in Game as a pick-up tool for short-term flings and pump-and-dumps. They rarely discuss issues of marriage or LTR and would rather chronicle their "victories" on the playing field. For them, the world is still full of infinite possibilities and the Great Chase is still fresh.

    It's the older bloggers – and even more so, the older commenters – who seem more cynical about marriage and LTR. They've either had LTRs go south in their own lives, or they've had too much success with Game at the expense of the bliss of discovery of a new, wonderful woman. They're like superfans who devote all of their free time to television spoilers and then feel a mixture of victory, rage, and betrayal when the spoilers play out as expected in the episode. I often get the impression that such men want to punish women for being…women. It also strikes me as some men overcompensating for their inner betas, like they're terrified that marriage will release their inner beta and destroy all that they've worked for, Game-wise, so to speak. And, well, some men are just bitter and selfish misogynists.

    Re: 50+ year old men being told to "just learn some Game," and suddenly their worlds will be filled with 20-year-old hotties eager to take off all their clothes – the truth is that MOST men this age will not be able to attract women young enough to be their daughters, at least not "quality" women. Most men simply won't have the financial means or the physical looks/fitness or the charm and wit that will make a very young woman overlook his age. Looks do matter to women, and a man at 35 is at his physical peak. A man at 55 is on the downhill slide no matter how well-kept he is. Men who are 50+ would do better to shoot for women in their mid- to late-30s if they want someone quite a bit younger. But, of course, "all" 30+ women are used goods who have ridden the cock carousel for a decade, so there couldn't POSSIBLY be any good ones left…what a terrible conundrum for the discriminating middle-aged PUA! His only option HAS to be co-eds!

    I also think that sometimes the PUA community suffers from sampling bias. Most PUAs are not trying to meet women during the day, in normal places where normal women do normal things. Instead, most of them are trying to run game in bars and clubs, in which abound lots of flighty, vapid, insecure women under the influence of alcohol. No wonder PUAs can get so disappointed so quickly.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    High quality comment Haley. Nothing to disagree with!

  3. haleyshalo says:

    Thanks, Athol. I think the average aspiring PUA needs to remember that Game is only a tool, not a magic potion. An AFC who is a 4 is probably never going to get to the point where he can bag an HB9, especially not for the long-term; the amount of wealth (job, wardrobe, car, house), personality (charm, wit, charisma, social savvy), and fitness (height, weight, build, facial features) he will need far exceed his natural 4-ness. A few 4s might be able to achieve this, but most will not. It's far more realistic for our AFC4 to look for sweet 5s and 6s and impress them with his confidence and integrity. Roissy occasionally mentions this principle, but it's one that seems to go completely over the heads of much of his readership. From the way some of his readers bluff – er, talk – you'd think they were all princely 9s with the way they harangue women who don't meet their unimpeachable standards.

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Agree. A Male 4 isn't even going to get to hold the handbag of a female 9.

  5. Wicked Shawn says:

    Funny thing is, I am in my 30's and I can't name a single guy in MY DAD'S age group that I would date. Freaking creepy. Mind you, dad turns 60 in just a couple of months, so, wow, look out guys in their 50's. WTFE! Gamers type great game, but when it's all said and done, it's hype. I can't help but still feel that the vast majority of them are dysfunctional on some or many levels, hence their need to blog or comment on their real or imagined "victories".

    I am in total agreement with Haley in the level of girls they are gaming, in as much as they are in clubs, likely intoxicated or at least their judgement somewhat impaired. Start telling me about the lawyers, judges, doctors…….oh, but wait, those would be females old enough to have formed actual opinions in life and be intelligent enough to see them for the scam artists that they are…..

  6. First of all, in this time and age, which men really want a LTR ? In my beta day's that was what I was looking for, but the entitlement which comes bundled with every female is not bearable. Really, who needs a female, earning three times as much as I was at this time, who forgets her wallet ? Who needs a female who forgets about her boyfriend while making out, and is not intelligent enough to hide the fact that her boyfriend is in the same train while traveling home from the club ? Character flaws like these account for a -4 in the looks department (at least for LTR), which made them an ugly 3.

    And those were the up and coming female doctors, lawyers and language experts I dated. The all were at university and 22 till 24 (I was 26).

    I gave a introductionary course about computer science to economic undergrads and four female students proposed sex in exchange for better grades. This move is setting attractiveness for LTRs to 0.

    And after improving game matters get worse. You only meet more women who lie about their boyfriends or would happily cheat without even taking of the precious ring.

    So from the experience of most young males, there aren't any good women. They probably turn good magically after they are 30, but then again, I don't believe in magic.

  7. Wicked Shawn says:

    Again, you're talking about GIRLS, not women. You get back what you put out there. Just sayin. If you're making out with a girl on a train who you haven't known long enough to even know who got on the train with her, somehow I doubt you have a clue as to her true soon to be profession. I think you should do exactly as you intend and enjoy your singlehood, revel in it, or wallow, whichever the more appropriate term. ;)

  8. Athol Kay says:

    There are lots of good women out there. T&A is important, but if you're looking for wife then you're going to have to hunt for personality and character too. Character tends to not visit the bar as frequently.

    Just sayin'

  9. I'm with Shawn. Heck, I'm even in my 40s and I am approached by a lot of 50-something men. If I'm not physically attracted, game is not going to change that. Game only comes into play for creating *emotional* attraction. It will not correct a man who has a gut, a bad comb-over or a wardrobe pre-dating cable TV.

    Now if a 50-something, youthful, successful, in good shape, had entered the fray? I probably would've considered it. But really, does that guy need game? If he's successful, he likely already *is* alpha and doesn't need to learn tactics for it.

  10. This! So damn true. A-fucking-men

  11. Anonymous says:

    Great posts, Athol and Haley!!

    Jennifer 6

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