Big Boys Don’t Cry (In Front Of Women They Want Sex From)

As an aside… be very careful about you being overly emotional while she is less emotional than you are. You can out cry her if your family member dies (parents and siblings), but everything and everyone else she will expect to trump you on emotionally. You can flag yourself as pathetically weak in her eyes otherwise. Big boys do cry, just not very often in front of someone they ever want to fuck again. Harsh but true. Women tend to want you to be their rock during the tough moments.
I think the look of disgust pretty much says it all don’t you.
Readers are invited to add a caption…


  1. Anonymous says:

    doesn't she always have that look on her face?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The only manly way to cry is like denzel in glory

  3. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, she just looks tired. I'm sure she was glad to comfort him when they were alone. I'd much rather my man was honest with me about his emotions than showed me a false front. If I can't trust him to be honest, what basis is there for a relationship?

  4. Oscar T. says:

    Can't caption the picture with what she's thinking because I don't know Klingon.

  5. GudEnuf says:

    This is a mean-spirited post. If a woman won't respect a man's feelings, she shouldn't be with him.

  6. AK, I'm going to ask for a waiver on watching "Miracle," "The Rookie," and "Field of Dreams." Call it the Sports Movie Exception. I don't think it hurts your tough-guy cred.

  7. Stephen says:

    Maybe the leader of the free world gets a mulligan

  8. lanabunz says:

    omg! lol she does look klingon! Honestly my guy tears up during the whole "self-sacrificing" parts of movies. For example: the new star trek movie opening, where kirk's dad is all flying into the spaceship, says I love you. Other than that, he's usually a stone faced, "why do you girls always cry about everything" kind of guy.

  9. Athol Kay says:

    Well yeah, man laying down his life for his family… that's not too much of a bad thing.

    Also it means he feels the same emotions as the character. Meaning, he'd probably die on cue to save you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree. I don't want to see a man cry over anything but a death – or maybe at our wedding but only a little bit. I've dated too many pansies, they cry over everything and it's frustrating to feel like I'm more in control of my emotions than they are.

    The picture is hilarious.

  11. M to B: WTF?!?

  12. While your hypothesis may hold 'true' for the majority, my ex-husband was at the +2 sd for non-emotion. So, even though male crying is definitely not an Alpha trait, it can be a highly prized Beta trait. I am facinated whenever my LTR boyfriend cries because I get a glimpse into a place that very very few are allowed. I treasure that and feel honored.

  13. superenigma says:

    +1 on what Shawn said.

    If you can't talk about and express your real feelings to your wife or long-term girlfriend, to whom can you express them?

  14. Angeline says:

    I’d like to add another ‘acceptable tears’ category – losing buddies in the military, and the other horrible things one sees serving in a war zone. My guy is Mr. Super Alpha Dude 99% of the time, but once a year on the anniversary of losing them, he has a toast and sheds some tears. He also shared the story of a mother who tossed her child in front of their convoy, for the cash settlement or as an ambush ploy (both occurred in the past to his unit). What did him in was not being allowed to stop. The tricky part is to not ‘take over’ the emotion, and to not look so horrifiied that it almost feels like you are horrified at *them* for having witnessed such a thing. I felt very honored to have been allowed ‘in’ for that. He also sees it as a mission to talk to other vets wherever he finds them, and allow them to have that cathartic, cleansing talk. I usually drift away silently when the conversation gets dark, so they have the freedom to really talk. He says he’d never in a million years go to a shrink, but that connection with other vets saved him. So he makes sure he’s open to other vets, who often say they’ve never spoken about “X” before.

    I lost a child to an auto accident, and have very little patience with false grief OR false fronts to hide it. It has been very comforting to me when I have had some down episodes, that he could show some emotion and tears, for the loss I was experiencing. That may be unique to that particular situation, and I can see your point. But I don’t think it is quite so cut and dried.

    My ideal of feminine and masculine is that the feminine makes for a safe, caring place for the masculine, which includes true emotion and sometimes heroic caring for others. He makes the world safer for me, I keep his back safe from the world.

    Also, John Wayne movies totally get a pass.

  15. Agree Angeline. If something is seriously bad, tears are fine. War is by definition horrible and brutal

    You just can’t stall out in those moments forever if you’re a man.

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