Comfort Building Rituals

I tend to get up earlier than Jennifer on the weekend. By which I mean her lazy fine ass stays in the bed as long as humanly possible. Actually it sounds a little like a shit test, but it’s really not. She needs her sleep and there’s nothing she really needs to be doing early on a Saturday anyway. Lets face it, she does her Wonder Woman routine all week and I wear her out as well. She really doesn’t need me screeching like a newborn on the weekend mornings.
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  1. A slippery slope my friend, I started with the weekend coffee and became too beta. Because I enjoyed spoiling her it spread to other perks for her. I was an early riser with a home office, she had to leave the home to go to work, so I eventually made her breakfast along with coffee through the work week to. It was no biggy for me, it's just as easy to cook two eggs or waffles as one and I enjoyed doing it. I also did a pile of laundry, and running the kids about, and tossing the dishes in the washer because I was home anyway.

    End result, Wife leaves, Hubby is preceived as a doormat rather than a gift to woman. I wonder though how she feels about it now, no coffee and breakfast every morning, the laundry stays dirty and the dishes do too. Women may say they like that kind of treatment, but it's bulls8it.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    They do like it very much if the guy is Alpha toward them too. Keep reading :-)

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