Female Readers Should Absolutely Not Read This Post

Stephen in the comments of an earlier post
“I am surprised that women follow your blog, they seem to post about half the comments.”
I’m not surprised at all, I’m hot. The ladies love me.
Seriously though, I’d be a little concerned if I didn’t get female readers. If I can’t get female readers, it kind of calls into question my overall approach to women don’t you think. Besides much of what I say does apply just as well to women as it does to men so they do gain things to use as well, but a few things are different, so no apologies for aiming directly at the men. Also my natural writing voice is far better suited to a male publication than a female or neutral publication. I’m Maxim rather than Working Mother or Better Homes and Gardens.
There’s also the effect of the wife finding the blog first, liking it, and subtly tossing it under her husband’s nose to start trying to change him for the better. Women tend to want a better man, men tend to want better sex. My killer app is to suggest that being a better man gets you better sex, but I sell it to the men as some sort of cunning trick to pull over on the women. (Just play along and flip your hair a little ladies. You go girl, Bend and Snap!)
Female readers have been part of my plan from the beginning, but primarily by the subtle neg of not directly addressing them and directing the writing towards the male reader, but by also purposely giving women what they want along the way. In a sense the entire blog is Game. At some point you just have to tear off the lid and state boldly that you’ve been trying to get into their pants all along.
Also I do quite genuinely like women though and I think that shines through. Well mostly I like cleavage, but you get the idea.


  1. Susan Walsh says

    Speaking for myself, I appreciate the productive, positive use of the principles of Game to enhance a LTR. There really are very few writers exploring this, and it's brilliant – sex after marriage!

    I also love the way you openly share with readers your love for your wife. It's the story of a good marriage, and we don't get to hear those often enough in our culture.

  2. haleyshalo says

    Athol's advice is good for married people in general. Plus, women like to know how men think. :) I also find blogs written by men, for men, generally more interesting than those written by women. Men are frank in a way that women rarely are (or are allowed to be by other women). They also tend to be more analytical, which satisfies my intellectual side.

  3. wonkawilly says

    "Women tend to want a better man, men tend to want better sex."

    Nice quote.

  4. Anonymous says

    I am one of those women who found your blog and suggested my husband read it. I think of your writing as a kind of 'manual' on how a wife works and am looking forward to a book version.

  5. Stephen says

    AK I did give your tip(MGHOW) to my son he liked that idea. Normally he doesn't take my advice but since it was 2nd hand I guess he didn't mind as much lol. I agree with Susan in her comment above you have a positive productive message and you deliver it with a great deal of humor. I'm having a hard time perfecting the L move, its just one of those things a guy doesn't want to get to good at. Thanks for the good advice.

  6. lanabunz says

    after showing my husband this blog he's become more alpha in some ways. Just need him to read it some more!

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