Peacocking – Get Damn Good At Something

Today was another long work day, but that’s ok. I am as regular readers know a nurse, but what I haven’t told you is that I am in fact a very bad one. No really, just awful.
Hospitals – make me feel queasy with the ickiness.
Long term care – just impossible to do everything you’re supposed to do.
Doctors office – too boring for words.
ER – I have no fucking clue what to do.
School – Not overly keen on dealing with hundreds of other people’s children faking illness to get out of class.
Home Care – It’s like being a discount Podiatrist and I hate gross feet.
Hospice – I would be a wreck from attaching to my patients. Then I’d turn all hard in self-preservation and be all like “die already I need to go to lunch”.
Adolescent Developmental Disabilities Psychiatry Nursing in the Group Home Setting – I’m outstandingly good. It’s a niche field of nursing I know, but I own my little niche. I’d try and explain what I do, but I just can’t really explain it without breeching client confidentiality. I could tell you all the funniest stories, just can’t, want to, but can’t. When I’m done with my nursing license I’m going straight to stand up comedy though, I have material, that’s all I can say.

I do work very hard to be done in my 40 hours and just go home. It is a job, a good job, but still a job and I’d rather be home. But tonight I feel positively high from how well I worked tonight. I’m alert, I’m happy, I’m energetic, I’m playful and I’m engaging.

Tonight I am particularly attractive.

So go find your thing too.


  1. rosiewiklund says:

    Sound advice!

  2. Wicked Shawn says:

    Not many things less attractive than a man who whines about how he is failing at his job. Even while I can have sympathy for him, it still is a serious turnoff.

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Thanks :-)

  4. I can SO relate. I am a nurse as well and have asked myself on many occasions why…did and hated hospital, office, and school nursing. I currently do home health for children (who thankfully don't typically have foot issues)and I don't hate it, but don't love it either…still searching for my "thing" and trying to remain optimistic.

  5. Zosimus the Heathen says:

    While not a nurse myself, I do work in an industry in which there are a lot of these people about (aged care), and, yeah, it can be tough, for pretty much everyone there. I do enjoy what I do*, though, and also find that it gives me enough time (and doesn't leave me too burnt out) to pursue what I consider my true "calling" – writing fiction – in my spare time. But, yeah, I strive to do well at both things, and find myself on something of a high whenever I succeed.

    Interestingly, I've considered trying nursing myself (many people have told me over the years they think I'd be good at it), and went so far recently as to try to enrol in a course with one of the main nursing organizations here. Unfortunately, however, that didn't go well. I turned up a few minutes late for an information session on the course, tried to get into the room where said session was being held by attempting to push open a sliding door, and, yeah, things pretty much went downhill from there!

    BTW, I agree with Wicked Shawn's comment. Over the years, I've heard a few actors and comedians who I'd hitherto had a lot of respect for whine in interviews that they hate what they do (it's too hard, not a "real man's job", etc), and, yeah, it pisses me off too. If you really don't like what you do, go do something else you wankers!

    *Well, I did, at least, until those at the top recently introduced a "new staffing model", which turned out to be basically just a euphemism for "get everyone to work even harder, in even less time, than they already do".

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