Sex During Pregnancy and Married Man Game

I got asked a question via email about what’s the biological basis for how sex in pregnancy plays out. The short answer is I know in a vague general sense, but pregnancies are so variable that individual advice is all but impossible.
Lets come at it from the other side of the equation first. The clutch-the-pearls and cut to commercial dramatic insight is that one of the most likely times for a husband to cheat on his wife is during her pregnancy. This makes perfect sense in that the biological point of sex for the man is to get the woman pregnant. Once she’s actually pregnant its “Mission Accomplished” and being the cads that we are the biological cross hairs start looking for other targets. Like her sister. Or the wife next door. Or a babysitter. Or any of the 53 women he accidentally messaged on Ashley Madison.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I dunno about this. My wife was sick all the time for the first couple months. Now she freaks out and cried during the 2-3 times we've done it since she got pregnant… 5 months ago. Horny all the time may be true for some, not her. You've painted a picture of the end of the good stuff…

  2. Aldonza says:

    I read somewhere that *men's* testosterone goes down when his partner is pregnant. Sort of goes against your theory of finding the next woman to impregnate.

  3. Athol Kay says:

    @ Anon – Some women get hit very hard by the morning sickness thing. What's the freaking out thing all about?

    And do remember individual pregnancies can vary greatly.

    @ Aldonza – I've not read of the decrease during pregnancy, but there is a marriage effect and fatherhood effect that where testosterone does decrease. Even so this decrease in and of itself isn't enough to stop married daddies from not cheating in general. I have defintely read stuff that incidates pregnancy cheating is a known risk event though.

  4. rosiewiklund says:

    Poor anonymous, that sounds like a terrible spot to be in. I've lost three pounds this week due to 'morning sickness' (doc says I'm fine) and we still 'got down' as we were able. My heart goes out to you and your wife.
    Athol- I love all this business about swapping the motor cycle. It really gave me a laugh.

  5. Athol Kay says:

    You're welcome Rosie, glad you liked it. :-)

  6. Anonymous says:

    don't forget that many women feel unattractive throughout pregnancy, so if you want action then give her specific compliments about her body. if she seems frustrated with how her body's changing, compliment parts that haven't changed much. otherwise, if you're slick enough, put a positive spin on the parts that are changing (hint, breasts usually are fuller during pregnancy).

  7. Had to laugh reading this and remembering my first pregnancy. I was terribly horny, but my sense of smell was off the charts and so was my morning sickness. Everyone in the world smelled to me like they hadn't bathed or brushed their teeth in six months. My poor husband couldn't walk in the house without me gagging and running for the bathroom. So there I am, begging for sex, but unable to follow through without literally holding my nose. Strangely, he lost all interest in sex until after the baby was born…

  8. Sex during pregnancy (ok anytime really) is amazing! No birth control worries, it’s a total cum fest. The first time is great too b/c no worrying about little people knocking on the bedroom door- just don’t think too hard about how that amazing orgasm is actually turning into a series of Braxton-Hicks contractions. (OMG that one freaked me out!) Also the guy kneeling in between her legs in a modified missionary is awesome for circumventing the belly and allowing clit access.

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