Taking Naked iPhone Photos and Your GPS Coordinates

Attention young ladies in various states of undress…
If you are taking photos of yourself with an iPhone and uploading them to the Internet, please go read this (vanilla nudity pics NSFW) and then get the explanation of how it all happens here. There’s an awful lot of information in the picture files that isn’t just the photo… like the date and time of the photo… and your GPS coordinates.
As an aside, there is probably very little that Devil’s Advocate and I agree on, but I thought this was extremely valuable. Thanks.
And for the record, I really don’t have a problem with naked photos, just I think you need to be aware of just how far out there you are putting yourself.


  1. My pre-teen daughter is saving for an iPod Touch and waiting for the next release which is supposed to have a camera. This is timely and helpful info… thanks Athol!

  2. Athol Kay says:

    Scary that we have to think of this for pre-teen daughters huh. Wonder where they get it from…. :-)

  3. Duke of Earl says:

    If I had a daughter I'd read this and cry.

    Damn you Steve Jobs, damn your eyes.

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