All Purpose Flirting, Teasing And Unexpected Baked Goods

For the most part the key to Gaming females of all ages is a mixture of being unafraid of them in a “I notice you but I’m not affected by you” way, and staying light and playful. Gentle teasing is like catnip as well. Not harsh put downs, just a light ruffle drawing attention to their weaknesses. They love a little mild naughtiness too. It’s mostly just a male of flirting.
The more you start to do it and practice it, the more natural it becomes and the easier it gets. Eventually it just becomes second nature. As an aisde for the work related examples below, my wife works the same place I do and is all purpose loved by everyone that comes into contact with her and is hotter than everyone else. The chance of anyone really getting the wrong idea is very very low. That being said, I don’t go as far as sexual comments with anyone other than Jennifer.
Some examples;
Female Co-worker to maintenance guy doing a complete bathroom remodel: “Well look at this kitchen, we need a new kitchen”.
Guy: “What’s wrong with the kitchen???”
Female Co-worker: starts rant of all kitchen weaknesses.
Me: “Wow look how easily she just slips into wife mode”.
She laughs and rant ends.
Jennifer by text: “Daughter #1 is at xxxx house until 6pm and daughter #2 is at xxxxx house until 5pm”.
Me: “Get naked. OMW!!!!”
Jennifer: “lmao yes sir!”
Me: “Oh… hang on, Brazil is about to play. Sorry :-D”
Next day…
Me by text: “Lingerie top of your choice. Stockings. Me on top. You loud. That is all.”
Jennifer: ” Gotcha   :->  that is all”.
Favorite Female Co-worker asks for feedback on her new job assignment…. I reply with seven good points and slip in “feed me baked goods”.  (I totally trust she won’t react badly)
Email Reply: “yada yada yada and I will not be feeding you baked goods, but I might make cupcakes for the next staff meeting”.
Me later text: “LOL I forgot about the baked goods line”
FFCW: “Hahaa”
5th Grade Field Trip at Boston Science Museum chaperoning three girls. I’m hungry and need a snack and decide to spring for snacks for all three as well. They have all been very well behaved all day…
Me: “Ok girls you can choose a snack or a drink from this display”.
Daughter #2: “yay”
Friend #1 looking: “Ohhh, hmmm…”
Friend #2 looking: “Ummm maybe I’ll have… no…”
Daughter #2: “I don’t know what I want”.
Friend #1: “Me neither, but I am hungry”.
Friend #2 picks up item, returns it to shelf, repeats.
Daughter #2: “maybe some fruit”.
Friend #1: “well that looks good, what are you having?”
Friend #2: “I can’t decide between the apple and the Peanut Butter Cups”.
Repeat this conversation twice more…
All three decide and grab on the “one” lol.
Me: “Come here” patting sofa between my legs.
Jennifer comes over and we cuddle with her back to me on my chest and chat and snuggle. After a few minutes it becomes apparent that this is one of those slightly awkward positions that is nice for closeness but not 100% comfortable long term.
Me: “You’re just tolerating this like a good girlfriend aren’t you”.
I get the faux arm slap thing from my wife of fifteen years.
FFCW: “What do you think of ABC?”
Me: “blah blah blah ABC is good”
FFCW: “Yeah but I was also thinking maybe the exact opposite of ABC as well”.
Me: “well blah blah that could work as well”.
FFCW: “Well blah blah reading between the lines I’m trying to find a way to get you to commit to a position so I can disagree with you on this trivial point blah blah blah”.
Me falling to knees dramatically and faux pleading: “I don’t know how to please you…. what do you want me to say lol”.
FFCW: laughs.
Two minutes later…
FFCW: “So what kind of cupcakes do you want?”
Me: “Lemon Poppy”
Results pending…


  1. Frankly I just think your wife is a nympho

  2. Athol Kay says:

    Well that's going to make her morning lol.

    She's just sexually responsive and no one messed it up via pump and dumps, failed LTRs or cheating and she's healthy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You realize some of these guys are hella jealous, right?

    Don't like sex much, we're frigid — too much,
    we're nymphos. I'm a married nympho myself and
    proud of it.

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Oh probably Anon. It made Jennifers day though lol.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have a high sex-drive, as does my gf, and she's great in many other ways too. Maybe I'm lucky by finding her right after my divorce because I live a charmed life, or maybe I just recognized a good thing when I saw it after 20 years in the desert. But by recognizing, I realized I had to learn how to keep at it. Thus game.

  6. Athol Kay says:

    Then keep at it! :-)

  7. Big Jay says:

    Her: Make me a grocery list.
    Big Jay: Scribbles for a couple of minutes, hands her the list.
    List: bread, milk, chicken, pizza rolls, hamburger, lots and lots of lube.
    Her: LOL

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