Blog Reader Ranking, Cell Phone Ranking And Not Asking Your Boss What Color Her Panties Are By Accidental Text

I have a lot of blogs that I follow in my feed reader, but I don’t always have a great deal of time to read them all. My handy dandy solution is to simply lump them into groups of importance in my Google Reader.
I pretty much read the A List blogs and my Fun List blogs everyday, I get to the B List most days, the C List usually. The D List I just scan the titles for something eye catching read those posts and then delete the entire list en mass. New blogs get a separate folder where they stay for a while before getting a A B C or D ranking.
As harsh as it may seem, you can also do much the same for people in your cell phone. If you’re a player and trying to juggle and stay in contact with a bunch of women that you may see only on occassion, just flag them with a letter before their name and you have them ranked in whatever system you can dream up. Your A List girls you might do one thing for, the B List something else, C List you call back the next day etc. Whatever you can dream up and you want.
Though naturally I advise you to seriously control access to your phone should you do this. Unless of course you purposely decide to let it slip. If you do that I would suggest that you leave the highest rank empty for her to discover and ask about.
“So why are there no A List girls in your phone?”
“That’s the LTR slot…”
Then watch the mouse wheel inside her head kick into high gear…
Of course being married, I have no time or need for the games… well… okay I’ll spill….
I use for myself a number system and rank my most valued female contacts. “1 Jennifer” sits at the top of the list. It’s actually cool because about 40% of my outgoing calls and 75%+ of my texts are to Jennifer, so I get a lot of ease in quick keying replies etc.
“2 xxxxxxx” is my favorite female coworker and we do have a lot of contact with each other. Our work group is geographically spread out, but we’re a small team, so we do a fair bit of calling and texting each other.
“3 xxxxxx” is my female boss who I both love dearly and have a lot of respect for. Kinda Mom and Son in flavor.
“4 xxxxxx” is daughter #1
“5 xxxxxx” is daughter #2
Basically this group gets 90% of my out going calls, and 98% of my texts and they just all sit at the top of my address list. See how that’s all easy phone management.
On discovery of this ranking… #2 was quite flattered that she out ranked #3 in my phone, though I pointed out immediately that I do occassionally text a little too quickly and she was the only one in the top five that I could accidently send a flithy text intended for 1 Jennifer to and not get in serious trouble with. So she’s technically the buffer to the people that really matter… just a little neg there lol.
Hmmm… I haven’t done Simon Says with Jennifer for a while either….
I do find it very helpful to have my #1 ranked female flashed in front of my eyes as such at least 4-5 times a day. More important than the kids. More important than the boss. More important than female coworkers.
But remember of course that while she is my Number One, I’m still the Captain.


  1. Yours is on my "A" list, Athol.

    I went away on vacation for a week and amassed more than 3000 unread items in my feed reader.

    As I write this, there are still more than 3000.

  2. Cheeky Minx says:

    Have you got a brother who resides in Sydney, Australia.
    I love everything about you. Jennifer you’re blessed.
    Please don’t respond with corn that’s you’re the lucky one…that’s so Beta! LOL

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