Bro’s Before Hoes Equals….

Back in the Time Before Writing relationships and dating were probably nasty, brutal and short. Alpha Male was a status that was defended and debated by spear tip. You probably kept your relationship with a woman as long as you stayed able bodied. To the victor the spoils and females more than likely just submitted to whoever won a male on male fight. You tend not to Fitness Test a male freshly covered in your prior partners blood.
At some point along the way though, the males in a tribe must have figured out that they spent so much time and effort killing or avoiding being killed by each other, that the tribe was actually weakened against outside tribes. So the men of one particular tribe made an agreement with each other. Once a man took a woman, she belonged to him and no other man would try and take her from him. Oh sure there could be intense rivalry to determine who got to have her, but once it was decided, it was decided. And if anyone broke the rules everyone would get spear practice free play on the asshole just to keep their skills up.
The men decided that the relationships between the men, were more important than a woman coming between them. This pact was called Bro’s Before Hoes… I mean Patriarchy and Marriage.
This turned out to be such a successful plan that eventually every social group was forced to either adopt Bro’s Before Hoes… I mean Patriarchy and Marriage, or get wiped out by another social group that had adopted it. See, if two neighboring tribes both had a 100 males, and one tribe had a fierce internal competition for the women and 50 of those men ended up somehow disabled or killed because of it, that only leaves 50 able bodied men to square off against 100 able bodied men in the Bro’s Before Ho’s tribe. Plus that meant a whole tribe of extra women to share out.
Let me explain… say the 50 men in the tribe that fought over women were killed by the Bro’s Before Hoes group of 100 men, for the loss of say 35, that would leave 65 men from the Bro’s Before Hoes tribe still alive. The 100 original women from the Bro’s Before Hoes tribe would still be there, plus about about 100 new women from the defeated tribe would be 200 women between 65 men. So that comes to 3 women per man, plus the chief ends up with 8 women because a few were leftover and no one had invented decimals yet. All from a single combat experience. See this is how men got so good at math.
Fast forward to today and yes indeed things are more complicated, I don’t see women as chattel or whores by default yada yada yada, but a great deal of civilization rides along on the foundation stones of Bro’s Before Hoes… I mean Patriarchy and Marriage. Without this agreement between men - you have to understand that the idea and rule of marriage came into being before women had any say in the matter –  life will eventually return to being nasty, brutal and short. For everyone, but especially men.
It is extremely counter-intuitive, but I’ve said before that most men do sexually better from monogamy than not. And societies clearly do.


  1. BigDonDickDangler says:

    Nice rationalization for fidelity…but even back in the day it was the women that did the choosing…You cannot steal someone else's wife/girlfriend/lover…You cannot rape the willing…Only a fool believes he can stand in the way of a woman and something she wants-especially when it is the cock.

    Let me qualify this statement. I have NEVER.EVER.NEVER stolen a lady…but I sure as hell have borrowed one for a night or two or three. And sometimes had to kick them to the curb. No rules in love and war sunshine. And very ancient human bands probably worshipped female fertility…i.e. everyone liked to fuck.

    With your posts about monogamy and female infidelity, I get the sneaking suspicion that you are worried at a primal level that your wife is on the look out for or already has gotten some Vitamin D from another dude.

    People cheat. It is up to you how you handle it. If you stay with a woman who cheated on you, you will have been castrated in her eyes and are worthless to her for sex…She may stay with you out of conveinence or until something better comes along-but the last time something better came along and probably on her face, he bailed and you were left with tainted goods. Act accordingly.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    You have it back to front on me. It's my rationalization for not cheating on her.

    Obviously there is a chance my wife has cheated on me, but I don't fear it. The infidelity posts are a recent tiny handful of the greater whole.

    You say you have never stolen anything, but you merely borrow, but return tainted. How interesting.

  3. Höllenhund says:

    We cannot maintain an advanced and complex civilization without heavily regulating both male and female sexuality. Today we basically let the latter run amok unrestrained. And patriarchy is the only system that effectively regulates female sexuality by penalizing it and creating a culture of slut shaming among women. We abandon this system at our peril. No wonder our civilization is in decline.

    "life will eventually return to being nasty, brutal and short. For everyone, but especially men."

    On that I disagree. Whenever and wherever social instability and chaos ensues it is women and their children that suffer the most. Look at Eastern Congo, Darfur, Sierra Leone etc.

    There are systems where women suffer less than men: institutionalized polygamous patriarches (women can share the alpha males) and feminist matriarchies like the USA and the UK.

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