Clean Bill Of Health….

The weeks theme was meant to be Dopamine, but I got a little distracted.
Urology appointment today and supposedly I’m all clear. Clean urine, perfect prostrate, no X, no Y, no Z. Urologist obviously had no clue what happened to me, but devoid of other symptoms and good exam had to let me walk out of his office. I got a mild suggestion of Motrin from him. So hmmm, I believe my 11 year old could have mustered that suggestion up.
So anyway, brave face and all that. I texted Jennifer that the Urologist said it wasn’t clinically significant unless it happened with at least three women. I got a LMAO back. She’s so wonderful.
See in the moment it happened I wasn’t really thinking about it all. But in the days after it, the mouse wheel of thoughts just kept going around and around. What if I can’t. What if it’s really serious. What if that turned out to be the very last time together. I don’t think Jennifer could live with a sexless marriage anymore than I would. She would try, heroically, but I just don’t know. So what if what if what if….
I’d just be a completely different person if I couldn’t have sex.
Anyway, this was all a major distraction and emotional time sink. I’m still a little spooked by it. So logging off for some gentle low frills sex. Get right back on the horse and all that. (Oh that sounded wrong didn’t it…)


  1. rosiewiklund says:

    I'd imagine there are people who live in sexless marriages for medical reasons. With that in mind temporary 'pelvic rest' from pregnancy was just about the worst month of my life. My husband was very sweet, but I noticed that I felt like an angry dinosaur with lasers for eyes.
    Glad you're okay, you paint your doctor as slightly pathetic, but motrin is really a magical penis healing elixir. No, just kidding.

  2. Meg at Demanding Joy says:

    Motrin? After this type of trauma, you at least deserve some decent pharmaceuticals. I'm glad you're OK.

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Well there's no actual pain, just a sense of oddness and no explanation for the orginial incident. I really wanted answers rather than medication.

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Well a week later and multiple sex sessions okay, there doesn't seem to be any problem. I had a second pop on Saturday just walking up the stairs, so suspect it's just something happening with pelvic bones. No pain or anything.

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