Dressing Nice Plus A LIttle Slice And Dice

One of the things I like about my job is that it’s a very casual working environment. Plus what I do is a fairly rare field for nurses to be interested in. Added to that I’m really good at my job and as such my dress code is pretty much along the lines of “just come to work dressed”. I could probably get away with wearing nothing but a diaper for two days and only have it addressed on the third. I really could get away with wearing a Star Trek uniform for as long as I liked just as long as I didn’t wear it to meetings with people from outside the agency. It’s actually a sort of inverted social proof I can get away with dressing down.
So anyway… generally I’m a jeans, T-shirt and something layered on top kind of guy. I live and die by my laptop, so I really look more like the IT guy than the nurse. When I stop work and come home and relax, I just take my shoes off. I’m clean, fresh, bright and generally color coordinated, but oh so casual.
So today when I turned up in a suit…
… there was talk.
There was some obvious female interest, but even the guys knew something was up. As in really really up. So I let slip a few carefully placed details…
I was at court today for something work related.
I can’t tell you, that’s confidential.
But I was also cheerful and smiling. And despite not wanting to wear suits ever, I’ve got enough private school as a child to feel fairly natural in the full get up. So while with words I didn’t really say much of anything… my actions fairly screamed that I was not someone to be fucked with. I may look easy going and nonthreatening, and while I really don’t start fights, I can absolutely finish them.
You really don’t have to be an asshole, you can be a very nice guy, you just have to show an edge… an occasional glimpse of tempered steel and the will to use it.
So while tomorrow I’ll be in jeans, a T-shirt and something layered over the top… everyone will be talking in the meantime. So my social proof increases at work. I’m not really looking to seduce people at work or anything like that, but social proof is social proof, it just makes me more effective in my job. (Work is good btw, I was defending the agency’s point of view.)
All that being said if I was unmarried and on the prowl so to speak, the jeans and T-shirt look would have a definite upgrade. For now I’m enjoying the clean, bright easy going look. Though I have started finally ironing the something interesting layered over the top things.
And Jennifer made it clear she likes the suit…


  1. rosiewiklund says:

    I really wish I could just casually wear lavish things like a lady's suit or something. It never ever works. I can dress up for dinner, but business casual or business formal makes me look like a child on career day. You're lucky to have that wearing a suit skill.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    It's not luck, just about 5 years of schooling from age 8-12 of enforced shirt, tie and blazer wear. I am avoidant of it now, but can do it.

  3. Hughman says:

    I'm very glad my 6th form imposed a smart business-wear dress code. Nothing better than rocking a sharp custom suit (I have weird dimension, broad, big neck, short arms, short but beefy legs, so I have to have my suits tailored)

  4. Susan Walsh says:

    What's great is the variety – the element of surprise. Just when everyone had you pegged as a jeans guy, you saunter in looking like Don Draper in Mad Men. That requires a second look and reevaluation – very intriguing. On the other hand, getting all that social proof could be troublesome at work – I guess Jennifer's working with you will help keep those women in line!

  5. Athol Kay says:

    I'm pretty sure that if really got up to something with a work person that things would eventually get back to Jennifer. It's helpful in a way.

  6. Men say they hate a shirt and tie, but what they really hate is the shirt. For some stupid reason too many men insist on shirts with their high school collar size. Of course they're miserable.

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