How To Get Your Wife To Dress More Sexy

I had a reader question a few days back…
“How do you get your wife to dress more sexy?”
Easy. You dress more sexy.
I’ll pad out the post with my usual rhetoric about women calibrating themselves to their man, but I think you guys should be getting this by now. My entire approach is based on the idea that the only person in your relationship you can really control is you.
If your wife is a 6, you begging and pleading and demanding that she turn into a 7 is nothing but hot air at best and a Display of Low Value at worst. The solution is that you turn yourself from a 6 to a 7 and she’ll probably calibrate herself to a 7 shortly after you.
So you begging and pleading her to dress better is a waste of effort compared to you just pulling your own look together. Trust me on this, no woman wants to be tagging along after her man while he’s peacocking some threads and she looks like she’s shopping at Goodwill. She’s automatically going to up her game to keep pace with him. She knows in the pit of her stomach that if she doesn’t step it up, some other woman is going to take notice of the incongruence between the couple and possibly start moving in on her man. Or Mr. Peacock is going to take notice and accidentally just meet someone for completely harmless coffee sometime.
There’s usually a bit of a lag between you upping your Sex Rank and her doing the same, but if you keep at it long enough she will likely respond. Women tend to disbelieve their husbands actually improving themselves at first. And like I’ve said before if you keep upping your Sex Rank and she doesn’t respond, you’re in a better place to attract someone new into your life.
So anyway, Clothing 101…
Everything should be clean and smell fresh. If it needs to be ironed, make sure it’s ironed. If you can afford more expensive clothes go for it and get some nice things. A good quality watch. Your belt color should match your shoe color. Your socks should match the color of your pants. And a tie is a big colorful arrow pointing towards your cock.
Tomorrow I’ll weigh in on getting her to wear lingerie. The lingerie approach is a little different than regular clothing… you can’t just out peacock her with that stuff without the Cross Dressing charge being leveled against you. Avoid.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Minor detail on socks…….
    Match the pants is the easy first step, or match the shoes, in effect extending the shoe up the leg, or a subtle sign of attention to detail, find a sock that brings the color of both the pant and the shoe together in a pattern. The latter being for more formal times.

  2. haleyshalo says:

    Initiative really does start with the man. Few women are going to be interested in looking better for a man who insists that she look good, but he gets to continue dressing like a dweeb/old man/teenage boy. Even more so if the man wants his wife to get in better shape, but he feels he is exempt from doing the same due to being the breadwinner.

    A woman wants to feel proud to be the one on her man's arm. If he's looking sharp, she'll make sure she does, too.

  3. Simple stuff, but it's suprising how many men are style averse.

    Nothing better than rocking a 3 piece grey suit and my tan leather shoes.

  4. Confidunce says:

    An important catalyst is to make sure you two are GOING OUT and doing so TOGETHER. A woman will calibrate to match her man more quickly if she's aware that comparisons are being drawn. If a man dresses sharp to go to work, his girl might still frump her way to her own job, come home, and change straight into the sweats. But no woman wants to look like a sack of potatoes while her man looks great in a crowded bar.

  5. Robertson says:

    It seems to me this should apply to weight as well, and being fit. I'm actually not finding that, though. I began dating my wife when I was much heavier, and a couple of years ago I dropped 40 pounds and began working out much more regularly. She, on the other hand, has gradually put on a few pounds each year and now has the "muffin top." I'm very sensitive to this, particularly as my first wife gained 100 poundsd and rendered herself completely unattractive to me. At any rate, while at first I'd say my wife was a couple of numbers higher than me, we are now much more evenly matched. And, in spite of my best efforts not to bring this up as a source of contention between us, I have and I do. I realize that's not a great route to take, and I've tried to take the lead with having us go out and walk and hike more, but for me it's more of a regular thing and for her it's one week on then two or three weeks off.

    I should mention as well that we're in an odd marriage at this point. I'm there on the weekends and I have my own place during the week. We agreed to wait out her daughter's time in high school. I couldn't move out there, as it's a rural area with no work opportunities for me. So I live 80 miles away and commute. So in effect, I have a weekend married life and a weekday work life.

    At any rate, I'm wondering what to do to get her to take more interest in keeping up with me that way. (There's really no problem with how she dresses.)

  6. Athol Kay says:

    Robertson – I think the biggest issue is getting in the same house together full time.

  7. thanks
    this is a good advice!

  8. Bullshit. The man has to change first why can’t we ever have anyone cater to us? why do we always have to step up first so the woman can calibrate herself to our looks? why can’t they ever do anything rewarding for us? oh that’s right the only thing we do is bring home the paycheck take the kids out,and ad fucking nauseam! clean out the garage fuck you put on a pair of heels for once! I need $200 to enter a half marathon fuck you go get your nails done with $200 so you look sexier! I just want to wear my adidas tonight I like it for the Chanel thigh high boots I bought you for $1700 got things to do in the closet! This is a bunch of shit!

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