It’s A Trap!

Some fabulous reader mail…
Hello! Be not surprised that I have written to you.
Simply I to search for serious relations and I liked your profile.
I long thought and have decided to write you the letter.
I think that to us will be interesting to communicate and we will find much in common.
I can tell about myself that I formed and sociable the woman. To me of 28 years.
I the lonely woman which search for love.
Very much I hope for your answer to me.
That you could see who to you writes, I send you the photo.
I think that it is pleasant to you. Here my address on which
I can receive your letter ***************
With impatience I look forward to hearing from you.
Hello good day to you. I am indeed delighted at your letter coming to me this fine morning. I have keep it with me in my thoughts today as I go about my business. I have many cars and boats and things, but getting your letter I realize that I too am lonely. I have a large house but empty without someone to share it with.
You photo was indeed pleasing. You are beautiful and natural, a lost gem no doubt. However I do confess that I am also recieving many similar letter these days as word of my exceptional good fortune has spread.
I have tried a love like this before and been sadly disappointed this last year. I have flying to meet with a beautiful angel like yourself, but she was too shy with me. Naturally I had to return home with diamond ring and heavy heart. But your letter has renewed my vigor!
So here I sit with many photos of dazzling women around me. You are a favorite though!!! I would like to attend to this matter and decide quickly. Please send me many more photo of you so that I may know you are not shy.
Good thoughts of you.
And for the record…. damn that was a nice photo of her… or of someone anyway.


  1. Keoni Galt says:

    ha! Excellent satire, Athol! You do need a better email spam filter though…

  2. Athol Kay says:

    Gmail does a pretty good job. Might have just gotten a fresh version of this spam.

  3. Hamster says:

    Haha funny. I'd also include a request for her number and a guarantee that her "cousin" doesn't sit in the background and tell her what to say when you talk to her.

  4. Sometopics I would like to see covered,not spamming you.
    Seduction masterclass (I'm clueless)
    What to do when your wife with holds from having sex.
    How to get The wife to dress more sexy without sounding needy

  5. Athol Kay says:

    Some of those are good ideas G. I'm exactly sure what you mean by Seduction Masterclass though.

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