Make A List, Get Started.

Discovered on Failblog… some are kinda funny, but overall I don’t think its a fail.

We all start somewhere.

Make your list.

Do some of it.


  1. rosiewiklund says

    Oh this gave me lols. My own list usually starts with the oh so ominous 'hygiene'

  2. Ms Lacrymosa says

    Some of us love ironic, leather clad guitarists who eat 'neat' and use cologne. Yum- there should be more of that :-)

  3. Athol Kay says

    Actually I think its "eat more meat" rather than "neat".

    Hygiene is ominous Rosie. Jeepers TMI…

  4. Miles Anderson says

    It is a fail in the list making world because it is unapproachable. Most of the items are not really SMART. I like the "7 effective habits" philosophy for organizing your time and finding balance between the various aspects. It still smarts my non-believer soul that Mormon infused life philosophy seems to work so well for me. But I can learn from anybody.

  5. Athol Kay says

    Oh yeah, pretty much everyone called Steve is manly. Maybe even changing your name to Steve would be a good move for a few people.

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