OMG I Broke My Penis?!

I’m taking a short break for about a week, or two or not sure how long. Oh not the blog, I mean sex. Yeah I know, WTF is going on… most of you probably just started dialing 911 for me. Thanks, I appreciate it.
The story goes like this…
I’m particularly frisky last night and generally start lightly mauling Jennifer and generally don’t let up until she’s shuddering to her finish and doing her best attempt at shredding the pillows. You’re welcome baby.
Then I flip her onto her stomach and pounce on her from behind. I love the depth of this position, her ass is divine and she’s perfectly tight on me this way. So I just start cockslamming her hard enough to make a light slapping sound as I ram her.
Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, “POP”.
No pain. No swelling. No bruising. No loss of hard on. Just a very audible obvious “pop” sound from the base of my cock.
So um…
Slap, slap.
Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP… SLAP!…SLAP! OMGLASERBEAMSPEWPEWPEWPEWSQUIRT!
And breathe.
So anyway this morning I feel fine, so I spring out of bed and jump on the rowing machine. I feel good, then slowly get a weird sense of something not entirely right down below. The feeling of not entirely right continues during the day. Again, no pain, no swelling, no bruising, no bleeding. It’s not really an emergency.
And then I realize I have no clue whether or not any of it works still. Okay, so go. Penis, go. UP. Up up and away penis. Now. Deploy. Extend. Go go penis. Le pénis deviennent svp grand et dur tout de suite. Imagínese dos polluelos el aspirar en usted. HERAUF!
Call the doctor and say I want a Urology referral. Doctor agrees I need one over the phone. Insurance demands I spend their money and actually see the doctor to get a referral. Three hours of wasted day later I have a urology referral. Trek across town to Urology. Please please please can I be seen today.
No pain, no swelling, no bruising, no bleeding, so Wednesday. Soon as I said I could pee I turned into a second class citizen. There’s like two old guys in the waiting room that can’t even pee, so I guess I can see the pecking order here. What a dull speciality lol. Bleh. Back home.
Ok by now I’m feeling a little pain. But I can’t tell whether it’s actual pain, or just the block and tackle is getting anxious for being in the limelight of my thoughts all day.
Ok ok ok, so I’m freaking out. Game over man, game over. But I have to know if Little Athol Goliath can still play a little one on one….. oh Jennifer…
…one very gentle, soft, delicate BJ later, everything appears fully functional. Phew. I still have a slight sense of oddness, but like always, no pain, swelling, bruising yada yada yada.
As far as I can tell I either cracked my Pubic Symphysis like you can crack your knuckles (I occasionally do crack my Sternum without trying, so I guess it’s possible), or I over stretched a penile suspensory ligament and cracked that the same way. I feel okay, just a little weird. Dug all over the Internet and seen quite a few “oh yeah I get that’s” on message boards etc. But still… weird.
So anyway… no sex for a little bit. Just going to rest it for a little bit and see where we go from there. Still probably visit the Urologist for a get out of jail free card for work should I need it and double check on it all. There’s only one problem… how the hell will I fall asleep? I need my little nightcap…
And OMG I hope no one ever finds out about this.

Sexy Move: Have A Shitload Of Material Possessions

You can watch the whole thing, but from 1:20 to the end is just priceless.

Also Game is easier if you own a dreamhouse. Much much easier. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but with a dreamhouse its like shooting fish in a barrel. If you build it, they will cum.

Your Love Your Love Is My Drug (And It’s Called Dopamine)

I’m going to spend some time looking at Dopamine in particular this week. From Wikipedia…
“Dopamine is commonly associated with the reward system of the brain, providing feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement to motivate a person proactively to perform certain activities. Dopamine is released (particularly in areas such as the nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex) by rewarding experiences such as food, sex, drugs, and neutral stimuli that become associated with them. Recent studies indicate that aggression may also stimulate the release of dopamine in this way.
This theory is often discussed in terms of drugs such as cocaine, nicotine, and amphetamines, which directly or indirectly lead to an increase of dopamine in the mesolimbic reward pathway of the brain, and in relation to neurobiological theories of chemical addiction (not to be confused with psychological dependence), arguing that this dopamine pathway is pathologically altered in addicted persons.”
If you are currently afflicted with ADHD and want a simple bouncy video to explain the whole thing in about three minutes…
If you have a little more time and want to hear something a little more intellectual, watch Dr Helen Fisher on why people fall in love. She starts a little slow, but do stick with it. She is the worlds foremost authority on this topic.
As an aside, much of PUA / Game is based on understanding the social aspects of human interaction. The understanding of the biology behind human behavior – one you get beyond the popular texts on sperm warfare et al – is generally lacking. That’s not so much a poo-pooing on Game, the combination of neurology and the endocrine system is one of the most complicated things imaginable to try and understand and I’m still learning it all myself. Far more often than not Game is correct in understanding what is going to likely happen on a social level, but understanding the biochemistry can add another layer of insight. Dr Fisher is an excellent starting point for that.
Or put in plain English…
When a woman says to her man that she’s bored, it’s usually a social sign of impending Fitness Tests (Shit Tests) and demand for him to act dominantly towards her and make something happen. In biochemistry terms when a woman tells her man she’s bored, she’s basically just saying…
… “I need a shot of Dopamine”.

Make A List, Get Started.

Discovered on Failblog… some are kinda funny, but overall I don’t think its a fail.

We all start somewhere.

Make your list.

Do some of it.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I’ve said a number of times over the history of the blog that I am by nature far more leaning towards the Beta end of the spectrum than the Alpha. I’ve progressed in recent years to picking up more of the Alpha traits and attitude, though I’m hardly a dark triad type personality by nature.
However today I’ve learned that someone I was nice to and even worked hard at trying to be fair and balanced with, has decided to repay me for that kindness. I’ll be wearing a suit again.
I feel myself snapping this time though. I don’t think I’ll be nearly as nice again. This isn’t even a dating / relationships / game thing. I’m just pissed off that if you offer someone half a loaf of bread that they will sue you for the whole thing.
And yes some of that anger is self directed. I’ll be changing a few things towards the direction of the use of red lightsabers.
And I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about that male or female.

Dressing Nice Plus A LIttle Slice And Dice

One of the things I like about my job is that it’s a very casual working environment. Plus what I do is a fairly rare field for nurses to be interested in. Added to that I’m really good at my job and as such my dress code is pretty much along the lines of “just come to work dressed”. I could probably get away with wearing nothing but a diaper for two days and only have it addressed on the third. I really could get away with wearing a Star Trek uniform for as long as I liked just as long as I didn’t wear it to meetings with people from outside the agency. It’s actually a sort of inverted social proof I can get away with dressing down.
So anyway… generally I’m a jeans, T-shirt and something layered on top kind of guy. I live and die by my laptop, so I really look more like the IT guy than the nurse. When I stop work and come home and relax, I just take my shoes off. I’m clean, fresh, bright and generally color coordinated, but oh so casual.
So today when I turned up in a suit…
… there was talk.
There was some obvious female interest, but even the guys knew something was up. As in really really up. So I let slip a few carefully placed details…
I was at court today for something work related.
I can’t tell you, that’s confidential.
But I was also cheerful and smiling. And despite not wanting to wear suits ever, I’ve got enough private school as a child to feel fairly natural in the full get up. So while with words I didn’t really say much of anything… my actions fairly screamed that I was not someone to be fucked with. I may look easy going and nonthreatening, and while I really don’t start fights, I can absolutely finish them.
You really don’t have to be an asshole, you can be a very nice guy, you just have to show an edge… an occasional glimpse of tempered steel and the will to use it.
So while tomorrow I’ll be in jeans, a T-shirt and something layered over the top… everyone will be talking in the meantime. So my social proof increases at work. I’m not really looking to seduce people at work or anything like that, but social proof is social proof, it just makes me more effective in my job. (Work is good btw, I was defending the agency’s point of view.)
All that being said if I was unmarried and on the prowl so to speak, the jeans and T-shirt look would have a definite upgrade. For now I’m enjoying the clean, bright easy going look. Though I have started finally ironing the something interesting layered over the top things.
And Jennifer made it clear she likes the suit…

How Do You Game When You Have To Work All Day?

Cubicle Prank
I have a long multi point reader question that I’ve been neglecting in my inbox for a couple days, here goes…
Hi Athol, I write from India and have been reading your blog for long. I stumbled upon game from MRA (Bernard Chapin) via Roissy in DC. Your views make a lot of sense and there has always been game in all cultures, including mine. However, one aspect while marriages are becoming difficult in all cultures/countries are also due to certain factors –
1)The modern economy — Most of us can only be Beta/Omega. Only a very very few of us can be truly Alpha. Most of us will be wage slaves for the rest of our lives.
Yes and no. The social groups are indeed much larger than they were in the past. Back in the Time Before Writing a tribal group topped out around 150 people. So about 75 of the group would be male, about half the males would be children, about half the others somehow sick or wounded in some way. So to be the top dog in the The Before Writing, you just had to be the best of about 15-20 adult males. That was still hard, but nothing compared to needing to be a one in a million guy these days.
The trick is to look around and see the real social group that you are part of. You may well operate in a smaller social group than you realize. Once you ignore the movie stars and look around at your actual real competition you may not be as bad off as you think. You just have to be hotter than the guys in the cubicles around you. Which may be just a case of heading to the gym rather than drinking beer.
I hear you on the wage slave thing. Try hard to break out of that if at all possible. That’s not even a Game thing, just commonsense, though I agree it’s a tough assignment to get done.
2)Most modern jobs, including in my country, are no more till you retire. Rather they are short-term contractual. For many people, it is better to give their daughters in marriage to persons who are employed in the public sector rather than private sector, even if he is an IT engineer.
And this is the modern reality. Obviously the giving daughters in marriage deal is a huge cultural difference that I’ll simply acknowledge, but the solution is just education and marketable skills that continue being useful into the future.
3)These jobs in the private sector involve becoming a worker bee. Its very difficult to play game or whatever when you work for 10 hours every day, take shit from your boss who is always alpha as he is always right.
This is where you have to work hard to try and divide the work and home lives as best you can. Ultimately continuing to provide a solid income to your family isn’t an exciting Alpha skill, but it is a solid Beta one. You do need it. I’m sure you’ll agree that income is better than no income in a wife’s opinion of you.
It’s a constant struggle to both be appropriate and a team player at work, and yet be a family leader and engaging lover at home. It does take effort. Sometimes something has to give.
4)If women complain that we do not understand them, then I ask do they understand us? Do they know what it means to be a drone? Take crap in the workplace and then take crap at home. Do they have any idea on what it means to be a man?
I think many women do understand the drone thing, especially if they have a job as well. Both my wife and I work full time and sometimes it’s all just a scheduling battle and a rush to get it all done. It’s important not to “take crap at home” though. If nothing else I’d suggest taking charge of that aspect of your life. Importantly it’s an attitude of “I’ve decided that we will not crap on each other”, then it’s moving ahead together as team in your marriage. Sometimes your team will win, sometimes it will lose, but you win and lose as a team. You just play the role of team Captain.
5)Women often complain that men are unexiting. Many of us are not. But after working long hours most of us are not exactly geared up for fun. There’s a lot I could keep on writing but I guess that both men and women have to understand this — You can’t have it all. This media-fed lie that you can have it all, for both sexes.
I think if you end up watching passive entertainment as a way of life, you do become quite boring. I think the solution is to find something you can be passionate about, that you can draw her into or at least have her appreciate that you are good at it. That can really be anything that you enjoy and are good at. It’s really a peacocking skill. Finding your fun passion may not be something that you can quit your day job for, but it will energize your life.
I agree that you can’t have it all like the media sells it. That’s why you decide on something that you do want, that you are passionate about and you focus on that.
The impermanence of everything (this is a Buddhist idea) or the notion that fruits of one’s labour are not in our hands. We have to work in a detached manner. I think inner game is the best game. A lot of Americans think and a lot of modernity is based on the notion that everything is in our hands. No it is not. This goes for both sexes. We can only act, but their fruits are not in our hand. Normal men and women should have no problem in pairing up and having children. May be, there is something more deeper here, which prevents people from pairing up. Life is absurd, men realise it, I just want to ask you, do women understand this also?
I think there is an element of luck in everything, but your own hard work is the only influence on your outcomes that you can control.
It is a strange time for mating and relationships in the human race. I believe we are just at the opening phase of the social upheavals caused by the creation of the mass availability of birth control technology. We are about 50 years into a process that will probably take 150-200 years to actually balance out as a generally hopeful estimate.
Not all men see the reality of modern life and I think at least some women do understand life is crazy. There are isolated islands of sanity, love and happiness that can be found and worked for. It is remarkably helpful and good to marry a wife that shares that viewpoint.
There really are too many things a man could do to be sexy and attractive. In the end I think you just have to focus on something that you can pull off well and live that life.

A Little More On Bored Wives

So as I was saying in my first post on Bored Wives.
“So as soon as you hear that cry of “I’m bored”, know that no matter how happy you are in that moment and how well you think things are going between you… things are in fact dangerously bad…. If you’re boring, she’s whoring “
Don’t believe me? Why not check out the first couple of dozen pages of the 2,820,000 results returned in 0.15 seconds. If you have the safe search off, you’ll get the full effect. NSFW. (Not Safe For Work if you didn’t know what that means!)
Incidently, I found one of the first page results kinda funny. You’ll need to click on the image to the right to see it bigger.