Alpha + Beta = Gina Tingle (Plus A Happy Reader)

This is an odd little factoid I’m going to use to brag that I’m on the right track with this whole Alpha + Beta = Gina Tingle shitck that I’m peddling. Take a look at the upper right piece of this image from Alexa.

That’s right… my male orientated blog is pulling female readers. I’ve probably got more female readership than male readership. Women like what I’m talking about, so go put some of this into action. It works.
Another happy reader… (original comment is here).
Athol, I have to thank you. Since I have been reading and applying game related knowledge in my marriage, fights are down, sex is up, and everyone is happier. I was the natural alpha during the dating phase, but the natural beta once married and we started having kids. Reinserting the alpha techniques was counter intuitive based on how I was raised and what women claim to want, including my wife, but revealed preference is greater than stated preference.
Regards, Pol
Seriously, go try this stuff. You’ve got nothing to lose.


  1. Miles Anderson says:

    Maybe not from a relative standpoint though. Women just read about relationship stuff more then men. In any case you have good info independent of the demographics of your readership.

  2. Don't want to distract from the conclusion (that this is a good blog) but what's the compsition of Alexa? Could it be female biased?

  3. Athol Kay says:

    All it's saying is that relative to "the average website" I have a slightly higher proportion of female visitors to male visitors. Alexa is just about everywhere.

    I was prepared to be impressed and surprised that I'd have even 20% of readership as female. Probably 50/50 is amazing.

  4. haleyshalo says:

    Athol, I think there are a few reasons women like your blog. One is that women like to read about relationships. Another is that your relationship advice works, and most women want their husbands or boyfriends to do what you write about here. Third, you don't use crass language and you don't resent women. If you wrote like the typical men's blog, you'd have a much higher percentage of male readers than female.

    Also, you're open about loving your wife, and women like that. Plus, you're unusual for a man who writes about relationships in that your wife is your one and only sex partner. Vulnerability game + contrast game = female readership. It's not rocket science! :)

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