Black Silk Boxers For The Win

Just back from evening’s fireworks so two little snippets to tack onto the last couple of posts and then off to bed.
Snippet One: Men as I’ve said take lingerie as very serious Indicators of Interest. Wives may wish to downplay that importance for whatever reasons of comfort, body image or lack of feeling sexy or whatever, but as I’ve argued they are basically clueless about what drives a man.
Just driving home the point to the women that disagree… imagine for a moment what would happen if your husband who got the Lingerie Vault treatment from you, should ever discover in your possession lingerie items he had neither purchased for you nor ever seen on you. Would he immediately jump to the conclusion that you had serious interest in a different man? And by “serious interest” I mean “already having a physical affair”.
Likewise by you burying the lingerie in the Vault… can you see how he sees that as a denial of interest in him?
Snippet Two: Black Silk Boxers. They feel great and getting felt up in them is nice too. It’s essentially Man Lingerie. I forgot to mention how much Jennifer likes mine and I think it also played a part in swinging her towards more interest and acceptance of wearing items herself.


  1. SDaedalus says:

    This is very funny, did you know that Winston Churchill also wore silk underwear. He was quite open about it. I have no idea what color it was though.

    Why not go the whole hog & get silk sheets as well? Women would love the idea of color-ordinating the sheets & the boxers, this might be the hook to get them interested?

  2. Zosimus the Heathen says:

    While it's always good to see a type of men's underwear that's a bit more interesting (and, dare I say it, risque) than the dreary old white Y-fronts (and, no, simply having the name of Calvin Klein or some other big name fashion wanker on the waistband of said Y-fronts does *not* make them more interesting!), I've never really been a fan of boxers, in part because they fail to fulfill what I consider the most important function of male underwear: to provide some support for one's tackle! Equally (if not even more) importantly, I think I was put off them for life after a school camp I went on in Year 12, at which most of the guys went around in their boxers all day (one pair of which I remember was green, with purple polka dots!). Yes, it was just as visually traumatic an experience as it sounds! Luckily, I let slip that I wasn't much of a fan of them just before my 21st birthday, as I learnt that virtually all my relatives had been planning on getting me some as a birthday present! This was during the '90s, though, when I remember they were very much the in thing. They even seemed to have the support of the medical establishment, there being (at least in my part of the world) a lot of claims (which I do believe were later shown to be bogus) thrown about that wearing boxers was good for a man's sperm count. One word of advice I'd have for any guy who does wear them is please, whatever you do, do *not* wear them so that the top of them is poking up above the waistband of your trousers! I (and I'm sure 99% of the rest of the public) do *not* want to know what colour your underpants are!

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Well I wear something supportive during the day and once and a while the silk boxers to bed.

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