Don’t Bump Back On Your Wife For Someone Else’s Shit Test

“It appears in your anger Lord Vader you killed her.”
It can take a lot longer to build something up than it takes to tear it down. At some point in the process of balancing out your Alpha and Beta traits and generally becoming a little more sexy and triggering her attraction better, you’re going to have a really shitty day at work.
How you transition from work to home on these days can make all the difference.
Talking about your day is all well and good, but for the most part your work aggro needs to be dealt with at work and not spill over into home. If you come home with a head of steam and tear your wife’s head off over a minor home issue, you can undo months of progression. Wives do not get gina tingles for being side swiped verbally over someone elses shit. They simply think you’re a jerk at best and a scary menace at worst. You lose points. The worse you are the more you lose.
Likewise if home is rough, you don’t go into work and start ranting like a bull that got pepper sprayed on it’s asshole. HR is usually not amused by that. Especially if your defense was that you only shook them a bit and never actually hit them.
Personally the method both Jennifer and I use with each other is to simply tell each other that we are having a bad day in advance of making further demands on each other. We’re both accommodating of each other on these days.
Anyway, I have to cut this post short. The air conditioners have been running all day with an open window in the girls bathroom and their sink is completely clogged. Been slowly clogging for weeks apparently…

Edit:  Fish Tank Rocks 34    Bathroom Sink 0      Home Frakking Depot here we come….

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