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It’s abundantly clear from a pure biological standpoint that humans are not designed to be purely monogamous. A reading of any of the basic evolutionary psych primers will get you to that understanding. A cheat sheet version of Sperm Competition and Concealed Ovulation is a reasonable starting point at Wikipedia.
From a biological perspective both men and women appear to to be built for a primary hormonally pair bonded relationship plus opportunistic sex outside that relationship.
Monogamy is a social adaption that…
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  1. Miles Anderson says:

    If you had said starch I would have thought the last sentence was another wonderful joke on what modern junk we are not really designed for.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    Gah spellcheck fail. Copy editor is getting a spanking lol.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Humans are unique among animals in that we can use culture to override our instincts. It's not easy, the instincts are powerful and the override is never total, but culture can cause us to behave differently than how the hardwired circuits are programmed.

    And I think there's a reason. Cultural Evolution is more powerful than biological evolution because it cycles so much faster.

    And the cultural adaptations dwarf the biological ones. What was that post you had, the origin of Bros before Hos? That's cultural evolution.

  4. Athol Kay says:

    And culture can influence sexual selection.

  5. Krapulax says:

    This monogamy+cheating combo is easily understandable, because this is the way that ensures you have the most number of healthy children.
    If you live in a monogamic LTR your partner might be infertile or some genetic problem can cause your offspring to lose in the race for survival. But if you don't live in a stable LTR your offspring probably won't get the resources needed to grow up, live long and prosper.

    The evolutional success of an individual can be "measured" by the number of his/her children reaching the age of fertility and thus the winning strategy for men is to f*ck everything that moves, and for women is to secure a provider and gather the best quality sperm from whoever has it. We are the descendants of people who used these strategies and we inherited their genes, so it's no wonder so many people cheat.

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