Make Sexy Time, It’s Very Nice.

The transition from the living room into the bedroom at bedtime is a key moment in the day. You should own that moment and frame yourself as dominant. I have several moves I use here and I mix them up from night to night.
The easiest one is simply to announce it’s bedtime. We typically go to bed around 11pm so I have a clever technique of looking at a clock and noticing that it’s 11pm and then stating it’s bedtime. There’s hardly a hint of overt dominance with this one, but being the one that is announcing bedtime for both of us frames me as dominant in the relationship.
Adding a stronger twist of dominance is the old “use the married name” thing. So I address her as “Mrs Kay”. So that is a stronger frame in that it implies in a direct sense that she has marital duties to perform. Yet it’s formal enough that it can be used at family gatherings for exactly the same purpose.
The deep kiss routine followed by extended hand as a compliance test. Basically you just hold your hand out to her until she takes it. Then you lead her to the bedroom.
Just text her a booty call. Even sitting in the same room it’s funny.
Go over confidently goofy. “11 o’clock is the make sexy time. Very nice!”
If she walks in front of you lightly spank her butt.
“Cum to bed baby.”  (Think Austin Powers inflection here)
Tell her to go put something on from the lingerie department.
Just announce the way sex is going to happen. “Here’s my plan. First I’m going to finger fuck you to an orgasm, then you’re going to be reverse cowgirl on me for about five minutes, then I’m putting you on your back and finishing on top hard and rough”.
And read Jedi Mind Pricks if you haven’t already.


  1. Ms Lacrymosa says:

    I like this blog installment-I sometimes wonder how the other women following your blog pass on these ideas to their partners without seeming to either take control or make a big issue of it all :-)

  2. Athol Kay says:

    They just laugh loudly when they read the blog. Curious husband should come over and see what they are laughing about.

    Leave the blog open on the screen.

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